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					        Leominster Public School Expanded
             Learning Time Proposal
                   Overview – School Committee
                         October 20, 2008


Why Expanded Learning Time in
the Leominster Public Schools:

 Expanded Learning Time is about redesigning
     the school day so we can better prepare
      all students for life in the 21st Century.
     More time allows schools to implement a
    richer, more varied school schedule which
     will provide a high quality, well-rounded
             education for all students.

    Expanded Learning Time Background

   Competitive state grant program administered by Department of
    Elementary and Secondary Education – offers $1300 per student per

   Schools must increase time for all students by at least 300 hours per

   This means an increase of 1hour and 45minutes a day for our schools

   Currently 26 ELT schools state wide

   At least 27 more schools are planning for possible implementation in
    September 2009

              How will the students benefit from an
                           ELT School:

   A deeper and broader educational experience

   Opportunity to learn at a more reasonable and effective pace through
    differentiated instruction

   More individualized attention and remediation where needed

   Access and exposure to a wider range of enrichment activities

   Gain a real world understanding of their learning through interaction with
    experts in the community

   Deeper and richer focus to homework

                          SOUTHEAST PROPOSAL

                                 Student School Year Schedule
                                                   * Current           Proposed SY
Days/Year                                              180                  180
# of Full School Days                                  174                  174
Full School day – start & end time                  9:00-3:30         App. 7:45-4:00
Hours per full school day                         6 hrs. 30 min.       8 hrs 25 min.
                                                   309 minutes          495 minutes
# of Partial School Days (i.e. early release)            6                    6
Partial School Days – start & end time              9:00-12:15        App.7:45-11:55
Hours per partial school days                     3 hrs. 15 min.       4 hrs. 10 min.
                                                   195 minutes          300 minutes
Total Hours per School Year                     1,150 hrs. 30 min.   1,462 hrs 45 min.
                                                 69,615 minutes       87,930 minutes

Proposed Community Partners

               Fitchburg State College
               Lowe’s (adopted Southeast as a
               The Discovery Museum
               Plastics Museum
               Leominster Historical Society
               Boston Museum of Science
               Ginny’s Food Pantry
               Local Authors
               The Champion Newspaper
               Worcester Telegram & Gazette
               Sentinel & Enterprise
               Mount Wachusett Community
               Leominster Credit Union
               Bank of America
               Fidelity Bank
               Leominster Police and Fire
               Leominster Hospital
               Boys and Girls Club
                    SOUTHEAST PROPOSAL
                     Proposed Enrichment Activities


       Expose students to careers that involve writing with a specific
        (ex. government officials, newspaper writers, policemen)

       Contract with various community partners for targeted writing

       Students will research, write, and present real issues within the
        school or community

       Develop an online school newspaper that will go through the writing
        process: draft, photograph, edit, publish and distribute

       Establish an electronic school-wide mailing system that will develop
        appropriate internet communication skills

       Implement Writer’s Workshop program grades kindergarten to five
        to strengthen writing across the curriculum

                      SOUTHEAST PROPOSAL
                       Proposed Enrichment Activities

       “Math Mania” will be a weekly school wide initiative focusing on a
        different power standard while incorporating all learning styles through
        collaboration with specialists

       Culminate “Math Mania” with a “Math Day” in which all power standards
        are incorporated into different hands-on and kinesthetic activities

       Develop grade-wide projects in math which will be displayed throughout
        the school for the benefit of all students

       Create a math scavenger hunt project utilizing deductive reasoning

       Establish a math mystery fact program

       Design a math mentor program between different grade levels – ex. 5th,
        4th, and 3rd graders mentor Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders

       Produce through the music department a math musical that incorporates
        different concepts and power standards in math

       Create a chess club for math enrichment                                    8
                     SOUTHEAST PROPOSAL
                         Professional Development

   Math, Reading, and Science coaches will have an increased amount of
    time to meet with grade level teachers to provide ongoing, targeted,
    and embedded professional development.

   Teachers will create flexible instructional groupings based on current
    data that addresses the academic needs of each student in terms of
    pace and academic achievement.

   Increased time will be scheduled for planning and collaboration
    between community partners and classroom teachers.

   Teachers will have increased opportunities for grade level collaboration.

                       SOUTHEAST PROPOSAL
                      Core Curriculum Time on Learning

                           Weekly Time on Learning at Redesigned School
                                               Current               Proposed SY 2009-2010
                                             Hours/Week                   Hours/Week
ELA                                   10 hrs./ 600 min.            13 hrs. 15 min./ 795 min.
Math                                  8 hrs. 20 min./ 500 min.     9 hrs. 50 min./ 590 min.
Science                               2 hrs. / 120 min.            2 hrs. 30 min./ 150 min.
Social Studies                        1 hr. 20 min. / 80 min.      2hrs. 30 min./ 150 min.
Other Academics (Example: music,      3 hrs. 20 min./ 200 min.     4 hrs. 10 min./ 250 min.
art, physical education, etc.)

Student Enrichment Activities         2 hrs. 30 min./ 150 min.     5 hrs.15 min./ 315 min. Total
                                                                   1hr. 30 min./ 90 min. Math
                                                                   3hrs. 45 min./ 225 min. ELA
Common planning time                  .5 hrs./ 30 min.             .67 hrs./ 40 min.

