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					                                                                Volume 5, Edition 2, February 2006

                                     By David J Booth MBE

Great developments in East Bali Poverty Project community health outreach programmes and
wonderful commitments by existing donors have dominated the last two months, opening the door
for thousands of families to look to a healthier and more promising life for present and future
generations. There has also been much exciting progress with both bamboo and vetiver which I will
report in detail in the next newsletter.

Additional Posyandu Give easier Access for More Mothers and their Children
                                                  Access to primary health care for mothers and babies
                                                  in the most remote mountain regions of Desa Ban just
                                                  got much better!
                                                          Since January 2006, the addition of 5 more
                                                  Posyandu (hamlet-based mother & child monthly
                                                  health posts) brings our village total now to an
                                                  amazing 26, where only 4 existed prior to our
                                                  intervention. There are 15 sub-villages in this large
                                                  and scattered mountain region of over 3,000 families,
                                                  most of which are scattered over hundreds of hectares
                                                  of steep, sandy and inhospitable mountain slopes.
                                                          Our comprehensive surveys in late 2005
 EBPP’s Health team collect data & explain to new showed that many mothers could not attend the
   Posyandu mothers all health service available  monthly posyandu due to their remoteness – up to 2
hours walk, meaning that for essential programmes such as polio vaccinations and essential
micronutrient supplements, EBPP health team had to trek to individual homes to ensure each child
below the age of 6 was immunised and/or received the supplements. Over an hour’s walk from to
the posyandu is not easy for a mother, some pregnant, with one or more infants, if she has to
contemplate rainstorms and steep and treacherous tracks!
        Ardika Adinata, EBPP’s Health Team Leader and a village resident, realised this difficulty
and suggested, after discussions with the community, that we should initiate additional 5 posyandu,
in collaboration with the regional Puskesmas (Community Health centre) in the most inaccessible
areas. Within days, the community rose to the challenge and by the end of January, over 100
mothers joyfully made the relatively short half hour walk to these new and accessible health posts.
        The monthly nutritional supplements for infants, sponsored by ANZA (Australia New
Zealand Association) accompanied by the bottle of Ades mineral water for each mother and child
(provided by Coca Cola Bottling Indonesia), clearly made their trip more worthwhile.

Site Visit of Coca-Cola Director Strengthens Their Support Commitment
Bruce Waterfield, a Director of Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia, our sponsor for monthly Ades
mineral water for all mothers and infants attending the 26 Posyandu in our village, was so impressed
                                                                   Sustenance Newsletter, February 2006
by his site tour on the 14th of January 2006 that he confirmed Coca-Cola was keen to get more
involved in support for East Bali Poverty Project programmes. “What else can we do right now?”

 Bruce Waterfield’s guided tour of Cegi School garden    Coca-Cola’s Elvis Rozak presenting Cannon
    – the most productive steep land in the region        Cameras to David on 10th February 2006
he asked me. “We desperately need 3 more digital cameras to record progress in our ever expanding
programmes, especially in community health” was my immediate response. “You’ve got them”
replied Bruce!
        To our delight, three new Cannon Ixus750 cameras were delivered to our Denpasar office on
10 February 2006 by Coca-Cola’s Denpasar office management team of Pinto Budi Bowo Laksono
(PR Manager) and Elvis Rozak (Business Services Manager). These high quality cameras are now
making a great contribution to our field team’s documentation. Thanks Coca-Cola!

Manikaji Boy’s Successful Appendix Operation facilitated by EBPP

                                               Quick action by EBPP’s health team on the 21st of
                                               February probably saved young Wayan Gonik’s life after
                                               he was found to have a perforated appendix. Wayan, a
                                               student at EBPP’s Manikaji School, had been suffering
                                               acute pains for a few days yet his parents had no means
                                               of getting any medical advice due to their remoteness
                                               from any doctor or community health centre, but more
                                               important, if they had the transport, they could not have
                                               afforded to front the hospital bill!.
                                                       Their first opportunity was when EBPP
                                               education team arrived at Manikaji School on the
  Wayan back in Ban post-operation in front of Monday morning, and without delay took Wayan and his
                EBPP centre                    Dad to the Tianyar Puskesmas (community health
centre), 11 kilometres away. The resident doctor, Dr Toni Parwati, immediately diagnosed the
perforated appendix, yet had no facility to treat it. A few phone calls by EBPP’s Ardika Adinata
soon determined that Singaraja hospital was the nearest centre with doctors on hand for this kind of
operation and immediately drove Wayan and his Dad there in our Daihatsu Hiline. The operation
was a success and a few days later Wayan was home, taken care of in full by EBPP.

