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					       Hot Springs High School Newsletter
                January, 2005
                Edited by Alice Keith Collier
                    Published by Don Short

Editor’s Note:
This email went out in July to all of you. Today’s newsletter is 31 pages long and
some of the pictures were so huge that it took me a terribly long time to reduce
them to fit the newsletter. Please shorten your submissions and take into
consideration other people’s feelings and problems. Thanks! Alice
In the 3 years I have been compiling the newsletters for Don I have not omitted
anything from your emails. Due to the huge responses we are now getting I feel
we must impose some guidelines for the sake of brevity and for the respect of
others' feelings. Please send us a brief (one or two paragraphs) summary of what
is going on in your life at the time of the newsletter. Tell us about your kids, your
grandkids, your job, your travels, your hobbies or whatever it is that you do with
your time. Please refrain from discussing politics, religions, and from bashing or
criticizing people or places. We all have enough stress in our lives without getting
upset over what someone said that offends us. We love the pictures. Please keep
sending them and I will do my best to get them in. I am not as computer smart as
some of you and if you send me really large pictures sometimes I can't get them
reduced enough to go in the newsletter. The newsletter was so lengthy this time
that my server would not even send it to Don so I had to go back and cut and
paste and put it into 3 sections. So if you will abide by these guidelines, I think I
can get the newsletter out in a more timely manner and everyone hopefully will be
happy! Thanks!!! Alice

This newsletter is dedicated to the memory of:

Kathryn Mellas Yoss, Class of 1958

Ed Harper (picture and class unavailable), brother of Carole Harper, Class of

Jerald Mack Brown (picture unavailable)
Although Jerald graduated from Lakeside, he asked to be invited to all of
the HSHS '58 reunions and attended most of them.
Many of you remember Jerald from Grand Avenue Methodist Church and/or
Jones Elementary School. I think he was the tallest guy in our class in
grade school. (sent in by Pat Berryhill)
            Martha Holland Boyd, Class of 1960

            Classmates who lost one or both parents in 2004 included: Tina Joers (60),
            Ronnie Mooney (60), Alice Keith (60), Steve Brown (62), Sue Rachilla (60),

            Steve Brown sent in the following remembrance:
            I lost both my parents this past year. My Dad passed away on September 18, 2003
            and my Mother died on July 26, 2004. Both within 10 months. It was completely
            unexpected, but they both had lived wonderful lives, had many friends and family
            who loved them and were great parents. Dad especially always like Joe Penor,
            Paul Meeks and Joe Penor. He just thought they were great fellows. Mother liked
            everyone, but just adored Janie Poole (Ayers). Thanks for the opportunity to post
            this information.

            Classmates who got in touch with us to let us know that they had lost parents in
            the last few years included: Louis Kleinman (60), Lynn Lecklitner (60), Bill
            Elliott (62), Terrell Bledsoe (60), Don Short (60), Linda Holiman (59)
            Betty Corder (60)

            Please send in information you want included in this section of the newsletter.

               And now for the letters!

            From our beloved teacher, Mamie Ruth Abernathy

If the waIls in my house could talk, they would probably have a lot of Christmas
memories to share. I have wondered who the residents in my 104-year old Victorian
house were before Mama and Aunt Daisy bought this house in 1921. I have seen their
names on my abstract but would like to know how they celebrated Christmas. Though
alone for so many years, I have given this lady a lot of TLC through the years, and “it’s
beginning to look a lot like Christmas” around here, even for me.For many years I have
guessed I was 6-7 weeks old when we moved to Hot Springs from Rosboro. AR.
I came across my baby book in which my birthday, tracings of my feet and hands, and
all that baby information was recorded. On one page Mama wrote that I was one month
and 22 days old when we came to Hot Springs.
So that date was November 26, 1919. Now you know that I will soon have experienced
Christmas No.85....such short years in retrospect.
The music of Christmas time is so beautiful and is so much a part of my Christmases
present and past. It is my joy to use the gift of music, and to play so much lovely music
as morning organist at Central Baptist Church. Last Sunday I sang in the choir as we
presented our cantata. My organ selections wore some favorites from “The Messiah”.
CI3C Trecently had the “Forty Days of Purpose” study, as many churches have
experienced. During a sermon, Dr. David Smith stated that seniors should continue to
serve the Lord as long as they are able. Walking toward me in the organ pit he asked,
“Miss Mamie Ruth, how old are you now7’(Most little old ladies would be offended, but
I was. not.) I was so surprised that I actually blushed and replied, “85”. He later
explained to me that I was a good example of his statement.
It was great fun to teach “History of Hot Springs” for the fourth year at the Shepherd’s
Center. I have believed that the book I wrote to sell in the gift shop at the Museum of
Hot Springs in 1997. “History-People-Places-­Events of Hot Springs National Park.
AR” was the basis for being asked to teach this class. The museum was later closed, but
Ken Wheatley ifi still sells the books at the Downtowner Hotel and Spa. Recently I
updated information for the 7th printing.
I am a volunteer at the Melting Pot Genealogical Society library. I am also a volunteer
at the Garland Co. Historical Society archives where I am presently working on a
project to inventor the subject flIes. We have a tremendous treasury of information
about this unique city...with the National Park smack dab in the middle of the city.
Our newest asset for our wonderful State of Arkansas is the Clinton Presidential
Library. I bad tickets to attend the dedication, but opted not to go because of the huge
crowd. With the thousands expected to attend, I didn’t want to be in such a large
crowd, with my osteo knee. After it rained so during the ceremonies, I was thankful to
be at home and could watch...probably saw more on TV than I would have at the site.
Four living Presidents at the dedication were most impressive. This is an attraction, not
jArkansas, but people around the world. as well.
I invited my cousin, Anne Ward of Memphis, to visit and have a little rest and TLC after
the death of her husband. Leon. She came in November and I had the pleasure of
introducing her to my hometown with so many special places and sites. We did the
tourist things: mountains, lakes, bath house/hot springs. The 210-acre botanical garden
Garven Woodland Gardens on Lake Hamilton. is fabulous. Most of the autumn
blossoms were gone, but the lovely waterfalls, fish pond. and general area arc so
beautiful. There is a pavilion where special events and weddings are held, and John and
Isabelle Anthony gave a million $ to build a chapel. Men from ItS. Village were building
a train project with bricks from Acme Brick Co.(Mrs. Garvan’s father, founder)~
workers were stringing Christmas lights...a real wonderland I took her to some favorite
restaurants: McClard’s, Pancake Shop(across from Arlington Hotel, and Trumpet’s for
Sunday buffet. I believe her spirits were lifted some. Anne is a great lady. Her mother
and Mama were half-sisters. it was so nice to have company!
I have so much family information from searches that I have let up a bit, except for info
about Grandpa Peter P. Stranburg, born and educated in Stockholm. Sweden. I have
read microfilms of naturalizations from Mississippi(marriage there) and IlIinois(living
in Bloomington, when my father was born). No luck yet! In 1855 he had to post $200
bond showing his intent to marry Miss Caroline Christina Denham of Clinton. MS. I
wonder if the posting of bond might have been required because he was not
naturalized??? And, how in the world did he ever find that pretty lady, Caroline? The
marriage did take place and minister’s name was given.
Lynn Embree, related on Stranburg line, is relentless in her search of Stranburg info. I
had never known where my half-sister. Goldean,. whose husband was an Episcopal
priest, died. When I asked, Mama said, “out west"...a multitude of places. I knew he
had a parish in Flagstaff, AZ when she died. I learned that from national offices of
Episcopal Church. Lynn works in a library in Texas and persuaded a person from
flagstaff to see if he could find an obituary notice about Goldean. What a find! It was in
Flagstaff newspaper and other important information. Then she persuaded her relative
to find the cemetery and take a pIcture of her grave marker on his return to California.
Thanks to Lynn, I know more than I did. Please don’t stop, Lynn!
I was asked to do a program about my father’s life and ministry fur the Melting Pot
Genealogy society in November. I had done one when the book about my father was
published. There are a lot of new people in the society and only one person had
ronrfulstory Qf his life in 1995. I'm sure his life story has been as interesting as some
others in films at the H.S. Film Institute festival each year.
When I bought this paper l did not sec the barcode on the back of the pages...cardboard
support at back.Sorry.
I am thankful to have my “favorite nephew”. Charles “Tommy” Steuart close by and
“favorite niece’, Charlotte Bell in Conway, AR..~not too far away. Grandson. Scott lives
in Federal Way, WA and granddaughter Jennifer and family are in Wenatchee,
WA....that’s a long way!
While re-reading my letter to you, I was reminded that my attorney said to me, when he
drew up my first will, Mamie Ruth, you sure are wordy.” I agreed with him and thought
I had something to say. I know a lot of words, so, I have used a lot of them to you!
I do wish for you a Blessed. Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year!

