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Bedford Free Library Newsletter Fall 2008 by gzg40383


									                                                                                                        Fall 2008
                            Bedford Free Library Newsletter/
                                     Fall 2008                                                 The Friends of the Bedford Free
                                                                                               Library produced this newsletter

From the Desk of the Director                                                                 Important Dates
                                                                                              October 25th–9am-2pm
After a long and busy summer, the Library is settling into a fall routine. As I sit down to   Book sale drop off day. See
write this, local volunteers are collating and stuffing envelopes with our Annual Appeal      inside for details
letter which is due to go out in the next few weeks. We realize that times are a little       November 4th-9am-4pm
uncertain now, so we especially appreciate the support we get from the community,             Friends Election Day Book
financial and otherwise.                                                                      Sale
This summer we had many programs that were successful because interested volun-               November 11thClosed
teers gave their time to them: middle schoolers reading to elementary school children,        Veterans Day
a college student giving an hour every Monday to create an interactive storytime, a
                                                                                              November 26th-Closed
turtle lover sharing his passion with an excited group of kids, high schoolers teaching
younger kids how to make friendship bracelets. We also enjoyed the donation of a
beautiful caterpillar quilt sewn by a patron and raffled off to a lucky winner. Addition-     November 27th Closed
ally, we had the pleasure of having a new local author choose our Library for her book        Thanksgiving
launch. I see this community spirit as a key part of what makes our Library special.
                                                                                              December 5th-”Holiday
Our Library is a place where you can come and discover something new every time               Music”-walk to the tree
you visit. Did you ever notice the artwork over the fireplace in the adult room? It           lighting after.
changes every month and spotlights a local artist. The artwork on the children’s side is      December 10th– Peter
from young artists attending local elementary schools. How about the beautiful gar-           and the Wolf puppet show
dens and tubs in front of the Library? They are taken care of by Rusticus, Hopp
Ground and The Bedford Garden Clubs who water and weed them all summer. All                   December 24th-25th-
these things are called ―giving in kind‖ and the Library could not thrive without the peo-    Closed Christmas
ple who care and take the time to make a difference. Thank you and please come see            December 31st-January
us at the Library!                                                                            1st-Closed New Year’s Eve

-Ann Cloonan, Director                                                                        January 19th-Closed
                                                                                              Martin Luther King Day

                                                                                              February 12th Closed
                                                                                              Lincoln’s Birthday

              Friends Election Day Sidewalk Book Sale                                         February 16th Closed
                                                                                              Presidents’ Day
                           Tuesday, November 4th
                              9:00am-4:00pm                                                        Library Hours
                                                                                                   Monday 10am-7pm
    Come browse and buy books during our semi-annual book                                          till November 3rd
      sale. Fiction, non-fiction, travel, gardening, children’s                                  Starting November 3rd
              books, art books, CDs, DVDs and more.
                                                                                                   Monday 10am-6pm
                 Come early for the best selection.
    If you have any good quality books to donate for our sale,                                          10am-6pm
     drop off day is Saturday, October 25th , 9:00am-2:00pm                                       Saturday 10am-2pm
                See inside for donation guidelines.
          Page 2                                                    Bedford Free Library Newsletter/Fall 2008

