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									                                   Careers in Addiction Counselling

Many different addictions prevail and need help to overcome them. Therefore the demand for
Addiction counsellors has increased. Know here what is the career scope in addiction counselling
and what opportunities you can seek from a specialised degree in Addiction studies.

There are many different addictions that a person may suffer from and for as long as recorded
history people have suffered from them. Worldwide, there are millions of individuals with nicotine,
drug, alcohol or other addictions who need help to overcome them. As many as one in six of those
who drink alcohol will become addicted and an even higher number of drug users, one in four, will
become addicted. Of those who smoke tobacco, almost all will become addicted to the nicotine they
contain. Addiction and its causes are not easy to eliminate and it can be extremely hard to break the
behavioural and psychological cycle of addictive behaviours. Each person’s addiction is individual to
them and whilst there are factors that are present in most sufferers of an addiction, the best
solution available is to recognise and handle such addictions and related behaviour individually. This
is where the addiction counsellor comes in.

Over the past number of years, the demand for addiction counsellors has increased dramatically and
addiction counselling / psychological counselling has become a very credible career option. The
training required for such a career is provided via specialised training courses in a number of
accredited Addiction Training Institutes. Choosing the correct institute or counselling course is vital
in learning process and in the acquisition of the skills and nuances of addiction treatment. In
addition to this, a career in addiction counselling / psychological counselling offers numerous
benefits to the trained counsellor and in next few years it is expected to grow further.

Training in addiction counselling / psychological therapy teaches you the appropriate methods for
engaging, communicating and supporting the addicted individual effectively. This provides great job
satisfaction for the individual working in the field. Addiction counselling and training have gained
much greater recognition in recent years and it has emerged as one of one of the best means for
people to overcome addictive behaviour and similar behavioural patterns. Many rehabilitation
centres, clinics, community centres and schools have begun recruiting addiction trainers or
counsellors. Choosing a career in this field is the best option available for those interested in helping
people with addictions.

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