            Pictures of the latest “Out to Lunch Bunch”            January, 2005
from left to right---BJ Connelly, Barbara Lynchard, Joan Mahoney, LaVerne Burton,
Mary Benson (foreground)

from left to right: Diane Moore, Dot Rushing, Sharon Short, Janet Spurlock

from left to right: Pat Berryhill, Alice Keith, Ellen Hickey, Renee Lambert
        Class of 1957

               From Alex Baer
Alex Baer ('57) and wife Carolyn (both retired!) are alive and well in West Des Moines, IA. Children Tom,
Melody and Mary all live nearby w/spouses and five grandchildren...

        Class of 1958

       From the editor: “Skip” Holland has been nominated for “Man of the Year” by the
Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce. The award recipient will
  Be announced at the annual Community Awards Banquet of the Greater Hot Springs
Chamber of Commerce on Jan. 27.

       LaVerne Burton Black’s daughter, Tonja Geurin Bolding (a teacher at Lakeside), has
been nominated for “Woman of the Year”.

        LaVerne also has announced that the 50th reunion of the class of ’58 is already being
planned. You may contact LaVerne Burton Black at 121 Arnett Place, Hot Springs, AR
71901. Phone number is 501-262-1802
   LaVerne does not have e-mail. Pat Muse will be happy to print out, for LaVerne, any e-mail
info people care to send her or the 1958 Class.
   Pat Berryhill Muse

        From Lynda Meeks
           Fred and our son, Shea, spent a few days in Hot Springs last week visiting with family. I guess it was a
little like a mini family reunion. I had to remain in San Diego to finish up some business as Fred and I are going
to Germany to visit our daughter next week. Our son, Shea, is being stationed in San Diego for the next 3 years
and I had the pleasure of selling them a home af few months ago. He finished his masters degree in Monterey,
Ca. last Dec. and we are thrilled to have them in San Diego for a while. He is a Lt. in the Navy and will
probably make a career of it. One daughter lives in Stuttgart, Germany and our other daughter lives in San
Diego about 4 miles from us, which is great as she has 2 children. As of last count, we have 5 grandchildren,
Boy, where has the time gone.
       I would love to hear from some of the "old crowd". If anyone has time, please drop a line
to By the way, if anyone is moving to San Diego, I would love to help you
find a home. Have been a realtor since 1998 with Prudential California Realty and love it.

        Lynda Meeks Thompson
       From Walter Godwin
       I am living in Monticello, AR where I have been for 30+ years. I have been and still am
teaching chemistry at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. My wife, Lousie (not from HS)
and I have two children, a boy and a girl. The girl is in Little Rock, AR and the boy in
Springdale, AR. I plan to retire sometime but still enjoy treaching so not yet.
       Walter Godwin 58

          From Lynn McClung:
Yes, I am alive and living in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. I attended Ouachita University after
graduating from High School. In those years, guys had to consider how we would avoid the draft
or fulfill our military obligations. I graduated from Ouachita University and was commissioned
as a 2nd Lieutenant. My two year military tour was spent in the Army at Ft Hood, Texas with
temporary assignments in Germany and the California desert. After the military experience, I
accepted a position with IBM Corporation and spent 30 years with IBM in Colorado and
Oklahoma. I retired from IBM in 1994 and have been employed with a computer technology
company in Tulsa these past 10 years. Working in the computer field seems to agree with me. I
will retire for the 2nd and last time when I feel l am not making a contribution. That may been
soon. I have one son, Derek, who lives and works in Texarkana. My outside interests change
with age and ability to participate. I have been a long time runner and bicycle rider. I enjoy
reading the newsletters Don and Alice compile. I would like to hear from classmates who might
like to write. e-mail address I received Don's recent e-mail requesting
input from classmates and I thought, why not..... Lynn McClung

              From Judy Holden
      Hi, I love getting the newsletter. The only thing I have to say at this point is that I have a
new grandchild which makes a prefect 10. Believe this or not, but we are all going on a Disney

               From George Lasky
 M y son, Andrew has a new job. His father continues to live vicariously through him. He is
current Technical Manager of the TV and Communications aboard the Cruise Ship Rhapsody
of the Seas. He tells me that he works very hard three days a week and is off when the ship is in
port, ie Key West, Cozemel, and another port in Mexico and Galveston. It is a hard life on the
seas. His father was planning on surprising him on November 9th in Key West, but the ship is
going to Mobile for Dry Dock then.
 I am headed to Boca Raton for a business meeting on November 8th and then back to Miami
again on the first week on December for a business meeting. I think it is time to reitre. This
short trip travelling is stressful.
 My wife, Charlotte is doing fine. Her 15th son, Bryan is doing fine driving me nuts. And our
Cocker Spaniel, Boomer Sooner, is having a good year in football. He was named by his
previous owners. He came to us through Cocker Resue. He is now happily a member of the
 In July,. we ventured to Seattle and then on a cruise to Alaska with 11 friends, including the
famous Susan Goltz Seigel and her hubby from Hot Springs. We went on a Seaplane ride to an
Alaskan Lake and the ship also passed very close to the Hubbard Glasier. Neat Trip. The trip to
Seattle was for a Wedding of a family friend. The whole trip was fantastic. Alaska is still a
 I sure wish the political season was over. It is a mean season. I have been called names for
being an independent from all sides of the spectrum. The meanies are not interested in issues,
just you are "for me or you are my enemy."
       I keep saying I am coming to Hot Springs because it has been a while, but I just haven't
gotten there. A few friends from Dallas live in Hot Springs Village. Nice Folks.
       In the next 12 months, most of us are or will be 65, oh and now it is 65 and six month.
As more affluent members of society, can we splurge and do something fun?

             From Rudy Bischof
      Alive and well-good health-still working although not as much fun as used to be ! Was in
HS recently and drove by Jones school and old HSHS-Ah sweet memories!! Hello to all
classmates, hope all is well with each of you and yours!!

