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					                             Stream Team Update                      the busy potting season. Mary Rich-
                                 The StreamTeam is off to a great    ter is assisting with the fall session of
This is a publication from
  Clark Public Utilities     year! In February, we welcomed the      the Wildlife Stewards Program.
Environmental Services’      2007 Northwest Service Academy              Volunteers are wrapping up both
 StreamTeam program          AmeriCorps field team, led by Eric      the planting and potting seasons. So
                             Himelfarb. Many of you have met the     far 1,714 trees have been planted
                             team through volunteer events.          and 10,039 trees potted for our up-
  OUR MISSION                   Each team member has a spe-          coming planting season! A big thank
                             cialty. Adam Ferrea assists Lisa with   you goes out to all 197 volunteers
 To manage watershed                                                 who donated their time and talents to
                             volunteer event coordination. This
restoration efforts along    summer you can look forward to          help bring salmon back to Salmon
                             working with Annie Kilby on the water   Creek. We could not have done it
Salmon Creek, to enhance                                             without you!
                             quality monitoring program. Trav Lon-
 water quality for Clark     don’s specialty is the education pro-      With six StreamTeam events under
                             gram. Owen Smith has been assist-       our belts, we’re looking forward to our
  County residents and                                               Earth Day Tree Planting Celebration
                             ing Randy in the nursery coordinating
   to restore salmon                                                 on Saturday, April 21. The day will
                                                                     start at 8:30 a.m. and the tree plant-
 populations in Salmon                                               ing will wrap up at 1 p.m. Other local
 Creek while increasing                                              environmental organizations will be
                                                                     on hand to show you how to make
 community awareness                                                 every day Earth Day! There will also
                                                                     be children’s activities, prize raffles,
                                                                     and a barbeque lunch provided to the
                                                                     tree planters. Join us in celebrating
                                                                     Earth Day by planting a tree!

           Volunteer Spotlight:
           We’re lucky to have such a dedicated volunteer
               Sharon Lueck is our very first volunteer in the spotlight. A
           life-long learner, Sharon graduated from the 2006 Wildlife
           Stewards class last November and has already completed her
           payback hours! She jumped right in with StreamTeam tree
           plantings and coordinating NatureScaping activities. Sharon is
           the Native Woodland Garden Coordinator in NatureScaping’s
           Wildlife Botanical Gardens. She is also coordinating their tree
           sale that will be April 28-29 at the gardens.
               Sharon joined Wildlife Stewards to share her wealth of
           knowledge with the community while becoming more involved in her daughter’s graduate
           school studies through Lesley University’s Audubon Expedition Institute. All of you who’ve
           met or worked with Sharon know that she is great company on any project. Thank you
                                Wildlife Stewards:                         restore salmon habitat. After the
April 21, 2007                  Kicking off a new year                     planting the Stewards enjoyed lunch
Earth Day Tree Planting             The annual Wildlife Stewards           and one another’s company while
8:30 a.m. - 1:45 p.m.           Kick-Off was held in January wel-          discussing the upcoming year. There
Join us for a day of planting   coming the 2006 class into the
while learning how to make                                                 are many exciting things to look for-
every day Earth Day! The        group. Stewards gathered at the            ward to in the year ahead, including
StreamTeam will host eight      CASEE Center to discuss the pro-           a summer Steward Potluck!
environmental groups to         gram, announce upcoming payback
celebrate this day. Enjoy       opportunities and program changes.
tree planting, children’s ac-
                                    The Stewards then traveled to a
tivities, raffles, and a free
Earth Day T-shirt for tree      StreamTeam restoration site to learn
planting volunteers.            more about the bioengineering that
                                was completed last fall. Stewards
May 19, 2007                    were able to witness the site after the
Maintenance                     stream banks were pulled back, ex-
After spending time planting    otic species were removed, and
and potting native trees,       more than 15 pieces of large woody
spend a day completing
                                debris were installed.                      Stewards Robin Ruzek and Sharon
maintenance projects to
ensure your trees survive!          After the in-depth restoration tour,    Lueck work together to tube this tree at
                                the Stewards planted native trees to        the Stewards Kick-Off Event.
June 16, 2007
Maintenance                          PLANT PROFILES
Come spend a sunny day
giving our projects the         Native plant of the quarter
boost they need to make it.         Osoberry (Oemleria cerasiformis), also known as
                                Indian Plum, is an excellent native plant for the spring
July 14, 2007                   quarter. Osoberry is a shrubby, small tree (1.5 - 5 m
Maintenance                     tall) and is generally the first sign of spring in our re-
Our trees need watering!        gion. It is one of the first plants to flower its somewhat
Come enjoy a great day
watering and seeing our
                                bell-shaped, greenish white flowers.
projects progress.                                         Osoberry can be identified by
                                                       its “purple-ish” brown bitter bark
  ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●                                     and its alternate, deciduous pale
                                                       green leaves. When the leaves
Contact info:                                          are crushed they give off a mild
Lisa Beranek                                           cucumber aroma. The tree also
Stream Team Coordinator                                boasts palatable berries which
360-992-8585                                           were used by many native                                groups in the area.

8600 NE 117th Avenue
                                     ENVIRO-FRIENDLY FACTS AND IDEAS
Mailing address:
PO Box 8900                      Conservation Tips
Vancouver,WA 98668                      ♦ Fix leaky faucets as soon as possible
                                        ♦ Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents                      ♦ Install aerators on faucets
                                        ♦ Use the energy saving setting on appliances
                                        ♦ Install a tank dam in your toilet for under $2 and save up to 2.5
                                          gallons of water
                                        ♦ Wash clothes with cold water when possible
                                        ♦ Install low flow shower heads