Replication of EBPP’s Model Community Health Programmes in Adjacent Villages

East Bali Poverty Project’s (EBPP) model community health programmes have been so successful
that the adjacent village of Tianyar Timur has formally requested us to replicate our programmes in
their village, especially the posyandu programme due to the poor attendance of mothers and infants.
         The success of all of our community health initiatives, not only in achieving high attendance
of mothers, babies and infants at Posyandu programmes but also through the sensitively designed
awareness and information packages about micronutrient deficiencies and safe water, has
                                                                    Sustenance Newsletter, February 2006
reverberated through the region to the point where initially Dr Toni Parwati, the doctor in charge of
the only community health centre serving Desa Ban, Tianyar Timur and 2 more large villages, with
a total population of over 13,000 families, sent us a letter last November formally requesting us to
assist the adjacent communities achieve the same high standards.
         This followed an initial request in late 2004 from the District Health Department, initially
asking us to help the other villages achieve higher attendance at regular immunisation programmes.
After holding a fact finding meeting with representatives of Tianyar village and all their posyandu
kaders on 4th of February, led by our volunteer doctor and nutrition specialist, Indraguna Pinatih, we
rose to the challenge and will start the programme replications in March 2006. More on this new
programme as it develops.


Raoul & Bettina Witteveen

Raoul Witteveen, whose Metta Foundation has been sponsoring Bunga education programme since
2004, visited our programmes on the 6th of January, starting in our Centre for Sustainable
Development, where he confirmed his commitment to continue supporting Bunga programme. In

 Raoul & friend with David in EBPP Centre discussing   David proudly receives the key for new Suzuki Caribbean
 future programmes with the village head of Desa Ban   4-wheel drive pick-up from Suzuki dealer representative
addition, Raoul is now sponsoring Bunga and Manikaji organic farming programmes, and on seeing
the dilapidated condition of EBPP’s oldest trail bikes pledged to sponsor 3 additional Suzuki Trail
bikes as well as a 4 wheel drive Suzuki Caribbean for EBPP site transport.
        The Suzuki Caribbean was delivered on the 23rd of February and will be allocated to EBPP’s
ever expanding community health programmes to transport EBPP and Puskesmas staff as well as
the nutritional supplements, in both Desa Ban and Tainyar.
        Raoul then had a meeting with Ketut Kartya, Head of Desa Ban, where he suggested various
long term initiatives for sustainable economic development of the whole village that he would
follow up in the near future. Thank you so much Raoul & Bettina.

The Annika Linden Foundation
We are very grateful for the continuing support of the Annika Linden Foundation for 2006, kindly
administered in Bali by YKIP, who are sponsoring Manikaji education programme, Jatituhu school
building, Jatituhu organic vegetable farming programme, development of a mountain spring in
Manikaji to provide safe water for over 120 families and David Booth’s comprehensive health

                                                                       Sustenance Newsletter, February 2006
All of these projects are now in progress, except for the Manikaji spring, for which daily flow
surveys and community interviews are underway in order to determine community needs in order to
design reservoir sizes and distribution systems.

   Jatituhu community working hard to build their      Jatituhu children prepare chicken-proof fences around
 children’s new school adjacent existing temp school    their organic vegetables garden with vetiver hedges
        The Annika Linden Foundation, which started funding EBPP projects in 2004, is now our
largest individual donor and has pledged continuing support until the year 2008.

Joure Church in Holland supporting Cegi Programmes

     Joure church committee handing donation
                 cheque to Tjeerd
                                                          Tjeerd Hoekstra symbolically giving David
                                                                Joure Church donation cheque
Joure Church got to know about East Bali Poverty Project in late 2004 from Tjeerd and Jenny
Hoekstra, who, with Dirk Kuperus and his wife Tineke and their village of Oppenhuizen en
Uitwellingerga, have been continuing supporters of our programmes in Cegi and Pengalusan since
2001. They asked Tjeerd to give a presentation to their congregation and within days decided that
they could and should help.
       Starting with sponsorship of Cegi integrated education programme in 2005, they recently
donated 12,000 Euro to sponsor both Cegi education programme and the continuation of the organic
vegetable farming programme for the whole community. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the whole
community of Joure.

For more information on any of EBPP activities, or to support us, please call me on (0361) 410071
     or email Homepage:

                                                                    Sustenance Newsletter, February 2006