     From Leah Nobben

       From Tom Lewis
Susan and I are retired in Port Tobacco, Maryland after thirty years in the Washington, D. C.
area. We are active in the Charles County Master Gardeners and our Garden Club in McLean,
VA. We have been landscaping our two acres since we moved in 4 years ago.
We still enjoy attending concerts and plays in the district and Northern Virginia. There are
even a few in Southern Maryland.
Since both my sisters and my mother still live in Arkansas, we get down there once or twice a
year, but seldom to Hot Springs.
Our current planned adventure is a 25 day South American cruise in January.
We would love to hear from any classmates.
Tom Lewis

      From Larry Witherspoon
Larry Witherspoon and Family are doing fine. We just got back from Vegas. Saw "O" and
looked for old vinyl records, my hobby

       From Pat Berryhill
To Don Short and Alice Keith Collier: Thanks for keeping us up-to-date and 'on our toes -
reminder to send something in for the newsletter'. I'm sure all of our classmates appreciate your
hard work, however, I'M TELLIN' YOU NOW: I APPRECIATE YOU TWO! Also, thank you
for reminding our ladies "Out to Lunch Bunch" of our meeting place each month.
And, thanks to Sharon Short '60, December is always a fabulous gathering for our "Out to
Lunch Bunch" at the Rose's home.
Alive and well in Hot Springs, I am
       Pat Berryhill 58

Class of 1959

        From Linda Holiman
              We have a special birthday coming up. Our one and only grand daughter will be 1
year old on Dec. 26th and we hope to be there to help her celebrate. They live in Kansas so it is
at least a days drive. My B-day is Dec. 27th so we almost shared one. She is a precious one!
Take care!
        Linda (Holiman) Cody Class of 59

                From Ellen Fendley
       I really enjoy reading the newsletter. I'm still working full time at OJC. Hello to all! See you at the races!
Ellen Fendley Howe

                From Verna Hicks
Yippee!! I have finalized my plans for retirement. I will be leaving UAMS on December 31st,
2004 after 11 years, 3 months. My destination is Fairfield Bay, Arkansas, where I have bought a
home. I can hardly wait to sit on my deck, glass of tea in hand, soaking up the beautiful view of
Greers Ferry Lake. Coming from Hot Springs, you didn’t think I would be far away from a lake,
did you? The sailboat will also be coming up to Greers Ferry, too. Fairfield Bay is a retirement
community with lots of things to do. They have just finished an 18-hole miniature golf course...
Plus they have one of the premier “real” golf courses in the U.S. I plan to sail, golf, walk the
Ozarks, and travel, travel, travel - among other pursuits. I already have tentative plans for an
Alaskan cruise and a trip to Ireland in the next two years. You could say I plan to be busy having
fun in my retirement.

                From Ann Shelby
               I had the pleasure of attending the 45th reunion of the Class of '59. I had such a
wonderful time and saw many people that I had not seen since high school. Went to registration
and cocktail party and the very first person I ran into was David Greenberg. It was so good to
see him as he rescued me once and I have never forgotten it. It was a great evening seeing
everyone and talking. Nora and I spent a bit of time remembering when. Paula and I had a great
visit, tho she was very busy with registration. It was so good to see Julie who I really don't think I
had seen since HS... along with Linda Connelly, and many more. The dinner party was really
great and the DJ did a great job getting folkes up to dance. WOW I really danced my socks off
and loved every minute of it. Sure glad I had been exercising or I would have never made it. OH
and it was too good to see Mary and Susan Whittington. I know for sure I have not run into
them since HS... Just such a great time was had by all... OH and I always love to run into Sue
Murry and her hubs. Friday evening Ben and lovely spouse, Charles Evans, David and I went to
get a bite to eat and had a nice visit with them. Saw lots of other neat folkes but sure hate to go
on and on and on like this. :) It was just a great event in my life and memories are wonderful
Thanks Ann Shelby '59

              From Nancy Harris
The Class of 59 had a great reunion and everyone seemed to have an enjoyable time. We (the
reunion committee) really appreciated the turnout and look forward to seeing everyone at the
50th. If anyone has any suggestions for the 50th reunion, please let us know. We are always
looking for classmates to help out and be on the committee with us. If you would like to attend
our meetings, please call me at 501-624-5331 (work) or 501-525-6244 (home). Be glad to let
you know when next meeting will be or put on the calling list for next meeting.

                From Hal Melton
Alive and well and fat and happy. For those of you who have retired, try tutoring, you will find
that it is neat.

              From Leon Hobgood
        I am doing fine and living in Conway, Ark....had the opportunity to attend the 45th class
reunion of '59 It was outstanding and had a really nice turn out. Got reaquainted with many of
my class mates (won't say the O word) cause we are not old yet. Since the reunion I have tried
to contact others, by sending e-mail to those who were listed on the list..some have responded
some have not. That is ok, at least they know I am here and they now have my address(e-mail)
if they would like to contact me. Hope this note finds all well or at least enjoying life....KEEP
THE FORK many of you will know what this means many not. If you wish to know what it
means e-mail me...Leon Hobgood ( it is a cute story but soooo very true.
All are in my prayers and especially those who have loved ones in the military.....Yes I am the
same old crazy/childlike guy you all knew in school but what the hey; it has kept me young and
without worry...for those of you who have lost loved ones my prayers are especially for you also
as I lost my beautiful bride just over a year ago...
       Your Friend, Leon Hobgood, ‘59

                From David Greenberg
Corinne and I are doing great. We are having a blast with our grandkids and spoiling them
rotten. Isn't that what we are supposed to do?
It is hard to explain just how much I enjoyed the reunion. I was smiling all the way home. I am
looking forward to the next one and expect to see everyone there. If I can be of any help, just let
me know how.
David Greenberg
Class of 1959

             From Rosemary Gossett
Alive and well...thanks. Rosemary (Gossett) Adams 59, Louisville, KY
Thanks to David Greenberg for all the photos of the ‘59 reunion. I didn't recognize a single
soul. Wish there were some way to add names to the photos.

              From Lynn Wilson
Betty (Corder, class of '60) and I are still going strong, with the emphasis on going. We have
one grandchild, a five year old granddaughter who lights up our life and keeps us plenty busy
when she comes to visit. Both our girls are married; one lives about two miles from us just
outside Gonzales, the other lives in Seguin, which is only 36 miles from Gonzales, so we get to
see both of them often. We are doing well, although staying very busy. Betty does much to help
me and much Good Samaritan work, while I stay busy working as a Speech Pathologist for the
Gonzales school district and pastoring a church. For those of you who knew Betty's family, she
lost her mother after a surprisingly short illness this past August. For those of you who saw it in
the paper and offered your loving support, thanks. It meant a lot to Betty to see some of you at
her Mom's graveside service. We don't get to Hot Springs too often any more, there just never
seems to be a good time to get away. Either the school or the church has something going on
most of the time. We enjoy reading about old friends and school mates in the newsletter, so
keep Donald swamped with letters.
Greetings and best wishes to all,
Lynn (and Betty) Wilson
       Class of '59

               Class of 1960

               From Ronnie Hunt’s wife
       Ronnie retied in August. He is getting that rocking chair money which he
       has earned. Bet you he will not stay in that chair. We have a new
       great-grandchild. A little girl, named Emma Leigh. She is a cutie. She was born in August.
       Doesn't that make me feel old?
                      From Mickey Miller:
       Thank you, for all your tireless work in keeping our class communicating
with each other. It is greatly appreciated by all of us from the Class of 60. Esther
and I have been back in Little Rock now for 10 years. During that time we have
been blessed with 7 grandchildren: Matthew, Mary Elizabeth and Michael
Benjamin who reside in Dallas with our daughter Laura and her husband Wayne;
Madolyn, Witt and Murphy located in Little Rock with our son J.J. and his wife
Kim; and finally Brooks Bradley living in Little Rock with our son Blake and his
wife Debra.
       In July Esther was kind in renewing my one-year option to continue as her
husband after 39 years together. I’m still running my own consulting business that
I’ve operated for the last 22 years. I don’t think I’ll ever retire.

