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					A3MF May (이정수)

Writhing Contest-Choose one among the great names in the past

        Chanel No. 5 is probably the best way to present the greatest name from the
past. Yes, her name is Gabrielle Coco Chanel. I believe that her name is the greatest
name among the others because of her passion for creation and her hard work.
         Before I start the main essay, I would like to explain a little about Gabrielle
Coco Chanel’s background. Chanel grew up in a rough environment. She wanted a
change in the heavy and uncomfortable dresses that women wore in those days.
Therefore, she became a fashion designer for a “big change”. She was the one who
made women’s dresses not only simple and light, but also ornate. She was the one who
started to design handbags. She was a great woman.
         To begin with, Gabrielle Coco Chanel had such a passion for her creations. She
loved her work. She even said, “There is time to work and love, but no time for others.”
She enjoyed her work no more than any others. She felt a sense of accomplishment
when the style of Chanel became a great success.
        In addition to the success she achieved in her work, she became a model of all
career women by her hard work. No matter how cold the society was to women at that
time, she did not care. She walked straight forward to reach her goal. And she did. She
made her fashion popular in the 20h century. She was the woman who did not work for
money. Instead, she proved that we should work for what we like and then the money
will come along.
        The reason I choose her name is not because her brand is considered prestigious,
nor the movie “Coco Chanel” will be up on the cinemas soon. It is because she is the
one who worked with passion and is a true role model of all career women.
        “Chanel is style. Though fashion may pass, style leaves.” This was her goal; to
pass on her style to the next generation and spread out world widely. Due to her hard
work, she did it. Gabrielle Coco Chanel is for sure the greatest name among any other
names from the past.

A3MF May

        When people ask me, “How did you get the second prize in the writing
contest?” The first thing I shall say is, “Listen to the teacher carefully.” I believe that all
of the TOPIA students were aware of this contest since the homeroom teachers kept
telling us and there were posters everywhere. Therefore, students who said that they did
not have enough time to prepare or that they weren’t aware of this contest are telling a
total nonsense. I was one of the students who were aware of the writing contest after the
RT. Since the topics had already been given, it was easy to choose one topic and prepare
subject material for my essay. Usually before an hour to TOPIA, I memorize the DT
words. Since there was no DT for that day, I used that time to get prepared for the
writing contest. I searched in the Internet and also skimmed through the biography of
Coco Chanel. I outlined my essay and (kind of) memorized the format. For these
reasons, I was able to have more time to proofread because I did not choose the topic at
that time or consider which examples I should jot down.
         Moreover, listening to writing teachers carefully would help one’s essay get
higher scores. My weak points were that I lacked of knowledge on synonyms. In other
words, I tend to use the exact same words in the thesis and in the body paragraphs.
Remembering that one thing, I at least tried best by not using the exact phrase more than
once. So I guess that I can conclude listening to teacher’s indications is another tip for
getting more points.
         Listen to teachers, especially writing teachers. Listen to TOPIA, and then i am
certain that your writing skills will be enhanced.