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					                              Patriot Newsletter
                   Patrick Henry High School, 6702 Wandermere Drive, San Diego, CA 92120
                      Phone: 619-286-7700 Fax: 619-229-0370 Web:

     March, 2010

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Yea! Our new auditorium has been approved! At last our School Board has approved the construction
of our new auditorium, a facility Patrick Henry High has needed since the school was built forty-one
years ago. I want to thank our Board Member, Katherine Nakamura, teachers Matt Kalal, Chris Carr,
and Carol Fleming, and our many parents and students who helped support this needed addition to our
school. The additional support rooms, part of a Career Technical Education grant, will help complete
this project when approved at the state level.

Please mark your calendar for two very important parent events in March: Justice 101 for
Parents on March 23 (6:00 p.m.) and Parent Visitation Day March 24 (8:00 a.m.). Justice 101 for
Parents is a must-attend parent only program by Judge Link and Judge Caietti to inform parents of high
school life in our community. Judge Link’s engaging presentation, like his Justice 101 for seniors, will
help you and your student understand and avoid the dangers that could bring harm. This is for parents
only; students will not be allowed inside for the presentation. Our spring Parent Visitation Day will
begin the following morning in the library at 8:00 a.m. and will allow parents to visit their student’s
classes to experience our instructional program at Patrick Henry High.

Our Grade 9 and 10 students will again participate in the state physical fitness test this March. Our
students must pass five of the six standards in order to pass the test. This year students who do not pass
the test in either the 9th or 10th grades will not be exempt from taking a physical education class in grade
11. Students who do not pass the physical fitness test in grade 11 will continue to take physical
education in grade 12.

Congratulations to our three students who have reached the level of National Merit Finalist: Anna
Kornfeld Simpson, Katheryn Mogk, and Evan Reed. In addition, congratulations to Anna Kornfeld
Simpson who has been selected to apply for recognition as a Presidential Scholar, the highest
achievement for a high school student in our country. This is also the very exciting time when we learn
of our seniors’ college admissions acceptances. So far we have acceptances to Harvard, Stanford, MIT,
and please share the news of our many seniors who will soon hear from their dream university. This is
the best time of year!

Congratulations to our outstanding winter sports teams who were Eastern League champs: Girls’ Water
Polo, Girls’ Soccer and Wrestling and to Boys Basketball for making it to the first round of the CIF
playoffs and Girls’ Basketball for making it to the semi-finals of the CIF playoffs. Go Patriots!

Thank you, parents, for all your support of our students and staff.


Pat Crowder
Estimados Padres y Tutores:

¡Nuestro Auditorio ha sido aprobado! La Mesa Directiva por fin aprobó la construcción de nuestro nuevo
auditorio, una instalación que Patrick Henry ha necesitado desde hace 41 años cuando la escuela se construyó.
Quiero darle las gracias a Katherine Nakamura; de la mesa directiva, a los maestros Matt Kalal, Kris Carr, Carol
Fleming y a los padres y alumnos que han apoyado esta muy necesaria adición a nuestro plantel. Los adicionales
salones auxiliares, se construirán por medio de una donación y serán parte de centro de Carreras de Educación
Técnica, después de ser aprobado a nivel estatal.

Favor de anotar en sus calendarios dos importantes eventos durante el mes de marzo: Justice 101 para padres el
23 de marzo (6:00 p.m.) y el día de visita al plantel, el 24 de marzo (8:00 a.m.). Justice 101 es un programa de
asistencia obligatoria solamente para padres, presentado por los Magistrados Link y Caietti para orientar a los
padres acerca de la vida social de la comunidad de nuestra preparatoria. La presentación del Juez Link, como la
presentación Justice 101 para los alumnos seniors, le ayudará a usted y su hijo/a a entender y aprender como
evitar ciertas situaciones de peligro. Esta reunión es solamente para padres; los alumnos no serán admitidos a la
presentación. Nuestro día de visitas de primavera se llevará a cabo la siguiente mañana en la biblioteca a las 8:00
a.m., para que los padres visiten los salones de sus hijos y observen el programa de instrucción en la Preparatoria
Patrick Henry.