                            Mr. & Mrs. Mickey Miller

From Steve Drazsnzak
      Our biggest news is that we are finally expecting our first grandchild
(the middle of November.).
      Our second biggest news is that our second son, Michael, has finally set a
wedding date for next August.
        All things come to those who wait (I suppose).
                        Steve & Beth Drazsnzak
News Flash
Our first grandchild, India Sage Drazsnzak, was born Nov. 5 @ 7:37 p.m. Pacific
Of course, she's the cutest baby ever born!

From Margaret Ruiz
Haven't been home much this year. Home - New Year's with daughter and family.
Had the traditional ham, blackeyed peas, turnip greens and cornbread. In
February - Arkansas, supporting a friend who lost a spouse. Home for a few
months. Back on road again this time to Pennslyvannia, daughter had surgery.
Back to Arizona, Father-in-law ill and in hospital.
Our home, once more to get ready for Salmon and Crabbing trip. Left for Oregon, Hubby got
two salmon. Learn to can, freeze and cook salmon. Onto to crabbing in Winchester Bay,
Oregon. Touched my first live crab, watch out for those claws, they can take a finger off. Have
never picked so many crab in my life. In fact, we are having crab tonight for dinner. Hubby was
taught by the Oregonians just how to clean crab. Not much to it, just pick it up - bang it up
against a piece of wooded corner, scrap the guts out and rinse. Take it back to trailer, fire up the
pot of water with a little canning salt and vinegar, bring to a boil and toss those suckers in. Then
for the next few hours you sit and pick out the meat. Freeze and bring back to all who did not
make the trip. Unfortunately father-in-law passed away. Mother-n-law-2 broke her back, had
surgery, is now in nursing facility. We will spend Thanksgiving with her. Come home, and pack
up to spend Chri! stmas with Daughter and family in Penn.. In the meantime, I am one busy
little camper, in more ways than I would care to think about. Am also doing some embroidery
and quilting in my free moments.
        And that my class is what I am doing this year. Check in next year, and see
if I am still around. Love ya, Margaret Ruiz Ephrom 60

       From Marvin Brown
Hi, All! Just a line to let you Know I'am still alive and well in Little Rock. I work at UAMS
Hospital. I'am Happily Married now for 16 yrs . I have a AMC Gremlin-X 1978 , It is a Levi
Addition. I go to Car Shows , That is my

Marvin and Mary Brown (Marvin’s car is pictured below.)
Hobby. I'm in good Health, I Thank the Good LORD, for that and many other Blessings.My
wife's name is Mary. She works at Access Schools, We both love our jobs.We attend Immanuel
Baptist Church. If you are ever in Little Rock, Look me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        From Linda Ann Black
        Bob and I are alive and well, having celebrated our 40th anniversary this
past March. We went on a cruise to the western Caribbean; it was glorious! After
that, Bob, who has mostly squelched plans for travel over the years, decided that
he wanted to see the world. Immediately after we got home, he started planning a
trip to the Grand Canyon and other parts west. So, in September we visited
Carlsbad Caverns, the White Sands near Alamogordo, N.M., Flagstaff, Arizona,
Sedona, and both the South Rim and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We
went to Mesa Verde, in Colorado, and rode the train from Durango to Silverton.
       After that, we spent two nights in Santa Fe on our way back to Texas. In
Hereford, Texas, we visited the E.B. Black home, which has a historical marker,
and also Black, Texas, which was named for E.B. It was really interesting to me,
because I had recently found out that E.B. Black was a brother of my great-
       Bob and I have three children and two precious granddaughters, Heather,
4, and Hannah, 2. They live in Kingwood, just north of Houston, and so we get to
see them often.
       Tell all my classmates hello for me!
       Linda Ann Black Holliday 60

       From Linda Bell
I am alive and well living on Cedar Creek Lake for the past 8 years. I am partially
retired. I work 3 days a week in Dallas and the rest of the time I work at home
(yard work and house work) Really going to try and make the reunion in 05. Love
getting the newsletter even though I haven't participated in it. I am not much of a
writer. Keep up the good work. Linda Bell, Class of 60.

              From Ronnie Mooney

It has been a HECTIC year for Sue and I. We Started building a new new home,
in Bryant, June 1st, My dad (Buster) died, July 18th, Brother-in-law (Alton
Talley) died October 27th, We started moving in our new Home on November
15th. Due to the previous mention... We didn't get in all the traveling/camping we
normally do. We got out a little, though. We made a week at: Moro Bay (March),
Old Post (April), Russellville, Arkansas Spring Samboree (April), Texarkana,
Maumelle Park (May), Little Rock, Lake Catherine (June), Hot Springs, Bull
Shoals State Park (July), Lake DeGray (August), Point Cedar, Petti Jean
(September), Arkansas Fall Samboree (October), Ft. Smith, and Maumelle Park
(November), Little Rock.
We didn't get to take a long trip this year, but we will be making several in 2005.
Ronnie Mooney 60

               From Peggy Rogers
Hello to all my classmates, If you haven’t seen this email on aging I think that you
will be surprised at how far we have come since our high school days in Hot
Springs! Hopefully, we will have many more healthy years to come. My family is
doing well. I have a grandson that will be graduating from high school this year
and that’s a shock to me! My husband Bob and I are still doing a lot of traveling.
We will be leaving for South America on 12/6-21. We will be departing from
Buenos Aries and ending our trip in Santiago, Chile. I guess being an Army brat
is still in my blood. One good thing about our trip is that it has forced me to have
all my Christmas gifts wrapped and ready to celebrate the season when we return!
On another subject, Coach McCauley’s wife, Ruth, now has an email address and
she would love to hear from any of Coach’s former students or ballplayers. Her
email is : Gary Farmer, her son, is now living in the
Dominican Republic. She will have his email address. He is not completely settled
because housing is a big problem is the islands. Happy Holidays to you all. Love,
Peggy Rogers Bales 60

   From Don Short
Well it’s been a year to remember. I had an aneurism fixed and they found
blocked arteries to both kidneys and they fixed that. Barbara had a hip
replacement, both eyes for cataracts, elbow surgery for carpel tunnel, and she fell
and chipped a bone in her foot and had to have surgery for that and it's only the
first of November.
In all that I’ve been making decorations for 59,60,61 reunions. Hope they enjoy
them as it will give them something to remember their 45th by. The rest of the
year I think I will just rest.
Donald Short 60

               From Jerry Hatfield
News from the Hatfield Northwest: After 28 male births and 31 years passing, the
Hatfields finally have another girl. Grand-daughter, Kiley Michelle was born to
my youngest son's family last January. My niece, now 31 was the last girl. Guess
we want to make sure we outnumber the McCoys. Grandkids are fantastic,
especially when the two of them are as easy to raise as our two sons were. Joetta,
my wife and I celebrate our 35th year of marriage this month. Sure wish all of you
can be as fortunate with life as we have been. What a blessing from above. We
have one son in California and the other in Phoenix, so my wife bought a house
for us in each location, while we stay in the Seattle area until my retirement in a
few years. Well, at least we have our choice of sunshine in either location. If Kerry
had won, I was going to get to retire now as his tax plan would have made
continuing to work unproductive, so I can blame Bush for working two more
years....but at least I will be able to retain most of the earnings. Since we lost my
brother Bob three years ago, trips to Hot Springs no longer occur. However, I
think of you frequently, particularly when Donald sends a note about one of you.
Keep your health and I shall try to make our 50th reunion; 2010 is not that far

