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WINTER EDITION                                                  NO. 50                                        JANUAR Y 2005

                                              It is a great honour to be the President of    For those of you, who have not attended,
                                              the Toronto Transportation Club for 2005.      speak to anyone that has, and you will find
                                              There are many quality people in our           out how fantastic a day it is. Georgian
                                              industry that have kept the original tradi-    Peaks has the highest vertical in Southern
                                              tions   from   1913,     but     have   also   Ontario, and even if you don't ski, it has
                                              created the framework that allowed the         one of the best decks, which is in the sun
                                              club to evolve to what it is today. I look     all day.
                                              forward to the momentum from 2004 to
                                              carry on through 2005 for a healthy year       See you on the slopes!
                                              for our industry and our club.
                                                                                             - Neil Christensen, TTC President
                                              I want to thank Lorne Fowler, for leaving me
                                              with a great Board of Directors for 2005.
     President’s Message                      Our Board of Directors works really well
                                              together at organizing our quality events.
As I am writing this, we are receiving
                                              Congratulations to Rino Muzzin, who is our
approximately 20cm of snow today. How
                                              2nd Vice President, & Ron Uloth, who is our
appropriate for our Winter Newsletter.
                                              1st Vice President, for 2005.

As they say, "History repeats itself". Back
                                              I also want to thank Andree Baillargeon
in 1984 my father David (or DC as many                                                           This newsletter is produced by the:
                                              our Secretary-Treasurer. Without Andree's             Toronto Transportation Club,
of you know him) was the President of our
                                              support we would not be as organized and            1550 Kingston Road, Suite 1305
club. I would like to thank my father for                                                            Pickering, Ontario L1V 6W9
                                              successful as we are. I am sure many of
introducing me to all the great people in
                                              you have found Andree helpful ordering                    Toll Free: 1-866-899-8799
this industry back in the mid 80's. In
                                              your tickets, and facilitating our sponsor-                 Fax: 1-866-373-0331
1976 Ken Nixon was our president, and
                                              ship opportunities. That leads me into
then Craig, his son, became president
                                              thanking our #1 supporter, our sponsors,
and invited me to sit on the board of
                                              who without their support, we would not be
directors in 1998. My first event to chair                                                                  Website:
                                              as successful as we have been. Our spon-
was our Annual Spring Golf Tournament.
                                              sorship opportunities are a great bang for
I want to thank all of the Past Presidents,                                                                    President
                                              your buck, when you look at the quality of
and Board Members, and Mentors, which                                                                       Neil Christensen
                                              people in our Membership Roster, and the
have given me valuable advice and sup-
                                              attendance at all of our events.                              1st Vice President
port over the years. There are too many of                                                                      Ron Uloth
you to list, but you know who you are. As
                                              I look forward to seeing many of you at                      2nd Vice President
many of you can attest, this club has been
                                              our Annual Ski Day at Georgian Peaks on                         Rino Muzzin
a great asset for building many of the
                                              Friday, February 25th. Everyone is invited
great relationships that we have with
                                              to this event including Friends and Family.                  Andrée Baillargeon
each other.

  New Members

   Christina Aucoin     Sales Representative                      Chris Larsen        Advisor
                        GoJit                                                         Petro-Canada

   Kris Bulmer          Account Manager                           Orlando Mazzuca Director of Sales
                        Mettler Toledo Canada                                     Trans 4 Logistics

   Glenn Caldwell       National Sales Manager                    Barry Murphy        Vice President, Sales & Marketing,
                        National Truck League                                         Canada
                                                                                      Eagle Global Logistics
   Mike Chapman         Vice President New Business
                        Development                               Anastasia (Stacy) IMX - Product
                        Torus freight Systems                                       Nestruck CN Rail

   Adam Clayson         Managing Partner                          Bruce Rodgers       President
                        In Transit Personnel Inc.                                     Sameday Right-O-Way

   Scott Cooper         Logistics Manager                         Jeff Tate           President
                        Janes Family Foods                                            The M Group

   Terry Gardiner       Director - Business Development           Paul Timgren        Sales Manager, Ontario Region
                        USF Logistics                                                 Ultramar

   Dan Holt             President                                 Patrick Trusz       General Manager, Cont.
                        U.C.X Freight Systems Inc.                                    Highland Transport

