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									                      Urogynecology Clinic at Stony Point

Women no longer have to suffer
Many women go through daily life with
unpleasant urinary or pelvic symptoms,
but never seek help because of
embarrassment, or because they feel
nothing can be done. Now, there’s
advanced technology and compassionate,
confidential care available right here in
Richmond at the VCU Medical Center’s
Urogynecology Clinic at Stony Point.

A Commonplace Medical Issue
At any time of life, but especially as a woman
ages, it’s common to have occasions of
incontinence. This may be a strong or sudden
urge to urinate without warning, a loss of control
during physical activity, leakage when sneezing,           Specialists and Effective
coughing or laughing...and sometimes all of                Treatment are Available Here
these symptoms.
                                                           Now Richmond area women can be effectively
Similarly, and especially in later years and after         treated by the dedicated team of specialists
childbirth, women can be affected by what is               focused solely on these specific health issues
called pelvic prolapse. Typically, symptoms                at the Urogynecology Clinic at Stony Point.
may include a constant pressure in the vagina,             Urogynecology focuses on diagnosing and treating
a feeling like sitting on a ball or that “things           incontinence and female pelvic disorders.
                                 have dropped” in          It requires specialized knowledge in the evaluation
                                 the pelvic area, or       and treatment of conditions of the pelvic organs
                                 a “bearing down”          and the muscles and connective tissue that
                                 sensation in the
                                                           support them.
                                 pelvis. Although both
                                 situations are quite      If either of these disorders is ignored, the problem
                                 common, there is no       won’t simply go away. Urinary incontinence will
                                 reason to accept          continue and may worsen. And in cases of pelvic
                                 them as part of life      support disorder, organs may drop even more.
                                 when they can be          They are very treatable, though, and have a high
                                 dealt with effectively.   rate of success.
A Talented Staff of Specialists
Heading up the Urogynecology team is Dr. Edward
Gill, who was voted “Best Urogynecologist in
Richmond” by readers of Richmond magazine. He
is a member of the American Urogynecologic Society
and is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
He is joined by Dr. Catherine Matthews, who
completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology
at the VCU Medical Center, and is the only female
physician in Richmond specializing in this area. She
is a prominent researcher and a member of the
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
and the American Urogynecologic Society.
                                                           •   Experience rectal fullness
Rounding out the staff are a nurse practitioner, a         •   Feel that “things have dropped” in your
registered nurse and a physical therapist...all highly         pelvic area
skilled and experienced in this specialty, and ready to    •   Experience a bearing down sensation
assist each patient from evaluation to follow-up. And      •   Experience pelvic pressure
the entire team uses the flagship feature of a state-      •   Experience groin and lower back pain
of-the-art urodynamic evaluation area, designed to help    •   Have a vaginal protrusion
determine the underlying cause of a patient’s condition.   •   Alter your social or recreational plans or
The clinic is part of the Women’s Health Center at             your sexual activity due to fear of leaking
Stony Point, which is affiliated with the VCU Institute        urine or stool
for Women’s Health, one of 20 National Centers of          •   Wear pads so you won’t embarrass
Excellence in Women’s Health designated by the                 yourself by leaking in public
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
If you have any of these symptoms,                         Learn More...
talk with a urogynecologist.
                                                           or Schedule an Appointment
•   Leak urine when you cough or sneeze
•   Leak urine at any time                                 If you experience incontinence, or symptoms
•   Feel like you do not empty your bladder                associated with pelvic prolapse, call the
    when you urinate                                       Urogynecology Clinic at Stony Point for sensitive,
•   Frequent or constant dribbling of urine                specialized treatment. You can resume normal
•   Urinate all the time                                   activities without daily concern about bodily func-
•   Feel a constant pressure in your vagina                tions, and even pelvic floor function can be repaired
•   Feel like you are sitting on a ball                    to give you back the quality of life you deserve.
•   Experience urinary tract infections                    For more information, or to schedule an
•   Experience fecal incontinence                          appointment, please call 804-628-3042.

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