       From Loretta Anderson
                            Loretta and grandbaby

         From Judy Bond
         As we get older, isn't it amazing how time seems to fly by. John and I are
still dividing our time between the western North Carolina mountains and Ft.
Myers, Fl. We got the hurricanes in both locations this year. Luckily things are
fine at our Ft. Myers condo. We lost several big trees in N.C. but no damage to
our home. We feel so blessed to have our two sons, daughter-in-laws and four
precious grandchildren close by.
         John and I continue to enjoy golf, hiking, travelling and meeting new
people. We don't get to Ark. often... however, we were there in June for a
wedding in Little Rock. I hope to get back next Sept. for our reunion.
         Judy Bond Adamson 1960

                From Bonnie Jo Connelly
Having done this newsletter for several years and then retiring to pass it on to
more capable hands, I have failed to contribute anything for the past couple of
As Don, via email, just reminded me to just simply write that I am alive and well,
which I am! And, most of you know this who attend our summer get-togethers.
The past couple of years have not been too pleasant for me, as I lost my job,
having had that position for 16 years. Looking for employment at 60 years old
"ain't no fun"! But, I prevailed and am now working at the Garland County Clerk's
Office. I feel as though I should write an article for AARP about "Seeking
Employment and Discrimination at the Age of 60"! Believe me it is out there
regardless of what you read.
I truly feel blessed to have found employment, and throughout my ordeal when I
was feeling low and bitching to my daughter, Nicole, she would say, "Mother, it's
better than the alternative!" And, she is so right!!! Speaking of Nicole, she is still
teaching art in Texarkana (Pleasant Grove, on the Texas side), selling her art and
doing well. No grandchildren yet, so it's just me and my critters here.
As you all know we are planning our "45th" class reunion in September, 2005. We
hope that you all will plan to attend. From our 10th to our 45th, who would have
thought we would still be here to have a reunion!! And, who knows what our
destiny will be in 5 more years, so plan on our 45th!
I am easy to find, room 103, the old court house on Ouachita. Stop by if you are
in Hot Springs and hope to see you next year!
Be well my friends and classmates!
Bonnie Jo

         From Betty Carol Morgan
         I am now retired and spending all my time promoting my art as my
profession. I have had a wonderful time and my work is selling better than ever
I just finished a show here in Texas and will be teaching in Arkansas in January. I
will teach a technique workshop in Van Buren at the Crawford County Art
Center. If anyone is interested contact me. Time sure goes by fast when we are
busy. I need a 10 day week.
The grandchildren are getting older and they are too far away in Wichita , Ks. I
went to a workshop in Little Rock two weeks ago and it was so good to see places
I used to go.
I would love to go back just to see more of it. I just knew I'd run into someone I knew, but I didn't
see anyone I knew.................I looked though. We were at the Art Center and ate down by the
river and had a great time. All is well just now.
Love Betty Carol Morgan Pace

        From Mackey Lingo
Well, the news from here is that Mack has purchased a new project. That would
be a 56 Oldsmobile that he is going to make into a "cruiser". He is finished with
his 54 Ford truck. It is for sale y'all at $22,500. It is primo. (Am I starting to talk
like a street rod girl?) So anyway, can we dump the truck so he won't make me
participate in 2 projects at once?
Otherwise, life in Little Rock is the same. Our beloved dog, Audrey, is getting old
at 15. We are dreading the day. Two of our 4 daughters will come from Boston
and Chicago for Thanksgiving. The day after, we host a Razor Back game in the
front yard. That is to say, Mack parks as many cars as he can in the front yard and
pockets the cash. I lose a few azaleas and life goes on.We cab hear the game from
the front porch. Never have seen one!
Happy Holidays to all. We may do Chicago if it is not snowing for the flight. One year, we were
so badly iced in that we were glad for the snow banks of Chicago. Remember the 2 ice storms?
The year escapes me. Hmmmm. What a surprise. Look forward to the newsletter .
Regards-Paula and Mack

From Terrell Bledsoe
         Don Short wanted everyone to write something even if it's just that we're still alive. So the
answer is yes. Additionally I'm back in Colorado after a short visit overseas. Got another purple
heart (or to be more precise, a letter that said another has been added to my record--not exactly a
Presidential ceremony), and the therapy on my hand looks like it will eventually be sucessful: 80-
90% use in 1-2 years.
Snows are starting and I already have my pass for all the areas (5 big ones are nearby), will
probably ski mostly Vail this year. If anyone wants to join me the invitation is out. Includes free
bed and breakfast--such a deal. Just call (970) 547-4923. Evenings are typically spent around
the fire with Sandi and our golden retriever, it's a rough life. All it takes is long johns and a good
coat, but gloves, hat, scarf,etc also help.
My big news is that I've written a book. Lots of clean up needed on the draft, then off to the
editor, so don't ask for a copy at Barnes & Nobel yet.
Second news is I'm building a lot for sale next Spring (racing the snow to get the basics done).
Working with chain saws etc at 10,600 feet is an exercise program that will keep the weight off,
but I don't think T.V. infomercials will pick up on it.
Sandi is in charge of women ministries at the church so she stays busy. I personally don't think
there should be any differentiation for church jobs, but it's not a biggie with me, nor was I even
Five kids, seven grandchildren, and one granddog. Who would have thunk?
        From Pat Sanders
       Don't know if you want to include this type of info or not but am reporting
to you that our granddaughter, Schuyler Gates, age 13, was killed in an auto
accident July 18 near Malvern. She was the step-daughter of our younger son,
David, and had been part of our lives since the age of 2. Please keep our family in
your prayers. Pat Sanders Braswell

        From Sue Rachilla
        I am alive and just went through brain surgery and going to start chemo and radiation so
as you see I am still here. Sue

        From Ellen Hickey
        Hello! Bill and I are just about settled in our home on East Lakeland Point.
It has been a rough four months of living here while completing the remodel, but
have managed to enjoy Hot Springs and our many new friends, nonetheless. We
have had three sets of visitors from California. One couple bought a lake home
and will begin remodeling in about six months.
        Our daughter, Meredith, the jewelry designer, is visiting now and had a great showing
and reception at Gallery Central last week. You may have seen her picture and the article in the
Sentinel Record. Many thanks to those of you who attended. She enjoyed meeting the Hot
Springs folks and looks forward to exhibiting again here next spring and plans shows in Little
Rock and Texarkana during the holidays.

Ellen Hickey Walker (Ellen sends her info: Bill & Ellen Walker, 108 East Lakeland, Hot
Springs, AR 71913, 501-525-0630)

         From Helen Kidd
Terry and I are in Atlanta, actually in Holly Springs, Ga. Both of us are still working full time.
Terry is still in the Armored Car business and I am still working as Ophthalmic Tech. I do not
know why we are still working; but it seems to be the thing to do We are expecting to retire in a
year or so and return to Hot Springs. This was our 11th major move in 35 yrs of marriage. All is
well and we are doing well, guess that is all that is required to be happy. No children or pets, just
the two of us. Thanks for the news letter, you are doing a great job as well as Alice. We do
appreciate all of your great efforts. Helen Kidd Mosley

         From Jerry Gunter
Thank you for your interest. That means a lot to me. My last series of tests were great. Due to
the antioxident, vitamin, mineral, exercise, no alcohol program my nutritionist and I developed in
February. The great minds of medicine now say that if things stay this way, I will never be sick
enough to qualify for a liver transplant - won't need one. Well, so much for 1.4 years to live,
which is what they told me about 1.4 years ago.