Los alumnos de los grados escolares 9 y 10 estarán participando de nuevo en la evaluación estatal de rendimiento
físico. Nuestros alumnos deberán pasar cinco de los seis estándares de evaluación. Este año los alumnos que no
pasen el examen en los grados 9 o 10 no estarán exentos de participar en la clase de educación física durante el
grado 11. Los alumnos que no pasen la evaluación estatal de rendimiento físico en el grado 11, tendrán que tomar
la clase de educación física en el grado 12.

Felicidades a los tres alumnos que lograron el nivel de Finalistas de National Merit (Merito Nacional): Anna
Kornfeld Simpson, Katheryn Mogk y Evan Reed. Felicidades a Anna Kornfeld Simpson seleccionada para
solicitar el reconocimiento de Estudiante Presidencial, el honor más alto para un alumno de preparatoria en
nuestro país. También estamos muy emocionados porque esta es la temporada cuando recibimos noticia de las
universidades acerca de los alumnos que han sido aceptados a las universidades a las que han aplicado. Hasta este
momento hemos recibido confirmación de Harvard, Stanford, y MIT, favor de compartir información con
respecto a las escuelas que han sido aceptados nuestros alumnos senior. ¡Esta es la mejor temporada del año!

Felicidades a nuestros excepcionales equipos deportivos de invierno, que fueron campiones de la liga del
este; el equipo de “Water polo”, el de “ Futbol soccer”, el de “Lucha”; y a los chicos de “Baloncesto”, por
completar la primera ronda de CIF , al igual que a las chicas de “Baloncesto”, por llegar a las semi-finales de

Gracias padres, por apoyar a nuestros alumnos y maestros.


Pat Crowder
     Patriot Newsletter                                        Page 3

                          COUNSELING NEWS

The counselors have begun meeting individually with each 9th-11th grade
student discussing 1st semester grades, their academic review, course
choices for the 2010 school year, and credit recovery supports, i.e. Summer
school. This year includes review of Naviance and meeting the Portfolio

            (Please check the PHHS website for more details)

Wed. Feb. 24-Friday, March 26, 2010. Counselors begin to articulate
with grades 8-11, choosing courses for the 2010/2011 school year. Each
Incoming 9th grade student will receive a printed copy of the INQUIRE,
the PHHS course catalog. Due to budget cuts, 2009 9th -12th grade
students will need to access the INQUIRE online and print out the
INQUIRE. The INQUIRE can be accessed from the PHHS website, Click on Student. Click on Course Catalog. Click
on 2010/2011.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 Administration of the English CAHSEE
(California High School Exit Exam) to all 10th grade students.
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 Administration of the Math CAHSEE
(California High School Exit Exam) to all 10th grade students.

****Wednesday, April 28, 2010- Tuesday May 4, 2010 CST’s/STAR
****Monday May 3, 2010- Friday May 14, 2010 AP exams
More information will be given in the next newsletter.

Tentative Summer School dates: Wednesday, June 23 to Friday July
30, 2010. 7:30-11:40 am. Transportation will not be available.

            (Please check the PHHS website for more details)
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         HEALTH NEWS: Patrick Henry has a Student Assistance Program, which is available
to all students. The program provides support groups, which are facilitated by trained staff.
Groups are designed to help students improve communication skills, self-concept, and function
more effectively in society by recognizing their responsibilities. Some of the groups have a
focus: Grief Group, Self Esteem, Family Change, Social Skills, and Drug and Alcohol
information groups. Others are more general and deal with issues that are important to High
School students: relationships with friends, families, teachers, conflict resolution, etc. Students
may be referred to this program by parents, teachers or they may refer themselves. New
groups will begin after finals in February. Questions can be directed to the Nurse, Susan
Efting 619-286-0452.

