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									                                                                                                                                 Case Report 23
10,000 Steps Case Report 23
10,000 Steps Redcliffe City Library Loan Scheme

Redcliffe City Library is a single branch library for a population of over 50,000 on the Redcliffe Peninsula, just north of
Brisbane. We have over 32,000 library members. The loan of pedometers through our library supports the community’s
growing awareness of a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Partners Involved:
Queensland Health.

•   To promote a healthy and active lifestyle by generating awareness of the pedometer loan scheme through the library.

Implementation Strategies:
•   10,000 Steps Challenge for Workplaces: In 2006, the library staff joined three other Redcliffe City Council departments in
    the 10,000 Steps Challenge for Workplaces to make Council and the library staff aware of the program so that we could
    then promote it to our library patrons. This ran for three weeks.
•   10,000 Steps Library Loan Scheme: We then promoted the 10,000 Steps Library Loan Scheme to library patrons via three
    display boards in the library and another one in the foyer, headed by “Have you walked 10,000 steps today?”. Forty patrons
    registered for the scheme at the beginning of March 2007 and were given their pedometers in a library bag, along with
    a step log, bookmark, library brochure, Redcliffe Directory, pen, ruler, Redcliffe bike paths brochure and an information
    leaflet about a walking program for seniors at the Redcliffe Neighbourhood Centre. The registered patrons were invited
    to the program launch which was held on 28th March, 2007. At the launch, attended by Sherryn Davies from Queensland
    Health, our library manager, some of the Redcliffe Councillors and twenty-five participants, the Redcliffe mayor opened
    the program and afternoon tea (a healthy one) was served. These participants were given an extended loan on the
    pedometers, until 30th April 2007. Since these pedometers have been steadily returning to the library the loan period
    has reverted to the standard three week loan for subsequent borrowers.

Including the initial registered participants and subsequent pedometer loans about ninety patrons have used the service so
far. We can add on to this figure the thirty Council participants in the Workplace Challenge. Unfortunately, the 10,000 Steps
Evaluation and Feedback form was not available in time to include in the registration pack with the initial participants but
this is now being included in the box with the pedometer loans. This will allows us to further evaluate the efficiency of the
pedometer loan scheme. A number of patrons returning their pedometers have commented that they were surprised how
many steps they did in a day and have consciously increased their walking.

Where to from here:
The pedometers are available on the Redcliffe Library catalogue and can be reserved just like any other library resource.
With periodic awareness campaigns their use should continue. When pedometer use slows down we can increase
awareness again with promotional materials and displays.

Lessons Learnt:
1. Use local media. Overall the awareness campaign went well. Unfortunately the program was not included in the local
   paper but this could be implemented in the future.
2. A comment was made that more information about the 10,000 Steps program should have been presented at the program
3. Be informed. Library staff members are now more aware of how the program works and can advise patrons in using the
    online Step Log.
                 4. Have back up pedometers. A number of problems occurred with the pedometers themselves – one was stolen from a
Case Report 23
                    bag, one fell off as the patron jogged, one “went for a swim”, and one had a cup of tea spilt on it. These were not able
                    to be replaced immediately due to every pedometer being in use but we now have pedometers available for immediate
                    borrowing as the initial lot are returned.

                 Total Project Costs:
                 •   Library bags for the registration packs = $40.
                 •   Afternoon tea for the launch = $60.

                 •   29/11/06 - 19/12/06: 10,000 Steps Challenge for Workplaces.
                 •   07/03/07 - 30/04/07: Registration and borrowing period for initial program participants.
                 •   From 30/04/07: Ongoing loans of pedometers to library patrons.

                 This Case Report was developed by:
                 Name:            Jane Jones
                 Organisation:    Redcliffe City Library
                 Position:        Librarian
                 Email:           jane_jones@redcliffe.qld.gov.au
                 Phone:           (07) 3283 0311


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