Individual planning time              5 hrs./ 300 min.             5 hrs. 50 min./ 350 min.
Professional development              1hrs. 45 min. / 105 min.     2hrs. 40 min./ 160 min.
                                      Faculty meetings, full-day
                                      PD and ½ day PD
   We will support Improved Student Achievement through:

      Project-based Learning Focus
         Teachers will utilize project-based instructional approaches to
          increase problem-solving ability, research skills, collaboration, and
          resource management skills. Through increased motivation,
          students will have the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge in a
          variety of ways.
     Enrichment Activities for all Students
         Students will have the opportunity to extend learning through a
          variety of activities focused on the arts, technology, and clubs.
          Through an expanded day, these activities would be offered during
          the school day.

Project-based Learning and Community Partner Examples

   Establish a community garden at Sholan Farms under the direction of Neil
    Zanni from Gardener’s Spot
   Create a Northwest monthly newspaper with a focus on journalistic writing,
    computer publishing, design, and distribution while working with local
    newspaper personnel
   Develop a working school bank for students with the support of local
    experts from the banking field
   Create a “Northwest Living Wax Museum” where third graders research
    and report on a famous Massachusetts figure while dressing as that figure
   Design electric houses in the fourth grade working with National Grid staff
   Utilize two established programs from the Leominster Plastics Museum
    These programs focus on scientific discovery, environment and
    manufacturing (gr. K-2) and technology, chemistry and processing of
    plastic products (gr. 3-5).
   Interact with Paul Revere’s House staff outreach program for teachers and
    students. This program acquaints students and teachers with Boston’s long
    and colorful history as part of fifth grade social studies curriculum

Enrichment Examples
   Plymouth Plantation visits third grade classrooms wearing a reproduction
    costume of a pilgrim and Wampanoag talking about their life as it was in
    the 17th century using artifacts and slide shows facilitating classroom
    activities while inviting students to try on colonial style clothing.
   Nashua River classroom and canoe trip where fourth grade students enjoy
    wildlife studies and get a real life experience in a canoe and touching
   Monoosonoc Brook individual classroom presentations by local
    environmentalists on water cycle grades 1-5
   Junior Achievement community presentations focusing on mathematics
    and social studies curriculum for grades K-5
   Local supermarket’s in- class lessons on health and wellness
   Petco visits for a hands-on experience allows first graders to learn
    characteristics and habitats of fish, reptiles, and small animals
   “Fit Club” in partnership with a local health club supporting science and
    heath standards
   “Library Club” offered by a local librarian in support of literacy and
    technology standards
   “Drama Club” offered by Fitchburg State College undergraduates currently
    studying drama
   “Chess Club” offered by local chess players
      We will support Improved Student Achievement through:

           Expanded, more consistent instructional blocks

    Subject              Current time        Proposed time       Change
                         (minutes per day)   (minutes per day)   (gain)

    Grade level span     K-2      3-5        K-2         3-5     K-2   3-5

    ELA                  90       90         120         105     30    15

    Math                 60       60         90          90      30    30

    Social Studies       30       45         45          60      15    15

    Science              30       45         45          60      15    15

    Special subjects     40       40         50          50      10    10
    Student enrichment   30       30         60          60      30    30

                  NORTHWEST PROPOSAL

   We will support Improved Student Achievement through:

      Common planning time and professional development
      opportunities for staff

           Teachers will have an
            opportunity to meet with their
            grade level peers and specialists
            to plan lessons, review
            formative assessments and look
            at student work. During these
            sessions coaches will be in
            classrooms working with
            teachers and students

                NORTHWEST PROPOSAL

   Review of the school day:
                     Current               Proposed
Days   (students)    180 days              180 days
Hours per full day   6 hours 30 minutes    8 hours 10 minutes
School hours (full) 8:30 – 3:00            7:50 – 4:00 (approx.)
Hours per ½ day      3 hours 15 minutes    4 hours 55 minutes
School hours (½)     8:30 – 11:45          7:50 – 12:45 (approx.)
Hours per year       1,150 hours 30minutes 1,450 hours 30minutes

           What has research shown us about
              Expanded Learning Time?

   Schools are using this initiative as a way to redesign the whole day

   Schools are able to expand a young person’s mind and experience through
    community partners

   Students, parents and the whole community became engaged in the Expanded
    Learning school

   Teachers found that the expanded learning time had a profound impact on the
    school day

   Teachers stated the more time for learning gives students the chance to apply
    academic concepts to real-world situations which resonate more powerfully than
    teaching by textbooks alone

   Parents indicated that they saw improvement in their children’s performance in
    school as a result of the expanded school day

   Students realized during the first year that an expanded learning day makes
    school more fun

Early indicators of expanded learning time

                      February 2007
   77% of parents indicated that they saw improvement in
    their children’s performance in school as a result of the
    expanded school day
                       May 2007
   93% of teachers believed that the longer school day had a
    positive impact on student academic performance
                       November 2007
   10 ELT schools found that the percentage of students
    scoring at least proficient grew 10.8 percentage points in
    English, 7.2 percentage points in math, and 4.7 percentage
    points in science, compared with the previous year

                   Expanded Learning Time

   October 21,2008
    Community Forum – Northwest School- 6:00pm

   October 22,2008
    Community Forum – Southeast School- 6:00pm

   October 27,2008
    Teacher Forum
    2:30pm Leominster High School
    3:45pm Southeast School

   November,2008
    School Committee vote

   December 1,2008
    Plans due

             Frequently Asked Questions

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