         WILDERNESS FIRST AID: Patrick Henry is beginning a new training program for
interested students. The program is American Red Cross Wilderness First Aid. This class is
intended to prepare the individual for a situation where advanced medical help will be delayed
for several hours. Wilderness First Aid is designed to prepare the First Aid Giver the tools
necessary to evaluate and emergency situation, give immediate care, check for resources and
decide how to evacuate, if necessary, to provide more advanced medical care in the case that
help is delayed. Each student will receive a medical back pack with some supplies as well as a
list of suggested items to be placed in the bag. We have 25 students currently participating in
the Bio Medical Pathways Program that will be enrolled in the program. Stephanie Baron
(teacher), Suzi Stone (American First Aid Instructor) and the Nurse will be facilitating the

       STUDENT TO STUDENT: The following students have been selected to participate in
the Student to Student program for 2009-2010. Returning Members: Joanna Kaitlyn Blair,
Natalie Ann Boyd, Erin Fink, Renee Keven, Alexandra Kichayeva, Victoria Maches, Leigh
Martin, Meagan Mcleod, Delaney Moghanian, Rasa Rafie Amanda Spendlove, Ortal Shaitrit,
Daniel Straub, Kyle Thorstenson and Aryana Vahidi. New Members: Katie Aiello, Cameron
Andrew, Aaron Barranco, Jessica Berg, Lacey Fairchild, Cherise Goode, Veronica Lua,
Alanna Martin, Chris Ricario, Danielle Sanchez, Nancy Sokhis, Shahri Taylor, Jordan Trinh
and Devereaux Watson. These Students have been trained to present smoking awareness
programs to all 5th, 7th and 9th grade students in our feeder schools and other private or district
schools who request the program. The 9th Grade PE Classes will see the program in February.
This will be the twelfth year the program has been available. Presentations will begin in

        PEER MEDIATORS: The Peer Mediators for 2009-2010 are: Returning Students:
Michael Barellano, Heaven Haile, Brandon Schuller and Devereaux Watson. New Peer
Mediators: Alysia Cazares, Marlee Compton, Cambria Craig, Bronte Daniels, Eterly Jimeniz,
Kelsey Johnson, Robin Kwok, Jesse Leon, Ortal Shaitrit, Amanda Sobkowiak, Amanda
Strohauer, Kyle Thorstenson and Clara Townsend.
        Second semester the Peer Mediators will be available every period of the school day to
assist other students with difficulties they may be having in school, present health programs in
the classroom and serve as mediators to help students resolve conflicts. Health Presentations
for second semester will include: HIV in April and Teen Relationship Violence in May.
 Patriot Newsletter                                                       Page 5
    Please notify the Nurse’s Office at least 24 hours in advance to request a medical blue
     slip, we prefer written notice.
    Medical Blue slips must be picked up in the Nurse’s office the day of your appointment;
     they will not be delivered to the classroom. If the blue slip is not picked up, please be
     prepared to go to the classroom to get your student.
    If your student leaves school without a Blue Slip, he/she will be marked truant. Even if
     the parent has called, the student still needs to pick it up! Parents cannot excuse their
     student after he/she has left campus.
    If you are sick, call your parents from the Nurse’s Office; cell phones are not allowed in
     class nor are they to be used during instructional time or during passing period
    Requests for Blue Slips will NOT be honored on the following days unless there is a
     verifiable medical appointment and that information is presented to the Nurse’s Office
     for verification.
                     Any testing days (Finals, AP, STAR Testing, etc.)
                     Fridays prior to Saturday Dances
                     Fridays or any day before holidays/vacations
    All personal, family emergencies or requests other than medical must have a
     parent/guardian come to the office to make the request with the Vice Principal.

      If you plan on taking a pain reliever i.e. Tylenol, Advil, please bring your own supply.
       We will keep it locked up in the Health Office with your name on it. We have a limited
       amount on hand for emergencies only. We will continue to notify you if your student
       should need Tylenol, Motrin or Ibuprofen at school.
      If you need to take a prescription medicine you will need to keep it in the Nurse’s Office.
       You cannot keep it in your backpack.
      If you will be taking prescription medicine on a daily basis, you will need to pick up a
       medication form and have your doctor fill it out. Medication must be in its original
       container, no zip-lock bags.
      Do not send your child to school if he/she has a fever (measured greater than 100 degrees
       with a thermometer) or is too ill to pay attention in class.
Please remember attending school on a daily basis is important for your student’s success. Try
                   to schedule Dental and Medical appointments after school.
                       We really appreciate your help in following the guidelines.

