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					iPoster                  DYNAMIC




Merchandising system designed specifically for the needs of banks.
                                             Where do we place the screens?                When should I order this?
Questions Answered:
                                                 A majority of customers place these            The best time to install is during pre-
What is an iPoster?                          screens near or behind the teller line, or    construction when the walls are open for
     An iPoster is an interactive poster     on the outside wall of an in-store branch.    wiring. Retrofit packages are also avail-
system that can display your cross selling   See samples on the next page!                 able for post-construction installation.
promotions, attractive rates or other
product information.                         Who manages the screens every month?
                                                   We take care of all of the updating,     Cost.
Why should I invest in this?                 monitoring and programming. Each
                                                                                            Management fee is usually less
     Electronic merchandising is quickly     screen is connected to our server for full
becoming standard media in the retail        remote management. Your only respon-           than $300/month.
sector. Why...? People are attracted to      sibility is to provide us with promotional
moving images. During an average cus-        ideas or rates when they change.               Ask about 1 year of weather up-
tomer wait, your customer could read at
least 4 promotions, or learn about prod-                                                    dates, included at no extra cost.
                                             How long does it take to install?
ucts they never knew you sold...!               Most sites are installed within 2-4
                                             weeks of contract.

                                             The staff at The Kiosk and Display Company have been installing electronic merchan-
                                             dising inside banks since 1997. They have a rich history of bank clients including Wa-
                                             chovia, Bank of America, Flagstar Bank, Anchor Bank, Nevada State Bank, Com-
                                             merce Bank & Trust, and many others listed on their web site. Their full line of prod-
                                             ucts include interactive kiosks, interactive posters and scrolling tickers.
 The Kiosk and Display Co.
                                             For more information, contact Jon VanderMeer 1-800-724-8947

See next page for installation gallery.
                                                        Gallery Index
                                                        1. Nevada State Bank In-Store
                                                        Features a 50” screen in a high traffic
                                                        area, just off of the register lines.
                                                        2. Anchor Bank Traditional Branch
                                                        Features a 42” screen mounted in the
                                       s                line queue area.

                                                        Graphics we have produced for other
                                                        3. Typical Promotional Graphic
                                                        Designed to reinforce the bank brand,
                                                        cross sell and explain product benefits.
                                                        4. Custom Entertainment/Promotion
                                                        Designed from remnants of a newspa-
                                                        per column featuring the Bank Presi-
                                                        dent. Changes weekly.
                                                        5. Competitive Rate Announcement
                          2	                            Shows off the weekly changing Flag-
                                                        star CD rate to entice customers who
                                                        “shop around.”
                                                        6. Second Language Promotion
                                                        Speaks to a new customer segment.
                                                        7. Weather and Promotion Combo
                                                        Sells while it informs.
                                                        8. Branded Trivia
                                                        Reinforces the NSB image while pro-
                                                        viding entertaining branded trivia.

               3	                     4	                                 5

               6                      7                                  8

More examples available on our web site: KIOSKANDDISPLAY.COM

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