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									                                    Master Well Owner Network
                                    A program of Penn State Cooperative Extension and the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment.

                                                                                                                 Fall 2008 Newsletter
  Inside this issue:

  A New Generation of      2                         Gas Well Drilling—what’s all the hype about?
  Master Well Owners
                                      Gas well drilling has been taking place in          the changes and strengthening of regulations
  Portable Classroom:      2          Pennsylvania for decades, but it is expected        on gas well drilling that occurred in the mid
  Gas Well Drilling and               that there will be a substantial increase in gas    1980’s, now gas well drilling is much less
  Private Water Supplies
                                      wells over the next ten years. This is              likely to create problems in comparison to
                                      primarily due to the discovery of new               older gas drilling activity. Still, private well
  The Facts on Gas Well    3          reserves in a geologic formation called             owners should remain vigilant in properly
  Drilling in PA
                                      Marcellus Shale and new drilling                              testing and monitoring water
                                      technologies that create access to                            supplies near gas wells.
  Liquid Assets: The       3          deeper gas reserves.
  Story of Our Water                                                                                Prior to gas well drilling, drinking
  Infrastructure                                                                                    water supplies within 1,000 feet of
                                      This new interest in gas well drilling
                                                                                                    the proposed gas well will likely be
                                      has made private well owners
  New and Improved         4                                                                        tested at no charge to the
  Websites of Interest                throughout the state nervous. A
                                                                                                    homeowner by a testing laboratory
                                      recent study conducted by Penn
                                                                                          hired by the gas company. If your water
                                      State found that approximately 13% of
                                                                                          supply is more than 1,000 feet from a
                                      private well owners felt that gas well drilling
 What is the Penn State Master                                                            proposed gas well site or if you simply want
                                      was the biggest threat to their water supply.
     Well Owner Network?                                                                  to confirm the results collected during the
                                                                                          pre-drill survey, you would need to arrange
                                      Gas well drilling does have the potential to
The Master Well Owner Network                                                             to have your water tested at your expense.
                                      impact both the quality and quantity of water
    is a program dedicated to
                                      in nearby private wells and springs. Given          (More information can be found on Page 3)
  educating PA residents about
   proper private water system
  construction and management.
  Our goal is to promote better
                                                 For more information visit:
   management of private wells,
 springs, and cisterns throughout
            the state.
                                                 MWON Volunteers Needed for the 2009 PA Farm Show

                                                                      January 10 - 17, 2009
      MWON Sponsors                                       

 This project is made possible in     Volunteers are needed to help work the Master Well
     part by the Penn State           Owner booth at the Pennsylvania Farm Show being held
Cooperative Extension, the Mid-       from Saturday, January 10 through Saturday, January 17,
Atlantic Regional Water Quality       2009. The event is held each year at the PA Farm Show
    Program, the Pennsylvania
                                      Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA. A sign-up will
                                      be emailed to MWON Volunteers in early December. If
  Department of Environmental
                                      you are interested in helping, please email or call Stephanie
 Protection and the Pennsylvania
                                      Clemens at or 814-865-2250.
  Ground Water Association.
Page 2                                                                                                                              MWON Fall 2008

A New Generation of Master Well Owners
In June of 2008, I had my daughter, Dakota Ann Clemens and a                 and mom) and I am looking
new generation of Master Well Owners was born. Dakota                        forward to helping with any
loves to hear me talk about private wells and as you can see                 new outreach effort. I hope
from her latest picture, she already loves to read books about               that many of you will be able
water!                                                                       to join us at Farm Show this
                                                                             January (see page 1 for more
I apologize for any lack of communication that I have had with               information).
Master Well Owner Volunteers over the past few months. I
have finally adjusted to my new lifestyle (MWON Coordinator                  Hope to hear from you soon!       - Stephanie Clemens

Portable Classroom: Gas Well Drilling and Private Water Supplies
Education is the best strategy—and the best short course for homeowners is Gas Well Drilling and Private Water Supplies,
developed by Penn State Extension water resources specialists. It’s all on a single CD.

The two-part course covers the basics of gas well drilling, illustrates how drilling can impact private wells, and offers strategies that
homeowners can use to protect their water supply.