              Information regarding this program and other medical resources can be picked
up in the Nurse’s Office.

      EMERGENCY INFORMATION: Parents, be sure your student’s emergency
information is updated. Health problems, which may affect your student’s school
performance, should be discussed with the nurse. Please be sure we have current home, work
and emergency numbers.

       Thank you for your help.      Susan Efting RN, School Nurse
 Patriot Newsletter                                                          Page 6

                          PHHS PARTNERS IN EDUCATION

PHHS has formed partnerships with 14 San Diego County companies/organizations. Our partners
provide wonderful opportunities for our students. The PHHS Partners in Education are: San Diego
Mesa College, East County YMCA, Kiwanis Club of Grantville-Allied Gardens, US Navy, US
Army, Mission Valley Rotary Club, Rick Engineering, Mission Times Courier, Chase Bank – Lake
Murray Branch, San Diego Film Commission, The San Carlos Library, Murray Lampert
Construction, San Diego State University Department of Geography/GeoTech and Kyocera
International. Businesses interested in becoming a Henry High School Partner in Education –
please contact Ms. Yvonne Walden, Employer Outreach Specialist, Patrick Henry High School,
(619) 286-7700 ext. 2233 or

PHHS partners have been very active with the school! The Kiwanis of Granville-Allied Gardens
hosts a PHHS student of the month every month! This is a wonderful opportunity for PHHS students
to receive official recognition for their hard work!

The Mission Valley Rotary was successful in selecting 2 freshmen for their Rotary scholarship
program. This wonderful program has been in place at PHHS for several years. Students are chosen
by the Rotary and taken under the Rotary wing throughout the duration of their high school career. If
the students successfully complete high school, they receive a scholarship from the Rotary. The
Rotary works with 8 students per year.

Rick Engineering, one of PHHS longest-standing partners, is very active once again this year and
can be seen all over campus! Rick Engineering has a staff member acting as a mentor for the PHHS
ACE (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) Mentoring program as well. ACE meets after
school here at Henry – 28 students are involved and 10 mentors from local engineering, architecture
and construction firms. Rick Engineering also continues to be a very active participant on the PHHS
Engineering Academy Advisory Board.

SDSU Department of Geography, a partner of the PHHS GIS class, developed a partnership with
GeoTech and we now have a 3-way partnership with SDSU Dept. of Geography and GeoTech. The
addition of GeoTech will allow our school to have access to more GIS educational tools! SDSU
Dept. of Geography also participated in our 5th annual PHHS Engineering, Math and Science Career
Exploration Fair this year!

San Diego Mesa College and Rick Engineering were key participants in the 5th annual PHHS
Engineering, Math and Science Career Exploration Fair. Mesa College Engineering department
has participated in the Career Exploration Fair every year since we started the Career Fair!

We greatly value the wonderful contributions our partners have made! Businesses interested in
becoming a Henry High School Partner in Education – please contact Ms. Yvonne Walden,
Employer Outreach Specialist, Patrick Henry High School, (619) 286-7700 ext. 2233 or
 Patriot Newsletter                                                     Page 7
  School-to-Career * School-to-Career * School-to-Career * School-to-Career*School-to-Career
PHHS students: Come visit our Employer Outreach Specialist, Mrs. Walden in
Room #11 of the Main Office. Her hours are 7:30 am – 3:45 pm. Looking for a part-
time job, internship, job shadow, ROP course, community service and/or volunteer
opportunity, or help with career exploration or resume? See Mrs. Walden or go to the
PHHS website and click on “Departments” and then “Employer Outreach

PHHS Career Exploration Fairs:
We have had two successful Career Exploration Fairs at PHHS already this year! Our
Healthcare Pathways program held the second annual Healthcare Career Exploration
fair in the PHHS library on 1/21/10. Almost 450 students attended and 30 exhibitors
participated. The 5th Annual Engineering, Math and Science Career Exploration fair
was held in the PHHS cafetorium and library on 3/3/10. 45 exhibitors participated
and 500 students attended. The Engineering Career Exploration Fair is sponsored by
the PHHS Engineering and Design Academy.
Pictures from the event can be viewed at
We greatly appreciate the volunteer exhibitors who took the time out to help inspire
our students!

