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									Fresh Digital Awards 29th November 2007: Press Release Template

This template has been created for use by companies in order to create and distribute a
Press Release that is exclusive to your organisation in your region and to the local media in
your area.

Fresh will be distributing its own releases to key titles and the relevant trade press but this
document allows you to personalize the results and highlight your own success.

Please Note:

       You should copy and paste this document onto your own letter head
       Include a quote from a key member of your team or creative department
       Add in any key information about the winning entry or entries and include any
        specific client news or campaigns
       Highlight your own result in red or copy and paste the relevant category or
        categories into the base of your release
       Add in any other information about your organisation that you consider is
        newsworthy and relevant
       Personalise the notes to Editors at the base of the release and provide an agency
        contact for additional information
       Please include whichever logo is most relevant to your win

Document to Copy and Paste

For Immediate Release                                                     Date

                        Online Excellence Rewarded

(Insert Agency Name) enjoyed key success at the Fresh Digital Awards 2007 which took
place on Thursday 29th. November 2007 at Manchester’s Hilton Hotel, Deansgate, where a

record attendance of nearly 300 guests witnessed the very best work from the digital
advertising community outside London.

The category awards were widely spread and from the (insert no of nominations)
nominations (insert company name) collected the award(s) in (insert category
details) for client(s) (insert client details).

(Insert paragraph about client/clients and their business activity, also the
objectives of the campaign(s))

(Insert company name) was also nominated/highly commended in (insert category

Commenting on a spectacular night, Fresh director Tony Veitch said, “Tonight was
everything that is good about the regional advertising marketplace. The digital sector has
seen fantastic growth in recent years, showing no signs of abating and we have received
significant increase in entries over last year. Of greater importance though, is the
noticeable improvement in the quality of entries, measured against what was an already
impressive standard in 2006. It clearly demonstrates that good ideas and innovation is not
the sole province of Greater London” End quote.


Update the Notes for Editors so they include a key contact from your organisation

Notes for Editor
    1) A full list of results is listed at the end of this document
    2) The Fresh Awards Website www.freshdigitalawards.co.uk
    3) Photographs are available on request from Geoff Elliott at Pic Biz on 07952 150893
    4)   A full list of sponsors and judges is available on request

For more information on the Fresh Digital Awards please contact:

Paula Kelsey
Tel:    0115 841 8487
Mob: 07774 741883
Email: paula@freshawards.co.uk

 The Fresh Digital Awards Results 2007

The Fresh Digital Awards Grand Prix

Propaganda, Pads, Rubber 55                            Winner

Inbox Digital, Logitech

Inbox Digital, Lumix, Panasonic

Freshest Online Advertising

Mediacom Scotland, Good Chat, Scottish Government Winner

Uber, Lord of the Rings, Shadow Codemasters            Highly Commended

Bluecube Interactive, BT Northern Ireland

Freshest Business to Business

McCann Interactive, www.hiqtv.co.uk                    Winner

Code Computer Love, www.moodboard.com                  Highly Commended

Mason Zimbler, Toshiba, Bringing Innovation to Life    Highly Commended

Mason Zimbler, Microsoft, Your Dream Office

Freshest Brand Building Using Digital Channels

Propaganda, PADS, Rubber 55                            Winner

BJL, www.friendsreignited.co.uk, Fisherman’s Friends   Highly Commended

Bluecube Interactive, BT Northern Ireland

Silver Films, Umbro SX

Freshest Digital Direct Campaign

Manchester United, Season Ticket Renewal Mailer                 Winner

HMA Designed Solutions, The Cornerhouse Card

Freshest Integrated Marketing Campaign

Inbox Digital, Lumix, Panasonic                        Winner

Inbox Digital, Logitech                                Highly Commended

Code Computer Love, www.ahhnight,co.uk

Twentysix Leeds, www.urthebrand.co.uk

Freshest Use of Search

Fusion Unlimited, , www.motors.co.uk                   Winner

Fluid Creativity, www.swelluk.com

TMP Worldwide, Royal Bank of Scotland

Freshest Recruitment

TMP Worldwide, http://www.careersinbritishintelligence.co.uk/, GCHQ Winner

Pearsons, www.wowfromthecow.co.uk

Pearsons, www.newtotheuk.co.uk

Freshest Online Retailer

Code Computer Love, www.hmv.com                        Winner

Pearsons, www.jennings-ford.co.uk                      Highly Commended

Code Computer Love, www.web-blinds.com

McCann Interactive, www.hiqline.co.uk

Freshest Public Sector Service

Whitespace www.infoscotland.comScottish Government              Winner

Code Computer Love – Keele University – Highly Commended

Reading Room, www.ccw.gov.uk.uk

Strange and Dawson, Keep You Wheels

Freshest Use of Creativity

Smoothe, Cooling Towers, Go Sheffield                  Winner

Propaganda, PADS, Rubber 55                            Highly Commended

BJL, www.friendsreignited.co.uk, Fisherman’s Friends

3Sixty Internet Ltd, www.dormens.co.uk

Freshest E-Marketing Campaign or Vital

InBox Digital, Logitech                                Winner

Matmi New Media Design, Let It Flow, Comic Relief      Highly Commended

Propaganda, PADS, Rubber 55

Freshest Digital Design Operation

Whitespace                                                      Winner

Creative Lynx


Freshest Digital Agency Operation

Code Computer Love                                     Winner

Inbox Digital


Freshest Digital Young Professional

Andrew Disley, Code Computer Love           Winner

David Hunt, Creative Lynx                            Highly Commended

Matthew Powell, Matmi New Media Design

Dave Rees, McCann Interactive

Mark Renwick, OneBestway

Iana Petrova, Universal McCann Central

Freshest Website Hosting

Onebestway, www.angelfysh.com                        Winner

Reading Room, Web Hosting at Reading Room

Freshest Digital Innovation

McCann Interactive, www.hiqonline.co.uk              Winner

Flame Digital, www.thegatelab.com

TMP Worldwide, Yell box, Secondlife, Yell

YUDU Media, YUDU Publishing


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