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b2c2 based pci card


									                    Helpful Satellite Setup Information
1.  Requires a constant phone line connection
2.  We offer satellite equipment in both USB and PCI kits.
3.  USB is all that can be used with a lap top
4.  We have instruction on our website at this link for set up.
5. The Satellite equipment kit includes everything needed for installation except RG
    6 cable and a compass
6. The B2C2 PCI or USB Satellite modem card needs to be installed, then you will
    be prompted for the drivers of the B2C2 PCI or USB Satellite modem card (the
    drivers will be found on the set up CD which comes in the Kit), the next step will
    be to install the ISAT Platform Broadband Receiver software (the software will be
    found on the set up CD which comes in the Kit) – please remember that these are
    2 separate installations, just installing the B2C2 PCI or USB Satellite modem card
    driver will not install the ISAT Platform Broadband Receiver software and vice
8. Citynet does not provide an installer for the equipment. Citynet provides self-
    installation instructions to avoid an installers cost. However we do know that Pro
    TV & Audio d/b/a North Star Satellite does provide statewide satellite
    installations for $119.00, their toll-free number is 888 776-6679 and they also
    have local numbers for Eastern WV 635-0395, Clarksburg 622-7726 and
    Charleston 345-1003. They will also have live operators that field request 24/7.
    Please remember that Citynet has a self installation kit designed specifically for
    our customers to be able to install the equipment themselves, to avoid an
    installation cost of $100.00 to $150.00 for about 15 to 30 minutes that an installer
    would normally take to just find and lock signal.
9. When using the Satellite service one dial up account is specified only.
10. When specifying the dial-up password you can have no less that 6 characters and
    no more that 8 characters
11. Payment method for Satellite Service is by Credit Card ONLY!
12. Please do not select any of the other options on the Satellite software other than
    the steps to finding signal. This is to avoid loss of default settings that is required
    for finding signal. If you make the mistake of selecting one of those other
    settings, even just to view those settings, you can loose those settings. What you
    will need to do is just uninstall the Satellite software and reinstall the Satellite
    software which takes just a few moments and the default settings will be set back
13. Always remember that satellite connections and regular dial-up connections are
    setup identically except for the fact that the username on the satellite connection
    has to have on the end of it.
   14. Citynet Satellite Service has a built in backup, this being the connection without
       the at the end of the username. Which is their regular dial-up
       which they can use to get to the internet
   15. If you choose to run a network on the Satellite connection, that is fine however we
       cannot and do not support it.
   16. If you have the B2C2 PCI Satellite Card installed in their computer with out a
       Network Card presently installed, who later decides to install a Network Card on
       the same computer, must follow these steps to insure the correct network adapter
       order in their machine:
             1. Uninstall the B2C2 PCI Satellite Card Network adapter in device
             2. Remove the B2C2 PCI Satellite Card from the computer
             3. Uninstall the ISAT Platform Broadband Receiver software from
                  add/remove programs
             4. Install the Network Card
             5. Install the Network Card Software
             6. Install the B2C2 PCI Satellite Card
             7. Install the B2C2 PCI Satellite Card drivers
             8. Install the ISAT Platform Broadband Receiver software

What the customer will receive with their order:
- Satellite Dish
- Card (PCI or USB - depending on their needs)
- Software
- Installation Instructions
- Set up CD

Service include:
- 2 Email addresses
- Up to 400K
- 1 Dialup account
- Setup CD with free additional software
- Online Account Manager
- Webmail (Web-based email access)
- 24X7X365 Technical Support
- Citynet Internet Control Panel
- Setup CD with free additional software
- Online Account Manager
- 10 MB of personal webspace
- FTP account
*Payment must be Credit Card.
Requirements to use the Satellite service:
- At least a 56k modem
- 98 Second Edition or above
- NT 4 w/ service pack 6
- A constant dial-up connection (constant - this is not optional), CUSTOMER MUST

- This service will NOT work on a MACINTOSH

*If you are needing to receive your phone calls while on line you may look into
Callwave, Buzzme, or some other type of internet answering service. Some of these are
free and others have minimal charges.*

Equipment Kit Cost
- $160.00 for PCI
- $260.00 for USB
   + TAX

Monthly Cost
- $49.95 Monthly

Up front cost for customer
- Equipment + First Month Service

Payment Methods
- Credit Cards only - payment for equipment must clear before equipment is sent (Credit
Card is the only payment plan)

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