Job Shadows:
Many students have been on job shadows already this year! A job shadow allows a
student to see what a career professional does on a day-to-day basis by shadowing for
2-6 hours while that professional is performing his/her job duties. In that way, the
student can get more of an understanding of a career. Contact Mrs. Walden if you
would like more information.

We have a number of PHHS students working in paid or unpaid internships in the
areas of graphic arts, engineering, GIS, culinary arts, and healthcare. Applications for
summer internship programs (SEAP, Marine Technology Society, Hutton Fisheries,
and others) are now available. Watch the bulletin or the EOS webpage on the PHHS
website for more information!

Upcoming Events:
Career guest speakers in Healthcare Pathways, Teaching Academy, Engineering
Academy: now through June, 2010
PHHS Healthcare Pathways students tour UCSD Medical Center, 4/8/10
PHHS For Seniors Only Career Exploration/Hiring Fair – April 28, 2010
Senior Exhibitions – 4/29/10

Community Service:
Community service is a requirement at PHHS. Need ideas on where to volunteer?
Visit the Volunteer San Diego website at:
School-to-Career * School-to-Career * School-to-Career * School-to-Career *School-to-Career
 Patriot Newsletter                                                   Page 8

             PHHS Portfolio & Senior Exhibition

Parents/Guardians & Students: Here is the updated information concerning what students
need to accomplish in their 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade Portfolio & Senior Exhibition.

Last year the Portfolio Committee made changes to student requirements and the focus
this year will be on using the Naviance program on PHHS’s website:
Under the student menu, from PHHS’s site, students can click on the Naviance sign-in
page. It is located at this link:

The requirements for each grade level are outlined in this newsletter and are also posted on
the PHHS website under the student menu in the “Portfolio” & “Exhibition” sections. In
these sections there are PowerPoint presentations explaining exactly what each student
needs to accomplish in each grade level and how to complete each activity. There is an
“Important due date” document for seniors, too. The Exhibition Score sheet is also
available so students know how they will be evaluated at their Senior Exhibition.

This year students are not turning in paper assignments called choice works as they did in
the past. This year it is highly recommended to have students save assignments they have
done into their “Journal” on the Naviance program. The Naviance program will save all
their documents over the years then when the student wants to share a favorite assignment,
at his or her Senior Exhibition, the Journal folder can be opened and shared with the panel

Concerning Seniors, the Naviance Brag Packet must be completed for the Seniors to pass
their Senior Exhibition. Parents/Guardians are urged to have their student get this
completed before the due date of April 15, 2010, Thursday. This must be uploaded onto
the Naviance program before midnight of the 15th. Students should not wait until the last
minute in case they have computer problems and can’t get it uploaded. A student will not
pass his or her Senior Exhibition if this Brag Packet is not completed.

Students are welcome to talk to their counselor, teachers, or see Mrs. Pauchnick in room
419 if they have questions. Mrs. Pauchnick can also be reached at this email address:

                               See pages 9 & 10 for more info…
 Patriot Newsletter                                                    Page 9

       PHHS Portfolio Requirements for all Grades
                in Family Connection using Naviance (Updated Feb. 2010)

                           12th Grade (Due April 15th)
         Uploading assignments to Naviance after April 15th will not be possible.
                The uploading system for these assignments will be closed.
   • Community Service (10 hours)
   • Reading Log
   • Under the About Me Tab: Complete the Brag Packet & the Graduation Survey
   • Under the Colleges Tab: Complete: Colleges I’m Applying to
   • Special Note: Seniors must present an updated Resume they created last year.
The Brag Packet is 35% of the Exhibition Grade. A student won't be able to pass
Exhibition unless this is completed. Exhibition is a S.D. School District requirement for
graduation. A student cannot graduate unless s/he has passed Exhibition.

