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									Standard Policy/Procedure Document Version 10/10/03
Administration and Finance Software Consolidation
What is the purpose of this policy?
The purpose of this policy has several objectives. The first object is to ensure that our computers
are running only licensed software and that there is a way to track that license incase of an audit
from the SPA, BSA or other entity. Licenses are sometimes difficult to understand and in many
cases completely different depending on the version of the software or how the software is
license. Second, there are economic benefits to procurement of software, installation, support,
and maintenance of software in large blocks. Instead of many individuals purchasing each one
copy of software, one individual could procure a block of licenses in the same amount of time.
Supporting one version of software is less time consuming that supporting multiple versions of the
same software.

What software is covered by this policy?
The initial phase of this project only includes desktop software. Departmental applications are not
included at this time.

What are some examples of desktop software?
Desktop software includes all software that does not interface with other clients or require a
server to operate.
Microsoft office
Microsoft project
Corel Draw
Virus protection software

How does the Microsoft site license fit into this policy?
The University of Texas system entered into a 3-year agreement with Microsoft in September
2002 to provide site licensing for many of its products. These products include:
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Desktop operating systems,
Microsoft SLQ clients
Microsoft Exchange Clients
Microsoft Terminal Server clients
Microsoft Visual Studio

Many Microsoft products are not included with this agreement.

Will the policy/program pay for any assessed allocation associated with Microsoft Site
License agreement?
No, the allocation costs associated with the Microsoft Site license agreement are not included in
this project.

Microsoft has changed is licensing policy and that upgrades will no longer be available.

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    •    After July 31st2001, upgrades were no longer be a part of Microsoft’s product line
         (excluding boxed product). You will license your computers either as a member of
         Microsoft's new 2-year "subscription" service called Software Assurance, OR you
         buy FULL product every time you want to get the newest version.

    •    Up until July 31st2001, Microsoft still offered their "Upgrade Advantage" program. This
         program will allowed you to get current, and stay current for the next two years. At the
         end of the 2 years, all you needed to do is resubscribe to Software Assurance, and your
         coverage is extended 2 more years.

Will I still be able to purchase my own desktop software and install it on my PC?
One of the objectives of this policy is to coordinate the purchase the software in a centralized
manner and ensure software-licensing compliancy. In order to accomplish this, you should not
purchase your own desktop software.

How do I request software to be loaded on my system?
The department head should be aware of the needs of their department. The department head
will make the initial request for the software and the specific functionality needed using HEAT.
Network Services will contact the customer and make a recommendation on the particular
software and version. If the customer is happy with the recommendation, Network Services will
check in inventory for any unused licenses, or purchase if necessary and then install the software
on the customers PC.

Can I request any software I want?
You must have a business case for needing particular software.

What is an example of a Business Case?
“I am an accountant and am responsible for creating multiple spreadsheets on a regular basis for
management”. In this case the individual would be given Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel is our
standard spreadsheet application.

If the request was presented as “I am an accountant and am responsible for creating multiple
spreadsheets on a regular basis for management and need Lotus 123”. The request would be
denied because no specific information or business reason was given as to why they needed
Lotus 123 which is a non-standard software.

How much will this cost my department?
The Administration departments will share the expenses of this project. While you may not see a
direct relationship between your budget and the cost of the software, you do share in the costs.

What are some of the guiding principles of this policy?

    1.   Management of what software is loaded on our PC’s.
    2.   Coordinated procurement and maintenance of software costs.
    3.   Unused software will be reallocated as necessary.
    4.   All A&F department should surrender current software licenses to the program.
    5.   Upgrades and patches will be performed in a coordinated/scheduled way.
    6.   Minimal versions of particular software should be supported.
    7.   Minimal applications should be supported,
    8.   All desktop software should be obtained centrally.
    9.   Centralized storage of software licensing, and media

What will this to cost Administration be?
The software industry is constantly changing licensing strategies, licensing fees and cost of their
software. Also the pending Microsoft site license agreement may have a budgetary impact if it is
not signed. These variables make it hard to estimate licensing costs without accurate purchasing
history, which is not available.

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