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									          Hawaii Sports Marketing
“Hawaii Sports Tourism – enhancing life, economy, and community”
             2007 – “Hawaii Year of Sports Tourism”

                        By Walter Bono
                       RFP NO. 07-02 14
Respondent shall provide responses to the following requests for information
identifying the respondent:
A-1. Legal name and business address; Walter Bono
A-2. Telephone number; 808-826-6244
A-3. Facsimile number; 808-826-6244
A-4. Name, title, telephone number, facsimile number, and email address of
respondent’s authorized point of contact concerning this submittal;
Walter Bono, President, 808-826-6244, 808-826-6244,
A-5. Name of the President, Chief Executive Officer, and/or Managing
and the length of time in the current position;
     Walter Bono, MBA, 10 years – President – Marketing Hawaii
     Joseph Bono, MBA – Marketing, 10 years – Marketing (NYC)
     Robert Rhodes 2 years – Vice President of Marketing
     Naomi Stanford 2 years – E-commerce Japanese Marketing
     Jennifer Kirsch – Current - Yahoo!, Media Marketing Manager

A-6. Number of years respondent’s organization has been in business;
10 years
A-7. Nature of respondent’s business;
Hawaii Sports and Destination Marketing
A-8. If respondent is a joint venture or partnership, provide a copy of the
joint venture agreement or partnership agreement;
A-9. Name and title of the person authorized to sign binding commitments
for the respondent’s organization; and,
Walter Bono, President
A-10. A biography describing the respondent’s goals, objectives, and legal
structure, including a detailed discussion of any legal, arbitration, or
debarment proceeding arising from any professional actions or omissions.
Walter Bono - Biography
Masters of Business Administration
      Marketing Manager for Waikiki Grand Hotel 2004 to present
      Marketing Manager for Ilima Hotel 2005 to present
      Marketing Director for Makaha Resort and Golf Club 2004 - 2005
      Marketing Director and Organizer of Kauai Marathon 2003.
      Marketing for Old Koloa Run, Poipu, Kauai 2003 to present
      Marketing for YMCA sporting events, New York 1978 - 1982
      Marketing/Business Professor, MBA University of Phoenix 2006
      25 years experience in the Hotel Industry
      Resident of Hawaii for 17 years.

Create a sports marketing network that promotes Hawaii Sports
Tourism and creates a positive relationship between event organizers,
tourist industry, and community. Facilitate and provide an effective
marketing vehicle available for Hawaii Sports directors. We are
creating a sports marketing network that would focus on targeted
sporting events. Travel Authorities worldwide have identified the value
of sport tourism.

Sole Proprietor, Goal is to provide marketing services to HTA that are
inline with there strategic goals and objectives.
B-1. Describe and/or provide documents supporting respondent’s
qualifications, capability and capacity to achieve HTA’s goal and
objectives for this project and to perform the scope of work described in
this RFP. To the extent allowed, include the information requested below:
B-1.1. Describe experience in sports and destination marketing;
Sports Marketing
Marketing Manager for the Kauai Marathon 2003
Marketing E-commerce for the Kauai Koloa Run 2003 through 2006.

Destination Marketing
Marketing for Waikiki Grand Hotel 2004 through 2006
Marketing for Ilima Hotel Waikiki 2004 through 2006
Marketing for Makaha Resorts, Oahu 2004 through 2005
B-1.2. Illustrate knowledge of Hawaii’s product and the sports
tourism industry.
    Honolulu Marathon generated 100 million to the economy as a result
      of the 2005 Marathon.

B-2. Describe specific projects of relevant experience demonstrating
respondent’s expertise, capabilities, and capacity to achieve HTA’s vision
and mission for this project and to perform the scope of work described in
this RFP. To the extent allowed, include the information requested below:
B-2.1. Provide the name of the project and/or the client for whom
the respondent has provided similar scope of work;
RFP NO. 07-02 15
B-2.2. Describe in detail the vision, objectives, and scope of work
for each project; and,
B-2.3. Provide the period of time respondent worked on the
C-1. Provide any financial statements demonstrating the respondent’s
capacity to perform the scope of work.
Please see attached bank statement.
C-2. Describe in detail your plan to finance this project and the financial
strategy or process that will be utilized to achieve the vision, objectives,
and scope of work for the HTA’s sports program.
Allowing advertiser to purchase web banners and links on the Hawaii
Sport Magazine web site will finance the marketing strategy that will
achieve the vision, objectives and scope of work for the HTA’s sports
D-1. Provide a program implementation timeline and explain fully your
approach or strategies to address and/or achieve the HTA’s vision, mission
and scope of work described in the RFP.

