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					         Bridging Finance and
         Short-Term Loan options
         TARGET MARKET                                       LVR
         Suited to: Debt consolidation, PLA avoidance,       Subject to location and type of property offered
         credit issues, selling a property, temporary loss   75% - most urban properties on an RV
         or reduction in income, construction needs,         80% - Auckland on RV, first mortgage
         establishing a repayment history.                   security only
                                                             70% - Vacant land
         First Mortgage                                      AppLiCATion REquiREMEnTS
         Second Mortgage                                     Completed and signed application form
         Caveat                                              Credit checks or signed privacy consent
         Guarantor property                                  Last 3 months bank statements
         Vehicles can also be used to increase lend          Brief loan proposal including loan structure
                                                             and exit strategy
         LoAn AMounT
         $5000 - $750,000                                    FEES
                                                             From $750 for non-business or
         LoAn TERM                                           investment purposes*
         3 months to 24 months                               From 2% of loan amount for business or
                                                             investment loans - minimum $750
         MoRTGAGE TypES                                      Monthly administration charge applies
         Full capitalisation                                 Legal fees where a solicitor needs to be
         Part capitalisation                                 involved with the transaction
         Interest only
         Principal and interest                              REpAyMEnTS
                                                             Weekly, fortnightly or monthly
         inTEREST RATE
         Subject to loan profile                             * Properties or loans in the name of a family
         12.00% - 15.00% first mortgages                     trust are deemed investment loans.
         From 14.50% second mortgages and caveats

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these guidelines - we may still be able to help.
This fact sheet provides general information only.
Full details are set out in our loan agreement.

Valid from 28 August 2007


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