                                11th Grade (Due June 1st)
          Uploading assignments to Naviance after June 1st will not be possible.
                The uploading system for these assignments will be closed.
   •   Community Service (10 hours)
   •   Reading Log
   •   Under the About Me Tab: Compete the Resume
   •   Under Colleges Tab: Under College Research - Complete College Search

                                 10th Grade (Due June 1st)
          Uploading assignments to Naviance after June 1st will not be possible.
                The uploading system for these assignments will be closed.
   •   Community Service (10 hours)
   •   Reading Log
   •   Under the Careers Tab: - Under Explore Careers
                                   Complete: Explore Careers & Clusters
   •   Under the About Me Tab: Complete: Game Plan

                                 9th Grade (Due June 1st)
   •   Community Service (10 hours)
   •   Reading Log
   •   Under the Careers Tab: Under What are my interests?
                     Complete: Personality Type and Career Interest Profiler
   •   Under the About Me Tab: Complete: PHHS 9th Grade Survey
 Patriot Newsletter                                                       Page 10

               Where can you find the Community Service & Reading Log?
When you log into Naviance go to "From my School" for the "Document Library". Inside the
"Document Library" find "My Personal PHHS documents". You will see "The Community
Service Sheet" & "The Reading Log". Click on them, type on them to fill them out, save them
on your computer, and then upload them into your "Journal" on Naviance.

(Along with having the items saved digitally, the documents can also be printed out and shared at
the Senior Exhibition in the notebook that will have the 9th, 10th & 11th grade choice works.)

How to save a Reading Log, Community Service Chart & other documents such
              as essays, or any other assignments onto Naviance.

1. First, completed documents that are to be uploaded onto Naviance should be saved into the
student’s PHHS folder or someplace on his/her personal computer.

2. To upload completed assignments to Naviance follow these directions:
       A. Log in and look for the tab "About Me". Under this open up the link titled
       B. Open "Journal" and look for "+Add New Entry". Click on this then fill in the spaces:
              Type of document
              Click to share with counselors, teachers, and my parents
              Notes: Explain what the assignment is about
       C. Browse for a document that was saved in a student's folder on the PHHS website or
           from a personal computer then select the desired item.
       D. Attach the desired document.
       E. Click on "Add Journal Entry"
       F. Your document is now saved in your "Journal" folder and can be viewed by your
           counselor, teacher, and parent. You can change the document by deleting it and
           uploading a new document.

            The date for the Senior Exhibition will be April 29th, 2010.

  Visit Patrick Henry's website: for more information.
          Under the "Student" menu, click on Portfolio or Exhibition.
    Patriot Newsletter                                                              Page 11
                                    JUSTICE 101 for Parents
                         Patrick Henry High School
           Tuesday, March 23, 2010 6:00-8:00 PM in the Cafetorium
Did you know?
• In the past six years, more than 143 San Diego deaths were attributed to underage
drinking. And in 2008, more than 300 kids entered a county treatment program for their
addiction to alcohol. (San Diego Youth Council)

• Forty-two percent of 11th graders reported drinking in the past 30 days. Ten percent of
9- and 10-year-olds have started drinking. (San Diego County Health and Human Services

• One in five teens in a serious relationship reports having been hit, slapped, or pushed by
a partner. (National Center for Victims of Crimes)

• Young people and adults have been criminally charged with a felony for sending, receiving,
or creating a photo involving a person younger than 18 in a sexually explicit or
obscene image.

• Depending on the crime and the age, a high school student can be charged as an adult
and the record can follow them for their entire life, including registering as a sex offender.

•    Parents can be held criminally liable for hosting a party where alcohol is served.

• An entire college fund or retirement fund can be wiped out to pay for the defense of a
teen’s criminal act or for a rehabilitation program.
If any of these facts surprise you, the San Diego Superior Court wants you to hear what local teens are
really doing with their friends, or on their cell phones and computers. Award-winning Judge Frederic L.
Link of the San Diego Superior Court created and presents Justice 101 for Parents. It’s a very candid
discussion about what he sees in his courtroom every day: teens and young adults who make poor
choices and wind up in serious legal trouble.

