This is a sample Award Notification Letter (Award by tfp55553


									                            This is a sample Award Notification Letter (Award Letter).
                                Your actual budget and awards may be different.

                                  SANTA ROSA JUNIOR COLLEGE
                                  1501 MENDOCINO AVENUE
                                  SANTA ROSA, CA 95401
                                  (707) 527-4471
                                  (Your Name)                                        STUDENT NUMBER
                                  (Your Address)                                         xxxxx1234

                                  In response to your 2009-2010 financial aid application, these awards are being offered
                                  to you, subject to the following conditions:
                                  1. You are maintaining satisfactory academic progress and have an eligible
                                       Educational Goal on file with Admissions and Records.
                                  2. You must be enrolled in at least 6 units to receive FSEOG, FWS or Cal Grants.
                                  3. If you have a Pell award, the amount listed is based on being enrolled in 12 or
                                       more units.
                                       (a) The award will be reduced to 75% if enrolled in 9-11.5 units.
                                       (b) The award will be reduced to 50% if enrolled in 6-8.5 units.
                                       (c) If you are enrolled in less than 6 units you may not be eligible to
                                            receive the Pell award at all.
                                       (d) If your Pell award is $976, you may need to be enrolled in 12 units to receive   These dates are
                                           the full amount.                                                                 approximate. Check
                                  4. SRJC usually receives funds for Cal Grants one month after each semester begins.
                                       Cal Grants will be prorated based on units enrolled, similar to the Pell Grant.      your Award
                                  5. If you have been approved for a Federal Student Loan, you will receive a separate      Notification Letter for
                                       award letter.                                                                        the actual dates.
                                  6. The BOG fee waiver waives your enrollment, health and a portion of your parking        "50%" means 50% of
                                       fees. It is NOT a cash award.
                                                                                                                            the semester award.
                                                                  Disbursement Dates
                                                FALL 2009                          SPRING 2010
                                                August 14 50%                      January 8 50%
                                                October 14 50%                     March 17  50%

                                    *   Your checks will be mailed directly to you.
                                    *   Make sure your address with Admissions and Records is correct.
                                    *   Any debts owed to the college will be deducted.
                                    *   Checks must be cashed within 60 days.
                                    *   Supplemental paydates are scheduled every other Wednesday for files completed
         Your Cal Grant B               after the disbursement dates shown above.
              or C may not
             appear on your         AWARD                           AMOUNT
       original award letter.       FALL 2009                FROM 08/18/2009 TO 12/18/2009
                                                    FED PELL GRANT                                   $    2,675             Your total finan-
                                                    BOARD OF GOV WAIVER                              $      289
 SEOG funds are limited &                           CAL GRANT B                                      $      776             cial aid awards
  are available only to early                       SEOG                                             $      375             for the school year
applicants with a zero EFC.
                                                    FEDERAL WORK STUDY                               $    2,500             cannot exceed your
                                                    FEDERAL SUBSIDIZED LOAN                          $    1,750             Student Need.
                                                           ** SESSION TOTAL **                       $    8,365
               The Federal          SPRING 2009               FROM 01/11/2010 TO 05/23/2010
            Stafford Loan                           FED PELL GRANT                                   $    2,675
         requires additional                        BOARD OF GOV WAIVER                              $      289              Your budget is based
            documents and                           CAL GRANT B                                      $      775
                                                    SEOG                                             $      375              on whether you live on
                processing.                         FEDERAL WORK STUDY                               $    2,500              your own or with
                                                    FEDERAL SUBSIDIZED LOAN                          $    1,750              parents.
                                                           ** SESSION TOTAL **                       $    8,364
                                                          *** GRAND TOTAL ***                        $   16,729
                                           Your awards were based on data covering sessions 2091 to 2099
                                                     Budget classification is AWAY FROM HOME
                                    Budget Amount $17,084                       EFC                     0
                                    Supplmt Amt.            0                   Dep/Ind Code             I
                                    Parent Contrib.         0                   Marital Status         MD
                                    Student Contrib.        0                   Dependents               3
                                    Student Need      17,084

                                Your Federal Work Study award shows how much
                                is set aside for you to earn from an on-campus job.                      This section lists the key figures that
                                Contact the SRJC Student Employment Office for help                      were used to calculate your need.
                                in locating a job that is right for you.

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