        From Renee Lambert
           Well, life at Green Acres just gets crazier every day. I now have six
road runners that call the back pasture and back yard home. I have
Mother, Daddy, and four children! My dogs chase them up the
trees and sometimes I have to go out in the back yard and show the
babies how to go out of the gate....
   My smallest dog has started herding the thoroughbreds across the
lane. He has herded one into the board fence which resulted in 14
stitches on the horse's forehead and a lame front foot. Thank
goodness, my neighbor is a vet.
    I'm still teaching at Lakeside,. I taught Butch Breckenridge's
grandson, Kyle, last year as well as Linda Turnbull's granddaughter,
Stephanie Drobena. This year I have Dee Roberts' grandson, John
French. I always said that when I started teaching classmates'
grandchildren, I'd quit.
    It gets terribly lonesome without Joey. He's been gone a year and a
half. And I think that I miss him more now than ever. But, I lived
my dream for ten years! I got to come back to Hot Springs, live out
in the country, have all of the dogs, cats, and horses that I wanted
and marry my best friend.
     Renee Lucy
     Lakeside High School English Dept.
     2871 Malvern Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901
     Phone 501-262-1530 Fax 501-262-6205

         From Ruth Oliver
         On June 2 David and I left for a 10 day cruise to Alaska. (Our first and probably our
last). Then the day after we got back we went to Camp Charleston for a Bates family reunion. I
worked at school the next week re-writing a grant. Our school is a Reading First – that means we
received a $1.5 million grant for the No Child Left Behind Program. I asked to work with and
am the Reading Coach. When the grant retires so will I. Then it was off to New Orleans for a
week attending the National Computer/Technology convention in New Orleans. David enjoyed
the trip as he did a lot of sight seeing. We went to the Memorial Day Museum and he also got to
see the Razorback submarine, which was docked there before its final trip to North Little Rock.
It seems that the older I get the more involved I become in school work. Three years ago I
previewed a Texas History book for the publisher – Littrell. About a month ago I was contacted
by McGraw Hill (Reading publisher) and asked to be one of 10 teachers in Texas to serve on
the state advisory board. Our first meeting was the first weekend in October in San Antonio.
There will be three more meeting throughout the year. We got the Army CD yesterday but
didn’t have a chance to watch it, but plan to do so this weekend. Take care. Ruth

        From Wanda Hardy
   My family and I are doing fine! Our son is back in Arlington, VA after working
14 months on the building project at the Embassy in Kabul, Afganistan. He will
leave on another project in Jan., but I don't know where just yet. All 3 of our
grandsons are doing great and we look forward to spending Christmas with them
in Richmond, VA. Michael (our son) will also be there, so we will have some great
family time this year during the holiday season. I will be starting my 35th year at
the bank in Jan. Don't have any immediate plans for retirement. I enjoy keeping
up with all of you and I appreciate all the time and effort Donald and Alice and
others I may not know about put in keeping us all in touch. You guys do a great

       From Delores Roberts

       From Nancy Henderson
No grandchildren, yet, but our life is full. Mother is in good health and living with
us. She is a blessing. We hear from our sons regularly and they will both be with
us for Christmas this year.
This has been a big year for us. James, our astrophysist son is teaching in the Czech republic. We

bought a second home in Fairbanks, with plans to return there in a few years. Our son Steve is

renting it from us for now.

We just bought another airplane. We owned a Cessna 172 while we lived in Oklahoma and
Arkansas, a Maule while we lived in Alaska, and now we have a Top Cub. If a Piper Super
Cub is a Jeep, the Cub Crafters Top Cub is a Hummer! You can see pictures at Cub Crafters
web site. We will have it in Hot Springs around July 4 this year for a family reunion.
Paul will be traveling to Prague in January to visit James, and I will be travelling
with Mother to New Zealand and Australia for the full month.
I taught full time last year, but have returned to substituting this year, and
decided to start drawing my Social Security. (Are we really that old??? ) It is nice
to have more time for gardening. Didn't get to do that much during our 23 years
in Fairbanks. Not many varieties can live over the winter. Even the honeybees and
the earthworms have to be imported anew each spring. No chiggers or snakes,
Nancy Henderson (Mama Bear & her Cub)

        From Joe Pender
Sheryl and I are living in Atlanta, happy to be back down south, near our two
daughters. We're having a ball with them and our four grandchildren. Our oldest
girl, Candace, just had twins....a boy and a girl!! We're all doing fine, but that's
about all I have that is newsworthy.
I loved seeing the newsletter and pictures from the reunion. It brings back great
memories just seeing the names on the address list. Thanks for taking the time to
organize it all, and for running me down. Best regards to all!
Joe Pender 60

                       From Richard Parker
Currently in Spain for two months waiting for a little house we bought in
 Rota (near Cadiz, on the south Atlantic coast on your map) to be finished.
 Hope to use it during the summer months. Since it's running behind
schedule--they use an Andalusian calendar here as well as an Andalusian
 clock--we're just killing time at my wife's mother's place in Extremadura, and
making short trips here and there. Have to be back at work in California the first
of the year. I have two more half-years (January through May) of work, then it
will be more or less full time monkey business.
 Maybe the enclosed photo will make it. If not, another time.
 Hey, Drazsnzak, I'd like to hear from you. I could use a lesson on the
 Regards to all, Richard Parker

From Terry Dabbs
ere is a little bit of info. on myself. Married with three grown children - one son
and two daughters. Became a grandfather for the fifth time Nov. 10, 2004. Now
have four grandsons and one granddaughter. They keep my wife, Ann ,,and me
busy but we love it.
Retired from the State of Illinois two years ago. I've been 39 years in the data
processing/ computer systems business, I've been with this industry since it
Since retirement, I am an adjunct instructor in computer science for the local
college and when I'm not teaching, I do a lot of woodwork and buy power tools.
My family says I'm more into buying tools than using them. When I have time, I
love to travel and have toured most of the US, Europe and some parts of Asia. I
plan to accompany my English son-in-law to Britain next year and will stay with
relatives in London and tour Scotland.
I'm glad you got in touch with me. I enjoyed your letters about the class of 60 and
look forward to hearing more from you. Do you have Mike Rothman's email
address or his telephone number? I'd like to get in touch with him. He and I
attended the U of A together and he was best man at my wedding.

From Rick Saunders
The only "new" news that I have since the last newsletter is, that I was elected in
the General Election to The House of Representatives, District 24, Hot Springs. I
am already working to gain knowledge. We drew Senority Numbers for
"Freshman" House Members last Friday and I got 72. That means that I'm ahead
of 28 Freshmen 1st Termers. I drew assignments on the House Education
Committee and the State Agencies and Governmenatl Affairs Committee. I a;lso
drew 1st Alternate on the Joint Budget Committee. Those are some very good
I'm anxious to get to work and have already been meeting with these Committees.