Judge Link is nationally recognized for speaking on the issues that teens face today, and after 29 years
on the bench, he’s seen it all! He gives parents the straight facts--even those they may not want to hear-
-and he offers practical advice on how they can help their teens avoid situations that can destroy their

Joining Judge Link in the presentation is Juvenile Court Judge Carolyn M. Caietti. Appointed to the bench
in 2006, she shares Judge Link’s passion for reaching youth on the brink of adulthood. She knows how
critical it is to get through to them now about the dangers and responsibilities they face, and why it’s so
important that parents don’t ignore what’s really happening in their kids’ lives. Both Judges Link and
Caietti are dynamic and animated speakers with a “no-holds barred” approach to addressing these tough
issues. Together they present a powerful message.
     •   Don’t think the facts above don’t apply to you or your kids.
     •   Don’t miss Justice 101 for Parents!
     •   This presentation is designed for parents ONLY. Students and young children will
         not be admitted.

                                     We hope to see you then.
   Patriot Newsletter                                      Page 12

              You are cordially invited to
      San Diego Unified School District
            Art Exhibit
            Please come and celebrate
         the art work done by our students!
The following PHHS students will have their work on

       Manoli Dawson                        Rachel Frunkin
         Tyler Adibi                         Ashley Porter
      Cheyne Fairchild                    Daniel Sengpaseuth
      Katherine Novak                      Miranda Stevens
       Stephanie Vo                        Raquel Reynolds
      Adriana Scheider                    Colleen Santamaria
       Natalie Gilbert                      Sarah Durrand
     Kimberly Gonzales                       Cassandra Gil
       Ashley Osorno                       Keliah Fedeman
        Jennifer Tran                       Nathan Rebelo
      Sierra McIntosh

               Wednesday, March 17, 2010
                5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.
             Eugene Brucker Education Center
                        4100 Normal Street
                        San Diego, California

              Students’ artwork will be on display
                from March 1 through April 13.
       Patriot Newsletter                                                         Page 13
ASB News
AIR BAND: the performance will be held at Lewis Middle School on March 17th, at 6pm!
PROM DRESS DRIVE: Patrick Henry ASB will be collecting formal/semi-formal prom
attire for homeless and disadvantaged students in the San Diego City Schools District that
will be attending Prom. Collections will begin March 1st and end in Mid April at Patrick
Henry, items can be dropped off in a collection bin in the front office, or brought to the
collection table in the quad at lunch.
PASTA FOR PENNIES: Donations benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,
collections start on March 25th and continue until April 16th
STAR TESTING: April 28th-May3rd... Seniors, please make sure to attend school during
these testing days, it is mandatory by the district, and there are FUN activities planned for
these days! You don't want to miss out!
AP TESTING: May3rd- May15th
SENIOR EXHIBITIONS: Mark your calendars for April 29th! You cannot miss your

Swashbuckling Pirates! Beautiful Ladies! Cowardly Constables!
Sound like fun? If so, come and see the upcoming production of Gilbert and Sullivan's
Pirates of Penzance. This rollicking Victorian classic runs Tuesday, March 9-Saturday
March 13 at 6:00 pm in the Patrick Henry High School auditorium. There will be a special
matinee on Saturday, March 13th at 2:00pm. Dress like a pirate for the Thursday night
performance and get a special discount. For more information contact

Finance Office
The Finance Office is open for students before school, during lunch, and after school.
The Finance Office is not open to students during class time for making change or any other
transaction. It is very important that you do not lose your school ID card which is needed for
ALL purchases at the Finance Office. Personal checks will not be accepted after May 1,
2010 (CASH ONLY).

Patrick Henry Engineering and Design Academy is now accepting applications
for incoming 9th and 10th grade students. The Academy offers students a unique opportunity
to explore fields of engineering, architecture, and technology through a rigorous thematic
curriculum, with the goal of preparing students to enter and be successful in a college
engineering program, or a related technology program. For more information visit our
website at Applications are available on this website or at . Completed applications can be
left at the front office, faxed to 619-229-0370 or mailed to Patrick Henry High School,
attention Engineering and Design Academy. Questions can be addressed to Kathy Schulze at
      Patriot Newsletter                                         Page 14

               Grad Nite '10 News:
         Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night!
   Parents! Do you want to give our 2010 seniors a safe and sober grad
              night? There are so many ways you can help!