Deceased Members
D. Morley Roseborough, Life & Past President
M. L. Buckingham, Retired
Robert J. Lavigne, Active Member, President of Classic Distribution Services

  2 0 0 4 F a l l G o l f To u r n a m e n t
Hurricane Francis could not hold us back from holding our        Neil Christensen winning our 50/50 prize and for inviting
Fall Golf Tournament. We waited out the rain and enjoyed         the entire golf tournament out for the evening, NOT!
the bright sunshine in the afternoon.
                                                                 This event would not be a success without the assistance of
Thank you for all our golfers for being so patient with the      our sponsor's, a big thank you to all who sponsored the day,
weather! Over 240 golfers enjoyed the hospitality of             and digital sponsors.
Kleinburg Golf Course, and the good fellowship.
                                                                 I hope to see everyone at our 2004 Annual Dinner, Thursday
Congratulations to the winners of our tournament, the four-      December 2, 2004 at the Royal York Hotel.
some of Paul Favro, Craig Horton, Brock Horton and Al
Holden. They are the foursome to beat for our tournament         Fall Golf Chairperson,
2005! Good playing!                                              Christine Kupraty
                                                                 Raedan Freight Services Inc.
A special thank you to the committee: Andree Baillargeon,
Brad Connors, Scott Beattie, and to all the directors who
assisted in the day. Congratulations to our 1st Vice President

F a l l G o l f To u r n a m e n t

Fall Golf Digital Sponsors
  BSM Technologies                     I.M.XPRESS Ltd.                Train Trailer Rentals Limited
  Canadian Freight Assembly Ltd.       Lakeside Logistics Inc.        Trans 4 Logistics
  Cancom Tracking                      MSM Transportation Inc.        TransCore Link Logistics
  Cavalier Group of Companies          National Fast Freight Inc.     TransPro Freight Systems Ltd.
  Challenger Motor Freight Inc.        Palmer Muzzin Inc.             Trendway Transportation Services Inc.
  Clarke Inc.                          Provincial Trailer Rentals     TSI Group
  CN Rail                              The Rosedale Group             U-Can Universal
  Dicom Express & GoJit                Totalline Transport Inc.       Wabash National Trailer Centres
  Highland Transport                   Trailcon Leasing Inc.
  Hot Freight International            Trailerline Sales Inc.

Fall Golf Event Sponsors
  Branson International Forwarders     National Fast Freight Inc.     TransPro Freight Systems Ltd.
  CN Rail                              Procor Limited                 USF Corporation
  Collision World Ltd.                 Provincial Trailer Rentals     US Consolidators Inc.
  Highland Transport                   Raedan Freight Services Inc.   Wabash National Trailer Centres
  Markel Insurance Company of Canada   Trailcon Leasing Inc.
  MSM Transportation Inc.              TransCore Link Logistics

New Board Members

Back row from L to R:                                               Front row from L to R:
Director Gary Crowther, Director - Sales, Canadian National         Director Olga Ricci, Sales Representative, MSM Transportation
Railway; Director Gerald Legrove, Vice President, Markel            Inc.; Secretary/Treasurer Andree Baillargeon, Principal,
Insurance Company of Canada; Director Scott Casson,                 Baill Consulting & Accounting Services; President Neil
President, I.M.Xpress; Director Kelli Saunders, Vice President      Christensen, Regional Sales Manager, Trailmobile Canada Inc.;
- Strategic Accounts, Exel Transportation Services Inc.; Director   1st Vice President Ron Uloth, Vice President & General
John Tittel, Managing Partner, Hot Freight International; Past      Manager, The Rosedale Group; 2nd Vice President Rino
President Lorne C. Fowler, Vice President - Fleet Sales, BSM        Muzzin, Director, Palmer Muzzin Inc.
Technologies; Director Gord McNeil, Genesis Transportation
Services Inc.; Director Scott Beattie, General Manager -            Absent
Refrigerated Division, Sylvite Transportation Services; Director
                                                                    Director Christine Kupraty, President, Raedan Freight
Brad Connors, Vice President - Sales, AmeriTruck Freight
                                                                    Services Inc.
Services Limited; Director Susan Hall, Manager, Logistics
Dupont Canada Inc.; Director Rod Morgan, Sales Manager,
Branson International Inc.