              From Rob Titlow
Alive and well. Trying to figure out what kind of admission the new Clinton
Library will have t charge to recover $172m of taxpayers' money.
Rob Titlow (maiden name) 1960

               From David Stone
  I'm still teaching mathematics at Georgia Southern, enjoying my classes
and students, but my wife, Ann, retired from fourth grade teaching last
Spring. I can tell I'm getting old -- I'm the senior faculty member who
has to carry the ceremonial mace at December graduation. We're
expecting -- that is, both dsughters are having their first children (both
boys) next March. I'm ready to start teaching those grandsons to play
racketball as soon as they can hold a racket.

From DeAnna Brown

Hope everyone had Happy Holidays!!!
from DeAnna Brown Rogers...class of '60

       From Jim Minton
This is the first time I have replied to your class newsletter.
I am alive and well in Mt. Ida, retired from USNR (sawmill company east of Hot
Springs on Hwy 70), married to Arnita Minton, three sons, Patrick, Samuel (Bo),
and Mike.
I do enjoy hearing from you regarding our class news.
Ken (Jim) Minton 60

From Joey Woods
I'm getting so old I can't remember if I sent you anything or not but here goes
I have retired here in Hot Springs Village in August am enjoying being out of the
rat race, just playing golf and loafing. The loafing is getting kind of old though so
I might find a part time job just to have something to do. How about a Wal-Mart
My mother and father have both passed away dad about a year ago and mother
about 3 years ago.
Mike Sexton and I have reunited since High School since he moved back to Hot
Springs and do a lot of hunting and golfing together. As a matter of fact he has a
big deer lease in Alabama and I am getting ready to go hunt with him for about
15 days. We act like mountain men for those few days. Ha! Can you see us
sneaking upon a deer as old as we are? But we have a lot of fun sitting around the
campfire and roughing it those few days.
Can't think of anything else to tell you now so will sign off.
Joey Woods

               From Alice Keith
    Martin and I are still plugging along. We are trying to grow old gracefully!
It has been a year since my knee surgery and since my mother’s death I have
more time on my hands. I am taking a computer class at the senior citizens’
center (Can’t imagine why they let me in that place!) Hopefully I will get better
and faster at this newsletter. I have a lot of projects that I want to tackle during
this year including organizing pictures that go back to my great-grandparents. I
also bought a VCR/DVD recorder and hope to edit our home movies and put
them on DVD’s. Hope everyone has a happy, healthy and fun 2005

            Class of 1961

            From Jim Husbands
Jimmy Husbands, class of 61. My wife is Carol. We are pictured on parent's night this year. My youngest son, John, aged 17, plays for Panama
City Bay High School. His team is undefeated and playing in the state tournament. We play on Friday night in Jacksonville against Bolles
Academy. John is a gifted long snapper.
                         Editor’s note: After several attempts to reduce the size of Jim’s picture and copy it for insertion have failed I am giving
up to reproduce it here. Maybe Jim can send it again in a smaller version for the next newsletter. It may also have something to do with the size
of the newsletter and the memory of my computer. Sorry! Alice

            From Patty Jones
Still alive!!!Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I have much to be

 grateful for--family, friends, good health.
Patty Jones 61

              From Jim Back:
        Just to let everyone know how we are doing. Last year I quit smoking on
Jan 1 and on April 15, I had heart bypass surgery. I really didn't like that (either
one hurt) but I am feeling better now with more energy and air than I
experienced in a long time. Ran into Howard Conners here in Eustis, Florida.
June recognized him before I did. I'm not sure he recognized me but I think June
looks very much like herself. My new goal the rest of this year and next is to lose
the weight I gained from stopping smoking.
       By the way I would like to get Clark Hill's (1962) email or you can send
him my email. I haven't heard from him in years.
       You and Alice do a great job in keeping all us connected. It is greatly appreciated by me.
June (Horton) and I were back to Hot Springs in September due to her mother's
death. Her Mom was living with us here in Florida but her cememtary pllot was
back is HS. We fell in love with the thought of moving back to HS. If we can sell
our place here, that is exactly what we intend to do. It has been 45 years for me
since I left HS. I did 9 years active duty and 21 years reserve in the Army and got
credit for 38 years with the federal government and come this February I get my
social security check. I have been very blessed for retirement.
Some may not know but I had bypass surgery in April 2003 and carotoid artery
surgery in 2000. I retired in 1998 and I had no docter and took no medication.
After 6 years of retirement, I have 6 doctors and take 8 prescriptions a day. It's a
good thing we retire so that we have the time to go to all our docter's
appointments. And another thing, after smoking for 46 years, I am smoke-free
now for 2 years. If anyone out there is needing help to stop smoking I have a
secret that may be helpful. Feel free to contact me at

              From Mary Moran
I am alive and well. Still a sales director with Mary Kay and getting ready for my
holiday open house. It keeps me really hopping.

        From Imogen Coburn
Alive and well and babysetting grand children in good ole' Hot Springs. Imogene
Coburn, 1961 wanna' be.

From Teresa Talent
      Daughter-in-Law LeAnn Selby, Son Jason Selby and Teresa
> Talent Selby. Their wedding was in February of 2000. I don't have any
> more recent pics......

Hi everyone,
Don was kind enough to contact me when he saw that I had signed in on the
Classmates web site and he sent me the latest newsletter to catch up a little. I
truly enjoyed reading each and every story. Wow, how time
 flys! I left Hot Springs right after graduation and moved to Baton Rouge to
attend business college and some classes at LSU. Four years later, I
 moved to Dallas and worked for Smith, Barney and Co. I was raised in the
beautiful state of Colorado and always wanted to move back here, so this is where
I’ve been for the last 35 years. In July of last year, I moved from Littleton to
Longmont where my only Son and Daughter In Law live. Jason is a scientist with
Seagate Technologies and LeAnn works for Array Biopharma in Boulder. I was
lucky enough to get an office manager position here in the Central Area sales
office of Walsworth Publishing Company (yearbooks).
 I would like to hear from any of you who are up in my “neck of the woods”.
My work number is 303-485-8880 and email address is
> Teresa Talent Selby

              From Richard Witherspoon
       - Hello to Everyone…..we continue to live in St. Louis, MO. Evelyn and I
are fond of this city and have many friends in the area. However, we still have the
house in Dallas, also. I have written before about my “semi-retired” status. After
working for Merico/Earthgrains/Sara Lee for 34+ years; I am in the Consulting
Business, primarily focused on Consumer Package Goods (stuff you buy in retail
stores) and Mergers & Acquisitions (operational & financial assessments) of CPG
companies. You can visit my website –
         We just returned from a short trip to Toronto and visit with our 2 yr old
granddaughter, Della. Christine, Evelyn’s daughter; married David Alderson, a
Canadian, a Lawyer (of all things); They had lived in Dubai, United Arab
Emirates for the previous 3 yrs. Dubai is where our granddaughter was born. We
mad e several trips there. With Halloween coming up, we all took Della to a
Farm/Pumpkin Patch last Saturday. Those of you with grandchildren know the
thrill of seeing the expressions on their faces when they experience things for the
1st time. Memories like these are so precious.
         Our summer trip this year was back to Europe for a visit. As some of you
know Evelyn and I lived in Europe for 5 years and moved back to the U.S. mid-
year 2003. Our best friends (they are French), had a late-life baby boy, and he
was baptized in July and we were there for the event, as well as other visits. Also
went to Ireland (encore visit) for a week. We like to play golf there, and visit some
other acquaintances we made while living in Europe. Dublin and Belfast Northern
Ireland is where we spent our time this trip. Great places go there if you have the
chance. (for those with curiosity about our experience with French people……No
they are not the typical “American Image”). We found the French people to be
very friendly and warm. They were certainly very kind to us. That may sound
strange to some….but it is true.
         We will spend December and January in the Bahamas – specifically Treasure Cay,
Abaco Island. We will have Chris, David and DELLA for Christmas and New Years. We have
friends that live there 8 months of the year. Some time ago, they bought 2 beach villas (live in 1;
rent the other). That is where we stay. Treasure Cay has a great golf course, so it is beach on one
side, golf course on the other. With a large marina for boating, and fishing. I will go “bone
fishing” Bonefish are great sport in the Bahamas. With telephone and computer/Internet, we stay
in touch.
       Should I bring up the Cardinals Baseball team? We are in the middle of
the World Series and as of today, they have lost the 1st two games. Now they
come to St. Louis and play with the Home Field advantage. NO we don’t have
tickets…..too expensive. Plus, you can see MORE and BETTER on TV. We hope
they make a comeback.
       We are very fortunate and blessed with our health and good life. We send
our best wishes to all of the HSHS folks.