Children‟s Room
SOME THINGS STAY THE SAME…                                                        AND SOME THINGS CHANGE...
BEDFORD BABIES                                                                    POPULAR WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON STORY/ACTIVITY
We continue to offer this popular program for parent(s) with babies               TIME HAS EXPANDED….
11 months and younger in the late fall and again in the spring. The program       This year additional age groups will have a monthly opportunity to enjoy a
meets Tuesday mornings from 9:30 - 10:30, for 8 weeks. Adrienne Kalikow           book and share in a group activity. Please note the following monthly
facilitates with care, compassion, knowledge and humor. Our fall/winter           schedule:
session will begin Tuesday, November 18, and continues through                          4-6 year olds– first Wednesday
Tuesday, January 20th.
                                                                                        1st, 2nd and 3rd graders– second Wednesday (NEW)
MUSICAL MOTHER GOOSE                                                                    4th and 5th graders– third Wednesday (NEW)
This popular musical program is for children 12 months to 30 months.              The starting time is still 4pm and registration is necessary. Our thanks to
The program meets Wednesday mornings 10:15 -11:00 for two 5-week                  Julie Rockefeller for planning such fun and creative programs with these
sessions in the fall and again in the late winter/spring. Our fall sessions are   children.
already underway and full, but watch for details on our winter/ spring
sessions in our monthly calendar and website.
                                                                                  NEW PRESCHOOL STORYTIME IN THE CHILDREN'S ROOM
For both of these programs register at the Library or by phone 914-234-           Additional Weekly Preschool Storytime with Adult. Join us as we start a
3570. There is no fee due to the generosity of two patrons.                       new weekly story time, Tuesday afternoons at 2pm with an adult.
BOOK GROUPS FOR ALL AGES                                                          No registration needed.
Three of our book groups continued through this past summer and two other
groups have started up again this fall. New members are always welcome            HOLIDAY PUPPET THEATRE FOR FAMILIES
when there is space. Currently we have book groups for:                           Wednesday, December 10th, 7:30pm
                                                                                  Come watch young adults from the Library put on the puppet show Peter
      1st grade boys/girls with parent optional
                                                                                  and the Wolf. Enjoy creative puppetry, great music, and treats. Wednes-
      2nd grade, 3rd grade and 4th grade girls and mothers                        day, December 10th, 7:30pm, registration necessary. This is an exciting
      5th grade girls                                                             new event!
 Copies of the book choices are made available to check out from the
children's desk. Details can be found in our monthly calendars and on our         -Shodie Alcorn, Children’s Librarian

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!                                         The best part of the summer reading game is all of the reading that gets
                                                                                  done, but the raffle gifts are so much fun! Our thanks to the Horse
Bedford Chowder and Marching Club for their yearly support of our                 Connection, Jewel Corner, Near and Natural, Citibank, Precious Pages,
summer kickoff program in June and for providing our new Book Buddy               Bubble and Tweet for donating such wonderful prizes as well as the many
t-shirts! It is such a fun time for the community to gather and support the       families who gave donations.
importance and fun of reading!
                                                                                   Katie Eisenberg, who made Monday storytimes in July truly memorable
Bedford Historical Society for the use of the Historical Hall for the educa-      for the children and the adults!
tional and entertaining Bash the Trash event.
                                                                                  Taylor Cloonan and Molly Patton for again helping to make friendship
Bedford Lions Club for sponsoring Musical Mother Goose for                        bracelets.
6 weeks in July and August, at no cost to our library patrons.
                                                                                  Donna Marino for helping with Wednesday crafts.
To all the sponsors who helped on our Truck Day event in June, including all
of the drivers who brought their vehicles for children to see and climb on        Last but not least, Ashley Hull who designed our Truck Day and Book
including :Bedford Police and Fire Dept., Bedford Schools Transporta-             Buddy shirts and pads for the Historical Society Scavenger Hunt.
tion Dept., Jimmy Halpin, Cory Dunn, A La Mode Ice Cream Truck,
National Guard, John Skeadas, Nat Bundy and Grand Prix, and                                         Weekly Storytime Programs
RJ Scheller and his tractor. Learning Express and Mrs. Monogram for
the raffle gifts won at Truck Day in June. Also, Rebecca Cavanagh for her                               Monday, 4pm ages 4-8
passion for trucks and her expertise promoting this event.                                              No registration needed
Suzanne Sunday for sewing the beautiful "Hungry Caterpillar" quilt we
raffled in August to benefit the Children's Room. The quilt was won by a                Tuesday, 2pm preschool storytime with adult
very thrilled Michelle Boscia.                                                                     No registration needed
Dr Robert Seever for teaching us all about turtles and letting us watch his
                                                                                        Wednesday, 4pm story and activity-ages vary
adult turtles and baby turtles explore our library floor.
                                                                                        First, second & third Wednesdays of every month
To our 10 terrific Book Buddies who made that magical connection                                       Registration needed
between children and books happen over and over during July and early
August. Helen Alley, Christina Carlson, Avery Cotter, Paige Cloonan,                 Thursday, 11:15am preschool children with adult
Victoria Dey, Xiaoling Keller, Claudia Krasnow, Maggie Marino,                                     No registration needed
Brendan McCree and Allison Payson.
                    Bedford Free Library Newsletter/Fall 2008                                                  Page 3

 Young Adult News
 2008 Fall & Winter Programming – Grades 6 thru 12
 November Peace Tree, Wednesday, November 19th – 4:00 to 5:30pm
     Make decorations for one of the Library’s four holiday evergreen trees (plus one for yourself to take home).
     The YA tree will feature Peace-full designs from around the world.
     Registration helpful.
     The more kids, the more ornaments, the more beautiful the tree.