 Annual Dinner Report
This year's Annual Dinner at the Royal York Hotel was                Rino Muzzin, and of course Andre Baillargeon for organizing
another great success, with over 600 attending. Joe Bowen            all the details and being the backbone of this team. When you
the voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs was our Master of               have a great team these events are always successful.
Ceremonies this year, and with his style and wit,he brought
some laughter, and great stories to tell.                            Thanks again to all of our sponsors for the evening. Your
                                                                     support is very much appreciated. If any of you have any
Our entertainer Derek Edwards had everyone in stitches,              ideas or suggestions to enhance our sponsorship
and put everyone in a great mood for the remainder of the            opportunities please email me at or
evening. Derek Edwards was just awarded the Best Male                give me a call.
Stand-up Comedian in Canada for 2004.
                                                                     Annual Dinner Chairperson,
I would like to thank the Annual Dinner committee who per-           Neil Christensen
formed a fantastic job putting the evening together.                 Trailmobile Canada Inc.
Congratulations to Ron Uloth, Olga Ricci, Kelli Saunders,

                                                                                                      Friday, February 25, 2005
                                                                                                       The Georgian Peaks Club

TTC Third                                                                                       Thornbury, Ontario (Collingwood)

                                                                                                          Registration: 8:00
                                                                                                 Continental Breakfast: 8:30

Annual Ski Day                                                                                              Fun Race: 10:30
                                                                                                               Lunch: 12:00
                                                                                                             Apres Ski: 4:00

Join us for Southern Ontario’s Highest Vertical & Longest Run’s!

Fun for the whole family!!!
Your day includes:
•   Continental Breakfast
•   Free ski lessons for beginners (Youth and Adult)
•   Fun Race - sign up list at Member and Guest Services
•   BBQ Lunch - which includes two free cocktails
•   Apres Ski - draw prizes

Getting To The Peaks
The Georgian Peaks Club is conveniently located 12 kilometres west of Collingwood directly on Highway 26
(turn left onto Peaks Road), just 2 – 2.5 hours from downtown Toronto, 3 hours from London and Niagara area.
The Georgian Club, P.O. Box 400, Thornbury, Ontario N0H 2PO, Telephone: 519-599-6771
Visit their website at for a map to The Peaks.

                                             Please fax back form to: 1-866-373-0331
Number of tickets:_____________ Adult @ $95.00 + GST                           Total ____________________
Number of tickets:_____________ Youth (18 and under) @ $65.00 + GST            Total ____________________

    Please bill my credit card
                  Visa                Mastercard             Amex
Card#___________________________________             Expiry Date_____/______        Signature _____________________________

Please mail my tickets to:
Name: _____________________________ Company: ____________________________ Address: ____________________________
City: _______________________________ Province: _____________________________ Postal Code:_________________________
Telephone:__________________________ E-mail: ___________________________________________

                                 (Registration will not be accepted without a payment)
For further information contact Andree Baillargeon
Toll Free: 1-866-899-8799 Fax: 1-866-373-0331
Mail payment to: Andree Baillargeon
Toronto Transportation Club,
1550 Kingston Road, Suite 1305
Pickering, Ontario L1V 6W9
For sponsorship oppor tunities contact:
Rod Morgan at 905-672-1000 or
John Tittel at 416-253-5557 or

  Annual Dinner Digital Sponsors
BSM Technologies                            I.M.XPRESS Ltd.                             Trailerline Sales Inc.
Canadian Freight Assembly Ltd.              In Transit Personnel                        Trailmobile Canada Inc.
Cancom Tracking                             Kee Human Resources                         Train Trailer Rentals Limited
Cavalier Group of Companies                 Lakeside Logistics Inc.                     Trans 4 Logistics
Challenger Motor Freight Inc.               MSM Transportation Inc.                     TransCore Link Logistics
Clarke Inc.                                 National Fast Freight Inc.                  TransPro Freight Systems Ltd.
CN Rail                                     Palmer Muzzin Inc.                          Trendway Transportation Services Inc.
Dicom Express & GoJit                       Provincial Trailer Rentals                  TSI Group
Hargraft Schofield                          The Rosedale Group                          U-Can Universal
Highland Transport                          Totalline Transport Inc.                    Wabash National Trailer Centres
Hot Freight International                   Trailcon Leasing Inc.

