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									                                                             NEWS RELEASE

                                                                          For immediate release
                                                                          April 4, 2005
Contact:   Paul Schissler, 360.671.5600 or 201.8900

             Kulshan Community Land Trust To Unveil Designs
           For Homes People Can Afford in Happy Valley/Fairhaven

       (Bellingham) — Kulshan Community Land Trust will be unveiling plans and drawings for
the new homes it will build in Happy Valley on its land at 15th Street and Harris Avenue in South
Bellingham. KulshanCLT has called for a neighborhood meeting for Thursday April 7 at 7:00
PM in the Firehouse Performing Arts Center (1314 Harris Avenue) to gather feedback from
nearby neighbors, potential homebuyers and others curious about how KulshanCLT will create
small quality “homes people can afford.”

“HOMES PEOPLE CAN AFFORD is a better way to say “affordable housing,” according to Paul
Schissler, Executive Director of KulshanCLT, “and gets at the issue of wages and incomes of
the jobs nearby.” With home prices escalating much faster than incomes in Whatcom County,
homeownership has become impossible for average working people unless they have a large
downpayment for somewhere, according to Schissler.

KulshanCLT’s downpayment help is available to individuals and families whose incomes do not
exceed 80% of the median income, for example, $41,700 for a household of three. “That’s a
$20 an hour full-time job, and we all know plenty of workers who would be great neighbors and
homeowners if only they had access to help with a downpayment,” said Erika Malone, Programs
Director at KulshanCLT.

This project makes use of the City’s new ordinance creating the Demonstration Program for
Innovative Permanently Affordable Homeownership Projects, the first time in Washington that a
city has encouraged affordable homeownership by granting a 50% increase in the number of
homes allowed and the chance to use innovations in site planning and home design that will
make the homes more affordable initially and in perpetuity.

Looking ahead: KulshanCLT intends to work with builders, developers and land owners who
want to address the same supply and demand challenge: The need and demand for homes
people can afford has become one of the Whatcom County area’s biggest problems. And
solving that supply problem could be a huge success and a model for elsewhere, with high
paying jobs building homes close to jobs at whatever those wages happen to be.

For more info: Paul Schissler (360) 671-5600 ext. 2 paulschissler@kclt.org
               Erika Malone (360) 671-5600 ext. 1 erikamalone@kclt.org

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