 December Holiday Puppet Theatre, Wednesday, December 10th – 4:00pm to 8:30pm
     Make puppets, decorate the set & perform same night an adaptation of Prokofiev’s beloved Peter and the Wolf
     The show will go on at 7:30 p.m. for an audience of families with small children.
     Finger food dinner will be provided for puppeteers; hot cocoa & popcorn for the audience.
     Registration is required, but there is no limit to the number of participants.
     The more people we have working on it, the more elaborate the production can be.
     Come share the excitement of creating live theatre!

 January Celebrate National Puzzle Day, Wednesday, January 28th 4pm to 5:30 pm
     Learn about the history of puzzles, try new & different types of puzzles, compete for prizes.
      Registration helpful. Snacks provided.

 February US Presidents Fun Facts, Wednesday, February 25th 4pm to 5:30 pm
     Which President was fined $20 for speeding with his horse & carriage?
     Who was the first to use a telephone? Play a trivia game for fun and enter a raffle to win a special prize.
     Registration helpful. Snacks provided.
 Young Adult Programs are scheduled once each month on Wednesdays at 4:00pm.
 Participation is not limited to Bedford residents.
 Questions should be directed to Julie Rockefeller at 914-234-3570 or

Young Adult Book Recommendations                                 The First Horse I See by Sally Keehn
This year’s Summer Reading Game was extremely                    “…I love seeing animals get a second chance.”
successful. Altogether the kids read 141 books (over             Maggie Marino—grade 6
21,000 pages!). To get credit for having read a book,
they were required to review it. Here’s what they had to         Elephant Run by Roland Smith
say about a few of their 5 star favorites:                       “…I like elephants and it was exciting the whole time.”
                                                                 Jonah Avidon—grade 6
The Sledding Hill by Chris Crutcher
“…it has a really great message that everyone can                The Problem With Here Is That It’s Where I’m From
benefit from.”                                                   by Jim Benton
Paige Beyer—grade 7                                              “…good if you like really funny books.”
                                                                 Christina Carlson—grade 7
The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan                              I Am the Great Horse by Katherine Roberts
“…it always keeps you thinking of what will happen               “…it’s nice to hear the story from the horse and not the
next.”                                                           rider.”
Claudia Krasnow—grade 7                                          Rosie Marcotte—grade 8
Cracker by Cynthia Kadohata
“I would recommend this book to people that like dogs or                     "There is more treasure in books
like learning.”                                                       than in all the pirate's loot on Treasure Island."
Lauryn Rowland—grade 6                                                                  ~~ Walt Disney
      Page 4                                     Bedford Free Library Newsletter/Fall 2008

News from the Adult Desk
Book Groups Anyone?
There are a number of different book groups that meet here at the library on a monthly basis. Some groups cover
specific subjects, such as the History Book Group for Men, while others read a variety of different genres. There
are several groups looking for new members. If you are interested in joining, please contact either Janice Robbins
or Ann Cloonan at the Library 234-3570 for more information. If you are interested in starting a new book group,
we are more than willing to help with book suggestions, a place to meet and ordering books for your group.

Local History
As you drive past cemeteries and admire houses, have you ever wondered about the story behind them? Nestled
upstairs between the Biography and Young Adult collections lies a bright passageway that contains our Local His-
tory collection. You don't need to be a history buff to enjoy the obscure facts and interesting stories that make up
Bedford's past. From a 1939 student report about Bedford Village to various oral histories, to the massacre at In-
dian Hill and the burning of Bedford, there are a myriad of interesting materials waiting to be discovered. Next time
you are at the Library, take a moment to sit at the comfortable window seat and browse through this wonderful col-
Janice Robbins, Adult Librarian

The Library says Goodbye to a Volunteer and Friend, Rica Fissell

                        If the Bedford Library’s life story were to be written, the loss of Rica Fissell, Library
                        Trustee, thirty year volunteer and genuine friend, would be a sad chapter. She loved the
                        Library and the feeling was mutual. Beyond her family and friends, Rica was
                        happiest around books and book people.