The Better Business Bureau will give us $500 if we can get a group of 100
people to attend a free consumer protection event on March 13! If you can
attend, contact Dina Mirvis at

Who doesn't love pancakes and helping our kids? Join us at St Dunstan's
March 27 from 7AM to 11AM, while our wonderful Kiwanis cook up a
yummy breakfast for only $5! Seniors: want to earn a free prom bid? Sell
the most tickets to the pancake breakfast and the prom bid is yours!
Contact Barbara Wolf at for more information or to

Taxed out? Relieve that stress on Improv Nite! 4/15 at 6PM in the

More ways to help!
Come to the final meeting and bring a friend! March 8 at 7:00 PM in the
After that, we start working at the warehouse!
Want to be added to the email list for notifications? Contact Beth Martin at

We need.......
Insurance forms! All grad nite participants MUST HAVE a permission
slip/release of liability to attend. Download the form at
and return it to the Grad Nite box in the office!

Creative artists or anyone with “basic hammer knowledge” to make
themselves known by spring 2010. No one will be overwhelmed with work!
Divide and Conquer!
      Patriot Newsletter                                         Page 15

Inexpensive fencing for grad nite. Please contact Iris Fink

Junior Parents: Junior parent volunteers needed for the night of Grad
Night (ask your friends!). Contact Trisha Livingstone at

Any television sets and video games (to borrow for grad nite).

We need food for Grad Nite! Anyone with ties to catering or grocery
stores? We need donations or discounts for Grad Night. And yes! We are a
501(c) 3 organization! Dina Mirvis is coordinating food for Grad Nite. Can
you help? Contact Dina at, Iris Fink at
or Ann Golumbuk at

Corporate Sponsors! Donate $500 or more and get your name in the
program, on the Electronic Bulletin Board in front of Patrick Henry on
Navajo Road for 1 week and on the Grad Nite website! Let everyone in the
community appreciate your generosity! Contact Elayne Schuller at to donate!

Want to advertise in the program?
1 full page; $250; 1/2 page $150; 1/4 page $75; business card $25

Got pictures?
Every year, grad night creates a “memory room” full of pictures from the
last 18 years of our seniors’ lives. We’d like 10 pictures from each senior
(copies, please; you won’t get these back) of sports teams, scouts,
schools, parties, and friends. If you can include 1 baby picture, put your
name on the back, so your friends can have fun guessing! Put them in an
envelope addressed to Grad Nite Memory Room and put them in the box in
the office. Contact Barbara Wolf at for more
information or to help.

Check out
for the latest news on Grad Nite!
         Patriot Newsletter                                                 Page 16
On February 12, students from Patrick Henry joined in on an effort to restore native
plants and habitat in our local canyon. Students worked with community organizations
including Friends of the Canyon, The San Diego Audubon Society and the San Diego
Park and Recreation Department to plant over three hundred native plants in Navajo
canyon. The plants will restore an area in the canyon that was taken over by invasive
plants, which grow quickly and over take the habitat of native species of plants and
animals. In this effort, students from Mr. Abbott’s GIS (Geographic Information
Systems) class used GPS devices to map the plants so that their growth can be monitored
over the next several years and the success of such plant re-habitation programs can be

Wednesday     03/24/10              Parent Visitation Day
Friday        03/26/10              Progress Reports Distributed
Mon–Fri       03/29/10-04/02/10     Spring Vacation

Wed-Tues      04/28/10-05/04/10     CSTs/STAR Testing
Thursday      04/29/10              Minimum Day* – Senior Exhibition

Mon-Fri       05/03/10-05/14/10     AP Exams
Friday        05/14/10              Progress Reports Distributed
Monday        05/31/10              Memorial Day – Holiday

Saturday      06/05/10              Prom 8:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Thurs–Mon     06/17/10-06/21/10     Minimum Days*– Final Exams
Friday        06/18/10              Graduation** 5:00-7:00 p.m.
Monday        06/21/10              Last Day of School – Dismissal at 11:36 a.m.

Friday        07/02/10              Report cards mailed by district (tentative date)

*Minimum Days are from 7:30 a.m. to 11:36 a.m.
**Graduation rescheduled to Friday 6/18/10 from Monday 6/21/10