  Annual Dinner Sponsors
  APPS Transport Group                       J.D. Smith and Sons Limited Ltd.            The Rosedale Group
  BAX Global Canada Ltd.                     Maddocks Systems Inc.                       Toronto Streamship Association
  Cancom Tracking                            Manac Trailers                              Trailcon Leasing Inc.
  Cavalier Transportation Services Inc       Markel Insurance Company of Canada          Transpro Freight Systems Ltd.
  Challenger Motor Freight Inc.              MSM Transportation Ltd.                     Ultramar Ltd.
  Cooksville Tire Ltd                        National Fast Freight Inc.                  Volvo Trucks Canada Inc.

  2005 Calendar of Events
  Ski Day                                    Spring Golf                                 Fall Golf
  Rod Morgan - Chairperson                   Scott Beattie - Chairperson                 Christine Kupraty - Chairperson
  Friday, February 25th 2004                 Wednesday, May 25th, 2005                   Nobleton Lakes Golf Club
  Georgian Peaks Private Ski Club            Glen Eagle's Golf Club                      Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
  Collingwood, Ontario
                                             Wine Tasting                                Annual Dinner
  Road Carrier Night                         Gord McNeil - Chairperson                   Ron Uloth - Chairperson
  Kelli Saunders - Chairperson               Tuesday, June 21st, 2005                    Thursday, December 1st, 2005
  March 31st, 2004                           Port Credit Yacht Club                      Royal York Hotel
  Mississauga Convention Centre

  2005 Digital Advertising Opportunity
  This is the time for your company to take advantage of an excellent promotional opportunity.

  Once again The Toronto Transportation Club is offering Digital Advertising at all major functions in 2005. This is your
  corporate advertising, shown on a giant screen in full colour and Power Point animation. It will be shown at the Spring Golf,
  Fall Golf, Road Carrier Night, and at the Annual Banquet. The format is single-slide Power Point.

  We are once again offering 2 programs…individual event participation and a Total Program Package. Costs are as follows:

                   Spring Golf            $250.00   (Plus   GST)
                   Fall Golf              $250.00   (Plus   GST)
                   Road Carrier Night     $400.00   (Plus   GST)
                   Annual Banquet         $500.00   (Plus   GST)

  These events, purchased individually, would total $1400.00 Our Total Package Program, giving your ad automatic exposure
  at all events, is offered at $1000.00 (Plus GST)...a substantial saving.

  To book your digital advertisement today call Andree Baillargeon
  Toll Free: (866) 899-8799 Fax: (866) 373-0331

                                                                                                   Thursday, March 31, 2005
                                                                                   Mississauga Convention Centre, Mississauga

                                                                                                             Cocktails: 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                                               Dinner: 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                  Business attire

A Special Evening
Attend the Toronto Transportation Club’s
Road Carrier Night
Your Entertainment for the Evening!
Jim Ralph is best known for his dry, self-deprecating sense of humour, and his
comical impersonations of famous Canadian sportscasters, including Foster Hewitt, Danny
Gallivan, Dick Irvin, Bob Cole, Brian Williams, and of course Don Cherry.

Jim is the colour commentator on the Toronto Maple Leafs radio broadasts, where his insightful                  Jim Ralph
observations and entertaining anecdotes, keep fans informed and entertained.

Holy Mackinaw - Look who's the MC for the Road Carrier Night.
Yes the radio voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Joe Bowen, will be the Master of Ceremonies for this
year's Road Carrier Night. Joe can be seen on Maple Leaf Mid Week Games and Leaf Classic Games
and heard on Mojo Radio.
                                                                                                                  Joe Bowen

                                                Please fax back form to: (866) 373-0331
Number of tickets:_____________ _        @ $105.00      Total __________________

Table(s) of eight: _______________       @ $799.00      Total __________________

Table(s) of ten:_________________        @ $1000.00     Total __________________

     Please bill my credit card
               Visa               Mastercard     Amex
            Card#_____________________________          Expiry Date_____/______    Signature ___________________________

or      My cheque to follow by mail
Please mail my tickets to:
Name: ______________________________            Company: ____________________________     Address: ____________________________
City: ________________________________          Province: _____________________________   Postal Code:_________________________
Telephone:____________________________          E-mail: ___________________________________________

Mail payment to: Attn: Andree Baillargeon,
Toronto Transportation Club, 1550 Kingston Road, Suite 1305 Pickering, On L1V 6W9
For further information contact: Andree Baillargeon Toll Free: (866) 899-8799 Fax: (866) 373-0331
For sponsorship opportunities contact: Kelli Saunders at


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