Bob by accinent


									Bob                                                  Leeanne Tarrant

“Hey freak” they’d say as they eyed him from head to toe
As if he was an alien from outer space.

“Hey freak” they’d say knowing his name was Bob
As they laughed and pointed.

“Hey freak” they’d say as they stood at a distance
Calling him hurtful names and chanting, “ Hey freak, hey freak”.

“ Hey freak” they’d say as they turned quickly
All gathered in a huddle, whispering to each other
While staring straight at him
But always from a distance.

I watched as they laughed, pointed, chanted and grinned
Looking at him with their blind folded eyes.

This isn’t fair
This just isn’t fair.

All they see is the colour of his skin
Not his athletic feet, basketballer’s hands
Swimmers shoulders and the voice of an angel.
They know nothing of his talents.

If only they could remove the blind folds
I thought as I walked over to him
Tipped him on the shoulder, saying,
“ Hey, Bob lets go tell someone about this.
This is not fair.”

He looked at me, his watery brown eyes staring into mine.
He took my hand nervously and reluctantly
As if I was one of THEM
Was I going to hurt him too?

I held his hand tightly and smiled.
He was so hurt, so fragile so sick of THEM
He smiled with relief to see that not everyone saw him as a freak.

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