                      Many of us remember the Library in its pre-computer days, when Rica volunteered her
                      time, usually four days a week. She would type with the utmost care and accuracy, on a
                      not very good typewriter, the author, title and subject cards for every book that came
                      into the Library. Book borrowers will recognize her trademark neat numerals
                      on each book pocket, a visible reminder that she was and is a continuing part of the
                      Library’s life. And when computers replaced the old wooden card files, Rica, with
her quick mind, adapted easily to the new system and she brought the rest of us along with her into the
electronic age.
With her gentle manner and simple grace, she was a clear observer of literature, both classic and contempo-
rary. She was a wordsmith in the most elegant sense of the term and her pitch perfect comments were
always softened by a generous, brilliant and often witty turn of phrase.
Poet Laureate Billy Collins was a particular favorite of Rica’s. In a closing stanza of his poem
"Royal Aristocrat," he writes:
                                      Such deep silence on those nights-
                                          just the sound of my typing
                                  and a few stars singing a song their mother
                                  sang when they were mere babies in the sky.

Rica Kane Fissell is infinitely memorable and everyone in and around the Library will miss her endlessly.
-Sue McMahon
Friend, Former Director and Trustee
                   Bedford Free Library Newsletter/Fall 2008                                                 Page 5

BEHIND THE DESK                                            at Bedford Village Elementary School. Fifteen years
( an inside look at your library staff)                    later, the children’s section of the library has tripled in
                                                           size, and that kindergartener is finishing up his senior
                        As you walk into the Library,      year in college.
                        often the first person who
                        greets you with a smile is         Can you remember your favorite books to read as a
                        Shodie Alcorn, the children’s      child? I loved the Heidi novels.
                        librarian. We recently caught      What did you like to read to your children? Anything
                        up with Shodie while she was       by Dr. Seuss and the boys especially enjoyed the
                        having a rare quiet moment         Henry and Mudge series. When they were quite young,
                        in between one of several          I favored any book that included wonderful illustrations
                        different weekly storytimes,       such as the Eric Carle books.
                        preparing materials for an
                        environmentally friendly craft     What are you reading now? I read a tremendous
                        project, researching selections    amount of children’s and young adult books, but when I
                        for one of BFL’s five children’s   have the luxury of time to read for pleasure, I prefer the
book clubs, orchestrating reading buddy and youth          mystery and fantasy genres or anything that is highly
volunteer schedules.                                       recommended by friends. A recent favorite is Curious
                                                           Incident of the Dog in the Night by Mark Haddon. Two
How long have you worked at this Library? Since            of my all time favorite books are To Kill a Mockingbird
1993.                                                      and The Hobbit.
Shodie is such a unique name. Is it true that you          What are your favorite things to do when you are
were named after a Native American chieftess? Oh           away from books? I enjoy walking, hiking, kayaking—
no. My parents were unable to decide between their         just about anything outside. Some of my favorite memo-
two top choice names, Sharon and Jodi, so they             ries are of family vacations are at Lake Winnipesaukee in
combined them into Shodie.                                 New Hampshire, Yellowstone, other National Parks and
                                                           times at the Jersey Shore.
What was your first job? After graduating from Col-
lege of Wooster in Ohio, my husband, Paul and I started    Does our children's librarian have a favorite football
working at a church camp and conference center where       team? Absolutely! When Paul and I moved to Wisconsin
I handled registrations, arts and crafts and pitching in   we followed the Green Bay Packers. We remain loyal
wherever needed, including in the kitchen!                 fans even after our move to New York in 1993.
Tell us about your first days at BFL? I started            What is your dream job? I would love to hand out the
working two to three days a week to see if the job would   $500,000 "genius grants" for the MacArthur Foundation.
be a good fit in my life. Our son Jason was in the fifth   How fun would it be to make that call?!
grade and Brandon was just starting kindergarten, both

                                             Books from a Friend
      The Cure for Grief by Nellie Hermann……………………………...……....Lee Breene
      The Fiction Class by Susan Breene……………….………………………..Ann Cloonan
      Love Walked In by Maria de los Santos……………………………...…Carla Hawryluk
      The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan…………...………………….…..…......Leila Longo
      Tortilla Curtain by T. Coraghessan Boyle………………………...........Robyn McCree
      Ballistics: poems by Billy Collins……………………………..……..……..Sue McMahon

      Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri…………………………….Maureen McManus
      Cost by Roxana Robinson…………………………………………………......Silvia Ohler
       Page 6                                       Bedford Free Library Newsletter/Fall 2008

 Friends Poetry Contest Winners
The Friends of the Library held their second annual Poetry Contest last April during National Poetry Month. The
winners, ages 6-18, were chosen from a pool of 59 entrants by a panel of local judges which included: Marc Ceconi-
BVES 5th grade teacher, Cathy Greenwood-Rippowam Cisqua English teacher, and Charity MacDonald- retired
FLHS Literature teacher and longtime Library volunteer and trustee. The winners were announced during the
Friends Ice Cream Social where they shared their winning poems with the enthusiastic crowd. Special thanks go to
our three hardworking judges, the Presbyterian Church (who accommodated the large group at Fellowship Hall
when the storm clouds rolled in),and, of course, Ben and Jerry's for their ice cream!

Winner 6-9 year olds: Anna-Sophia Boguraev, age 9, for her poem "Dragon"
Honorable Mention: Andrea Reino, age 9 for her poem ―The Short Life of a Masterpiece‖

Winner 10-12 year olds: Grace Patton, age 12, for her poem "Where I am From"
Honorable mention: Nina Wagner, age 11, for her poem ―Ballerina Breeze‖

Winner 13-18 year old: Patrick Kennedy-Nolle, age 14, for his poem "On Both Fronts (A World War I Poem)
Honorable Mention: Fiona Magliari, age 13, for her poem ―Stamford Lullaby‖

                                            “Calm the College Process”
            The Bedford Free Library will be hosting an informational series for the parents of high school juniors
                              and seniors about ways to lessen the stress of applying to college.
                The program is presented by Katie Hall, LCSW along with the various expert guest speakers.
                          There is no charge for this program and there are four workshops in total.

                                   Week1- “Why is the „college process‟ stressful?”
            Guest speaker Robert Cummings of Dunbar Educational Consultants Wednesday, October 29 th, 7pm

                                     Week 2-“The Big Picture and Getting Calmer
                                               Wednesday, November 5th, 7pm

                                          Week 3-“How Involved Should I be?”
                                              Thursday, November 12th, 7:15pm

                          Week 4-“Addressing Adolescents during Junior and Senior Year”
                                 Guest speaker Dr. Michael Rothenberg (Mt. Kisco and NYC)
                                            Thursday, November 20th, 7:15-8:45pm

         This is to be a four part workshop and enrollment is for the whole series. To set the right tone, participants
                 will be asked to refrain from mentioning the names of colleges their children are considering.
                          This is part of making the process less stressful– four name-free evenings!
                                        Call 914-234-3570 to register; space is limited
           Bedford Free Library Newsletter/Fall 2008                              Page 7

                        Health Advocacy Programs
                                    Presented by
                      The Medicare Rights Center
 Programs are interactive events presented by a team of Medical Rights Center volun-
 teers to alert older adults about their rights as patients, Medicare options and how to
         take charge of their health care. The following areas will be explored:

                       “Speaking Up to Your Doctor”
                        Thursday, November 6th, 10:30am
                Understand what your doctor says and what questions to ask.
                               Get your doctor to listen.
                          Find out when to get a second opinion.

               “Do You Have the Right Health Coverage?”
                        Thursday, November 13th, 10:30am
                             Original Medicare and Medigap Plans
                               Medicare HMOs-Advantage Plans
                                    How to compare plans.
                                    Medicare Costs for 2008

                         “Being Safe in the Hospital”
                        Thursday, November 20th, 10:30am
                      Why you need a health advocate with you.
                              What questions to ask.
                             Your rights as a patient.

      You can attend the full series or just the ones that apply to your situation.
                               Call 234-3570 to register.