              From Jerri Biggs
I am alive in Bossier City, LA. I do enjoy the newsletter. Bless all of you !

       From Frances Cockman
       (I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your newsletter. I look
forward to each one. I print out a copy for Jean Palmer (Iris Jean Swaney). We
work together. The last one was a lot of pages. I'm not complaining at all....I enjoy
every page. I especially like the pictures. It's lots of fun to keep up with people
from our "youth". I especially enjoyed all the e-mails about the "dens of iniquity,
Tater and Sue's, Cook's Ice Cream, and stolen hubcaps. Lots of laughter while
reading those. Sad though to read of the ones we've lost or who have lost their
loved ones.
        I have worked at Lowe's for 11 years now.....hurry up retirement. I work in
installed sales.
        I have 4 children,6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. My oldest son
is a sherrif's deputy (jailer), my oldest daughter is grocery manager at
Brookshire's in Ashdown, AR, my youngest son is General Manager of the new
Baymont Hotel here in Hot Springs. My youngest daughter is in nursing school.
Oldest grandson is in last year of college in Denver, CO. He's studying
engineering/architechture. Two oldest granddaughters presented me with the
great-grandchildren. Three more grandchildren still in school.
        Keep those newsletters coming. Frances Cockman Diles

Class of 1962

                From Sharon Fickle:
         I'm living in Augusta, Georgia and working at Fort Gordon as the Graphic
Artist for Eisenhower Army Medical Center. My daughter Melanie is in Fort
Wayne, Indiana and has 2 daughters and a son. My brother (Jay) is living here in
Augusta about a mile from us (my Mom and I share a house). Mother's doing
great. She's 83, but don't tell her (she thinks she's in her sixties - what does that
make me??) Jay is still married to his first wife (imagine that), and they have 1
son and 1 grandson and 1 granddaughter.
         Life is good in Augusta and if anyone wants to come to the Masters. . .
.you're welcome, but bring your own ticket (no one here can get any).
         Enough said! Sharon Fickle Russ

               From Don Joyce
Well, Sue Glover Joyce and Don Joyce Are living in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii now.
That's all the news from here

               From Margaret Moenster
        Hi Don, You are one persistent man! This is Margi Moenster Leake in
Austin, Texas. I am alive and well and teaching seventh grade language
arts at Canyon Vista Middle School. Thanks for keeping the Trojan spirit
 alive. I never thought we'd all be 60, but, WHAP! Here we are! Marji
             From Susan Rainwater
Alive and well(sometimes) in Henderson(Las Vegas) NV. Susan Rainwater
(Bullock) 1962.

       From Ron Cheek
Hello to All:
Class of 1962, Ron [Ronnie] Cheek is living in Hot Springs. Still working with
Mountain Valley Spring Company, being a grandpa and playing my drums. Hope
to someday restore my 1967 Chevelle SS.
Best Wishes!!

               From Don Crone
Living outside of North Little Rock, enjoying my 3 grandchildren, still working,
plan to die at my desk, married 37 years to same wonderful wife. I was riding
Sunday October 24 out west of Little Rock and noticed white smoke coming from
one of my exhaust pipes. I stop and discovered coolant dripping form underneath.
I was at Paron. I called my daughter to find me a friend with a truck and a ramp. I
waited about an hour for them to find me. You would not believe how many
motorcycles go through Paren, Arkansas on a Sunday afternoon. Most of the
riders either stopped or at least waved. Nice bunch of folks. Anybody know of a
reasonable motorcycle mechanic? I think I have blown a head gasket and I know I
need carburetor work. It's a 1978 Goldwing.

        From Bill Cole

Bill Cole is alive and well . I am retired living in Ft. Myers FL

        From Manny Lewis
I am still alive and going strong even after atriple bi-pass 2 years ago. I have been
working with at risk teens, with the Arkansas National Guard Youth Challenge
program at Camp Robinson. This keeps me young. I have one grandson, Ricky
who is 6 years old and he is my fishing partner. My dauhgter Tania is an avid
fisherman. We go to Hot Springs every weekend to fish and tinker around our
family lake place.We run into Bill Elliott on the water and fish and chat. My other
daughter Eliana (Nita) lives in Birmingham and is expecting her first child. My
son Weldon is still in a coma from a car accident five years ago.
Last but not least and most important my wife of 39 years Eliana Pons Lewis is
still going strong teaching in Jacksonville. We have had a good life.
Weldon Eli Lewis (Manny)
Class of 62

                 From Fletcher Ward
Thanks for all the hard work. Nothing much new here. Planning to retire in one year, when I am
62, as in class of 62!. Fletcher Ward 62
Coach McCauley's wife (Gary Farmers mother) now has a email. If any would like to send her
an email it's

From Clark Hill
       Can you guess who these people are???
         From Tony Meeks
The last time I checked I was still alive and semi-kicking, and my “maiden” name
is still Meeks, Class of ’62.
Since last year, my wife, Lynn, and I have been blessed with our third
granddaughter, Lanie Meeks. She is the first child of my youngest son, Matt, and
his wife, Angela. Lanie is our fifth grandchild.
Lynn and I made a move in the last two months. We sold the house we had lived
in for the last 28+ years, and moved into a newer and a slightly larger house.
After going through all the “treasures” we had accumulated in those 28+ years, I
don’t think I will move again.
Everything else is pretty much the same. I am still with Rebsamen Insurance, and
I suspect I will continue to work for as long as I enjoy it and can get people to buy
from me.
Tell everyone hello, and I hope to be at the next Class get to together to see them.
Tony Meeks
Class of 1962
       From Bill Harper
   Bill Harper 62 getting back to you. Unfortunately, while
riding my Harley a few months ago, I slipped on some gravel and
rode right into a hedge. Broke my ankle in two places. But
three more weeks and I'll be back to riding in no time.
   Alive and well in Richardson, TX.

      From Doug Linington
   To the gerontological classes of HSHS. I have never of heard so many
downers laid on me with all the health caveats as well as the attendant
infirmities and maladies as is being promulgated by the class members from
within the class newsletter as well as hither, thither and yond. Bummer to
say the least. Too much gloom and doom resignation it seems as the old
death wagon creakily rambles toward the bone yard. How about some cool
news? Is this what is expected of the of people that are barely in their
60's. I was hoping to hear some salacious stories of illicit tryst or
assignations from people that have lived this long. I suppose I am
expecting too much from the "old school." Oil up those wheel chairs
everybody. Man I just had to say something to divert my mind from this
impending train wreck.
Doug Linington 62