First Quarter
    Identify all sporting events that are currently taking place in Hawaii
    Create a spreadsheet by Event Type, Island, Date, Contact Person,
       Web Site.
    Group like kind events together to create synergies in marketing.
    Issue press releases for pre / post events to local, domestic,
       international media.
    Create several web sites to target event participants (i.e. to promote the Hilo Marathon, Kona
       Marathon, Volcano Marathon, Maui Marathon and Honolulu
       Marathon. Include links to all official marathon web sites, include
       video and photo coverage of each event. Provide these images royalty
       free to all media channels.
    Invite local, domestic, and international; newspaper, magazine, radio,
       TV and internet companies to cover these events (i.e. ESPN –
    Market Hawaii Sporting events at mainland sports expo.
    Create themes for cohesive events (i.e. Hawaii Marathon Series 2007;
       include Hilo, Kona, Volcano, Maui, Honolulu) Issue press release to
       running magazines and local, domestic and international media.
    Create marketing opportunities for all HTA approved sporting events
       to participate in a broad base marketing program that will include
       additional sporting events. Encourage diversification of sporting
       events will allow event organizers to obtain an share of the global
       sports market for such events that are not yet represented in Hawaii
       and the ability to continue to grow current events.
    Archery                Badminton          Baseball           Basketball
    Biathlon               Bocce              Bowling            Cheerlead
    Cricket                Croquet            Cycling            Duathlon
    Fencing                Fishing            Flying Discs       Footbag
    Football               Gaelic             Goal ball          Golf
    Gymnastics             Handball           Hockey             Lacrosse
    Marathons              Motor sports       Netball            Paddleball
    Racquetball            Rodeo              Running            Skateboard
    Skating              Soccer              Softball           Squash
    Surfing              Table Tennis        Tennis             Track/Field
    Triathlons           Volleyball          Water Polo         Wrestling

Second Quarter
    Invite Media monthly to Hawaii Sports events
    Invite sports icons, movie stars, and positive public relations figures to
    Create a positive relationships between our organization and event
    Share new marketing opportunities with event organizers
    Create partnerships between sponsors and events.
    Provide press releases to local meeting to the benefits of having sports
     marketing as part of Hawaii’s economy.
    Market Hawaii Sporting events at mainland sports expo.
    Create relationships between events and charity organizations.
    Assist newer events.

Third Quarter
    Attend Sports Expos to promote Hawaii sporting events
    Work with first time event organizers to provide them valuable
      marketing tools available to them.
    Invite Media to next quarter Hawaii Sports events
    Market Hawaii Sporting events at mainland sports expo.

Fourth Quarter
   Invite Media to next quarter Hawaii Sports events
   Market Hawaii Sporting events at mainland sports expo.
D-2. Provide a budget itemizing all categories of projected revenues and
related to providing the goods and /or services described in this RFP
(specifically as described in item # 6 – Budget and Compensation) and
strategies to control and/or reduce costs.

      Sports Expos (travel, booth rental, total 5 expos)      $20,000
      E-commerce promotions, web development                  $15,000
      Print advertising (sports and destination magazines)    $10,000
      Meeting with media, sports clubs, event directors       $10,000
      Internet, Radio, Newspaper and TV promotions            $10,000
      Compensation                                            $15,000
    Total Amount Requested                                    $80,000
Proposed Advertising Split
    $100,000 estimate in Advertising revenues 80/20 split
    $80,000 of advertising revenue provided back to HTA
    $20,000 of advertising revenues retained by Walter Bono
    Estimated total compensation will equal $35,000 for Sports Marketing

D-3. Provide a detailed work plan describing the following for each
and/or strategy:
D-3.1. Specific actions that must be performed and related to the
goal, objectives and scope of work described in the RFP;
    Build relationships between community and sporting events
    Build relationships between sporting events and local, domestic, and
       international media.
    Build on marketing synergies between events to optimize efficient and
       effective use or marketing resources.
    Provide video of events royalty free to media, sports web site, and
     Hawaii tourism industry

  D-3.2. The applicable accountability and performance
measurements for all work performed.
   Judging sports marketing performance on behalf of the HTA should
     use several objective criteria.
   Press Release exposure for local, domestic, and international media
   Relationship built between community and sporting events
   Marketing exposure to the correct target markets.
   Effective and efficient use of resources.
   The measurable value of sports marketing exposure achieved.
Online Magazines
Online Magazines offers a unique, effective and efficient way to optimize
e-commerce marketing resources to attract targeted sports audience. We
have a formula that provides quality content and exposure through
e-commerce solutions that yield successful sports marketing results.
Providing quality sports content to the targeted audience for a low cost will
enhance the Hawaii Sports Marketing goals and objective.
Our e-commerce marketing provides the race directors the ability to capture
targeted markets for the Hawaii Tourist economy. Example, the Marathon
Magazine ( provides a worldwide Marathon
directory that allows race directories free advertising listing on our online
magazine in exchange for a link from their Marathon Web Site back to This creates huge marathon runner web
traffic from worldwide marathon sites back to
We can use marathon runner web traffic to promote Hawaii Marathons.
Hawaii Marathons will benefit greatly from this targeted marathon runner
resource. We will be feature Hawaii Marathons on the index page of the web site to achieve maximum results for each
Hawaii Marathon. We have web site development plans for all the online
sports magazines listed below that will create a huge benefit to the Hawaii
Sports Tourism industry.
 To be used for Sports Marketing
To be used for Sports Marketing
To be used for Sports Marketing
To be used for Sports Marketing
To be used for Sports Marketing
To be used for Sports Marketing
To be used for Sports Marketing
To be used for Sports Marketing
To be used for Sports Marketing
Thank you for your review or our proposal to provide HTA and the sporting
events of Hawaii with Sports Marketing Services. We would welcome the
opportunity to hear your comments. We seek a long term mutual beneficial
relationship between HTA, Event Organizers, Tourism Industry, Local
Community, and ourselves.        Thanks again for your review and


Walter Bono
P.O. Box 15341
Honolulu, Hawaii 96830

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