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					Why All Companies Should Deploy A Web Based CRM Software
Everyday more web based companies enter the business scene. The low initial investment, potentially high revenue, and convenience of owning and
operating a business from your home PC or laptop is enticing an ever-increasing number of entrepreneurs to try their hand at e-business.
Unfortunately, most of these would-be companies disappear shortly after their initial market entry.

CRM is basically a business strategy designed to accrue gains, generate revenue and cater to customer needs and satisfaction. With the e-media
picking up pace, the manner in which companies approach their CRM strategies has greatly changed. This has even altered the consumer's
purchasing attitude. So these days CRM too has become a web based effort as most of the customer relationship is handled electronically.

In a web based CRM solution, only the central server has to be maintained. Thus, web based CRM solutions are very cost effective. When compared
with client-server CRM solutions, web based CRM solutions are more flexible and easy to maintain. As the web based CRM solutions are based on
Web, they can be distributed faster than the conventional CRM solutions and client-server CRM solutions. Also, adding of new clients in a web based
CRM solution is very easy. The number of users in web based CRM solution is unlimited.

Anyone who has just entered the e-business arena ought to be very interested in finding a web based CRM system. While their initial product and
service offerings may sustain business operations in the short-term, without proper customer relationship management the company will quickly
stagnate or fold.

Today's web based CRM systems are more versatile than ever and are ideal for startup and growing companies alike. Not only do they offer features
like power dialing, voice messaging, and fax/email customization, but web based CRM packages also offer the benefit of portability; a web based CRM
system operates wherever there is an internet connection. With the ability to allow sales representatives to be kept up to date on the latest leads, a
web based CRM system goes from merely tracking sales to creating them.

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