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					I would like simple website designed:
Will pay $15 up front and the rest when finished.

I would like the Freelancer who accepts this project to find a host for my website, domain name and everything. Set it up completely. Domain name something like “” or “” or “”… something in that Category.

Main Page In this page, I would like customers to be able to visit, and quickly see where to enter in their travel information. I would like them to know that shortly after they enter in their information, they will receive an e-mail from one of out representatives at the address they provide with their quoted price. [I want you to create an e-mail address for me based on the name of the site you choose e.g. If you get a domain name of “” then create an email address like “” or “”. Upon completion, I would like the password and the IMP, SMTP info, etc so I can use outlook express to get the stuff from the website. 1. Company Name – i.g. „Bottom-Line-Tickets‟ – make up the name based on the website domain. 2. Travel Theme – Palm trees, big city names, beach, etc. Make it look nice and professional 3. Big letters that say something like “Better Rates than,,! Best Rates Available! Or whatever you feel looks professional! 4. Boxed area with: a. Short, brief explanation: “Give us your travel dates and locations and we will beat all deals by as much as $50!” b. Drop down box similar to those found on i. From ii. To iii. Depart (date) – calendar drop down iv. Return (date) – calendar drop down v. # Travelers (adult/minors/seniors) vi. 1-way or Round trip vii. E-mail address - *Note with: We respect our client‟s privacy 100%. Your e-mail will be kept private. You will only receive emails concerning this flight! viii. Phone number: (optional for the customers)

When the customer clicks „submit‟ or „Find Flight‟ or whatever, I would like an e-mail sent to me (the one you created earlier e.g. „‟) with the information the customer gives in an easy to read format. Sign that says “We accept PayPal” Maybe a „thank you page‟ after they submit their information. A „contact us‟ section. Anything else that contributes to the page looking professional and legitimate.

5. 6. 7. 8.

If you want to change around my above requests, feel free to get creative. I am not very picky, but I do want the site to look professional and attractive! Upon completion, I would of chores like a copy of all files, all admin passwords for the site. There should be no other accounts besides the admin account. Also, a word document that tells the languages, and tools you used to create the site so that the website can be updated and maintained by others.