    A big thank you to:                   Congratulations to Lynn Biederman for
 Peter Greenwood who painted                   publishing her first YA novel
the back deck this summer and            “Unraveling.” Thank you for kicking off
   Sarah Toppe and Maureen                 your book tour at the Library and for
McManus for pruning the shrubs                   the wonderful workshop
       in the back of the                “The Apple Does not Fall Far from the
             Library.                       Tree: Exploring Mother/Daughter
      Page 8                                   Bedford Free Library Newsletter/Fall 2008

Annual Appeal 2008-2009

                “The Bedford Free Library is a wonderful place that radiates community spirit and a
               love of learning. Truly one of the county’s most precious treasures.” – Patron Comment

This quote was among many written by patrons on their donation cards last year. The Library is indeed a
wonderful place and a valuable community resource. Far from being a quaint, quiet repository of books,
it is a thriving resource for your many needs, and we invite you to visit and enjoy this hive of modern ac-
tivity. In order to maintain this role, the Bedford Free Library depends on your financial support to make
up the difference between the Library’s operating costs and the amount that the town is able to fund.
The Library is facing financial cuts from the town at a time when people are turning to the Library for
more services. In addition to the many forms of media available at the Library, there is also extensive
programming targeting different ages-and all of this is cost free. Take a few minutes to read the newslet-
ter and see all that the Bedford Free Library has to offer. Making an investment in the Library’s future is
one that will provide you and your family with many benefits.
We thank you in advance for your support.

-Margaret Scott, Annual Appeal Manager

  Please return with your tax-deductible contribution so we may acknowledge your generosity.
               Please write your name as you would like it to appear on our Donor List.

      Name _______________________________________________________________________

      Address _____________________________________________________________________


     Comments are welcome ________________________________________________________


     Amount ___________________________ Date _____________________________________
                          If your company matches gifts, please enclose the proper forms.
                                                   Thank you.
     I did not receive the mailing & would like to be added to the list.
    Please make checks payable to Bedford Free Library, PO Box 375,Bedford, New York, 10506
                Bedford Free Library Newsletter/Fall 2008                                            Page 9

Friends News
What do the books To Kill a Mockingbird, The Bridge to Terabithia, and The Adventures of Tom
Sawyer have in common? If you answered that they frequently appear on school reading lists
you would be correct. But it might interest you to know that each one of these books has also
at some point in our history been challenged or even banned from our public school or library
shelves. This list of distinction includes Harry Potter, Julie of the Wolves, and A Wrinkle in
Time as well as Call of the Wild, The Giver, and The Catcher in the Rye. Each work for various
reasons has been the object of censorship or censorship attempts.

The reasons for censorship are as varied as obscenity, treason, heresy, and racism. Shake-
speare’s Hamlet, Macbeth, and King Lear have been banned from school reading lists citing
adult language and references to sex and violence. In one New Hampshire school system,
Twelfth Night was pulled from the school’s curriculum after the school board passed a
―prohibition of alternative lifestyle instruction‖ act. However, many books are banned for the
seemingly simple and benign complaint that they are ―unsuited to age group‖.

This year on September 27 – October 4, the American Library Association celebrated the
American freedom to read with ―Banned Books Week.‖ The annual event reminds Americans
not to take this precious democratic freedom for granted. At our own Bedford Free Library,
Julie Rockefeller, the YA librarian commemorated ―Banned Books Week‖ with a program for
young adults. At this event, teens addressed the question of freedom of expression in relation
to classic young adult literature. They read, discussed and participated in group activities de-
signed to explore this multifaceted subject. They learned the importance of the First Amend-
ment, but also the complex issues surrounding freedom of speech. Julie led a nuanced discus-
sion concerning the subtle line between censorship and benign authority with people’s best
interest at heart.

This program, which reinforced the heart of what we do at libraries, provided a valuable oppor-
tunity to intoduce this topic to young adults. At the Bedford Free Library we continue to uphold
the freedom to read and we try to ensure the availability of all viewpoints to those who wish to
read them. Come to the library anytime and pick up a banned book!

Websites relating to this topic:

-Maureen McManus, President, Friends of the Bedford Free Library

                           Friends of the Bedford Free Library Mission Statement
 Friends of the Library is a not-for profit group that promotes the Bedford Free Library through fundraising and
advocacy efforts. The group runs the Semi-annual Book Sale, Ice Cream Social, purchases library materials, hosts
         various author lectures, and maintains a presence within the Westchester Library community.
                                 Your support of the Friends is greatly appreciated.
                                                        Fall 2008

                         Bedford, New York
                       The Bedford Free Library

Bedford Free Library                              NON PROFIT ORG

  Village Green                                   US POSTAGE PAID

Bedford, NY 10506                                 WHITE PLAINS, NY
                                                  PERMIT NO. 6008

                         Postal Patron
                         Bedford, NY 10506

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