• Research-based information from University experts
• Easy-to-understand content; photo story format
• Interactive feature that lets the viewer communicate questions to an extension specialist
• Self-paced learning; approximately two hours total viewing time
• Compatible with PC formats

CD Contents
Lesson 1–Resources and Processes                                       Lesson 2-Rules, Concerns, and Protection Strategies
Pennsylvania Water Resources                                           Rules
The Marcellus Shale Resource                                           Water Quality Concerns
Understanding Private Water Resources                                  Methane in Water Wells
Drilling a Natural Gas Well                                            Homeowner Water Protection Strategies
Hydrofracing a Natural Gas Well                                        Water Quantity Concerns

This CD is now available for $10 from the county extension educators listed below. Find your county to determine which
educator to order your copy from.
Jim Clark - 814.887.5613 or                                    Tom McCarty - 717.240.6500 or
Cameron, Centre, Clarion, Clearfield, Clinton, Columbia, Crawford,           Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Fulton, Lancaster, Lebanon,
Elk, Erie, Forest, Huntingdon, Jefferson, Juniata, Lycoming, McKean,         Perry, York
Mercer, Mifflin, Montour, Northumberland, Potter, Snyder, Union,
Venango, Warren                                                              Louise Bugbee - 610.391.9840 or
                                                                             Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery,
Dana Rizzo - 724.837.1402 or                                   Northampton, Philadelphia, Schuylkill
Armstrong, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Somerset, Westmoreland
                                                                             Susan Boser - 724.774.3003 or
Mark Madden - 570.928.7469 or
                                                                             Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Washington
Bradford, Sullivan, Tioga, Wyoming
                                                                             Melanie Barkley - 814.623.4800 or
Peter Wulfhorst - 570.296.3406 or
                                                                             Bedford, Blair, Cambria
Carbon, Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Susquehanna, Wayne
MWON Fall 2008                                                                                                                     Page 3

                                                  The Facts on Gas Well Drilling in PA
            Ask                  How should water samples be collected?              Department of Environmental Protection.
                                 It is important to remember that water              Symptoms can include water foaming,
            The                  samples collected to document impacts from          muddiness, bubbling, spurting faucets, metallic
                                 gas well drilling generally should be collected     or salty taste, fuel or oil smell, and a reduction

       Experts                   by an unbiased, professional representative
                                 from a state certified water testing lab. This
                                                                                     in water flow. Should you notice any obvious
                                                                                     changes in your water supply in conjunction
                                 adds significantly to the cost of water testing     with nearby gas well drilling, you can file a
                                 but will be vital to the admissibility of the       complaint with the regional DEP office. DEP
                                 results in any legal action related to pollution    will investigate your claim and determine if it is
                                 of a private water supply.                          the gas well drilling operation that is at fault.
    In each issue, experts at    What tests should you choose?                       Where can I find more information
    Penn State Cooperative
                                 Local state-certified water testing labs can        about my private water supply and gas
   Extension will discuss one
  issue that will help to keep
                                 assist with selection of water quality              well drilling?
      private water system       parameters and many offer standard packages         For additional information on all aspects of
     owners well informed.       of tests that correspond to gas well drilling       managing a private water system or help in
                                 activities. You can expect to pay $200 to $500      reading your water test results, contact your
                                 or more to have a pre-drilling water sample         local Penn State Cooperative Extension office
                                 collected and analyzed by a certified water         or consult the Water Resources Extension
                                 testing laboratory depending on the                 web site at
   If you have a question for    complexity of the test package.
  ask the experts, please send                                                       For more information on all aspects of gas and
      it to        What else can you do to protect and                 oil well drilling in Pennsylvania, consult the
                                 monitor your water supply?                          Pennsylvania Department of Environmental
                                 Pay close attention to your drinking water          Protection web site at
                                 quality and quantity. During or after nearby and choose
                                 gas well drilling, obvious changes to your          keyword: “Oil and Gas”.
                                 water supply may occur that would warrant
                                 filing a complaint to the Pennsylvania

                   Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure
Liquid Assets is a 90 minute documentary that tells the story of the aging water infrastructure
throughout the nation. This documentary focuses on the difficult issues that communities
face as critical updates and repairs are needed to water and wastewater systems. These
systems often go without maintenance since they are buried and forgotten. However, over
the next few decades we could experience a crisis situation where too many systems need to
be rehabilitated or replaced and the funds available are inadequate. Several areas within
Pennsylvania are featured in the documentary.

Every county Penn State Cooperative Extension office has a copy of the Liquid Assets DVD
available for private or public viewing. Use the following link to contact your county
                                                                                                  Broadcast times can be found at:
Cooperative Extension office Anyone interested in
purchasing a copy should visit the liquid assets website for details
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                      We’re on the Web!

   New and Improved Websites of Interest
   #1 - Recently, the PA DEP updated their list of state-certified water testing labs. In doing so, the web address for
   this list changed. The new link for DEP certified water testing labs is listed below.

   #2 - The Master Well Owner Network has been working with the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the
   Environment on developing an online tool that allows PA residents to interpret their water test results by
   themselves. This tool is ready for use, but updates are still being made. Check out this “Drinking Water
   Interpretation Tool” or DWIT as we are calling it at the website below.

   #3 - Example of state, county, and local water well regulations can now be found on the Master Well Owner
   Network website. The direct link is listed below.

   #4 - The Penn State water extension website has recently been updated. Check it out!
   http;// (remember there is no “www” on this web address)

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