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									Happy Holidays
Puritas Park News-Break
Nov.-Dec.-Jan.                www.puritaspark.com                  Winter Issue

Winner receives one month free association fee!!!!!
Get those decorations out, dress up your windows, doors, walkway –whatever gets you in
the mood of holiday cheer. Have your décor up by December 18th and the judging will
take place December 27th. Winner announced at the annual January Association meeting.

                            GARDEN CLUB
As you have noticed lately there are some bare spots in the common areas of the
property. Old trees, bushes, plants which are dead or look like they are on their last leg
have been removed. At the moment it looks bare but these will be replaced with some
thing similar if not better suitable for that area. With over-grown trees now a lot of the
lower bushes and plants cannot get the sunlight they need so we need to replace with
some thing that will accommodate that particular area. We will be enhancing some areas
with stepping stones so there is easy access from our property to the roads. This process
has begun but will not be completed until Spring time of 2007. Look for some changes in
the scenery for 2007.
In The Neighborhood………….                                          Happy Thanksgiving!

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport was named after William R. Hopkins (1951), it
was the first municipal airport (originally named Cleveland Municipal Airport) in the
United States established in July, 1925. As the years go by more and more travelers take
to the air to get to their vacation or business destinations. There are two parallel runways
which are 9,000’ long and one which is 6,000’. There are 258,926 operations (takeoffs &
landings) yearly, according to 2005 statistics.

Fun Facts:

               1929     First Cleveland Air Race. Amelia Earhart was
                        in attendance at the opening day. This was held
                        every Labor Day.

               1930     Air Traffic Control. The first radio-equipped control
                        tower in the United States operated at Cleveland
                        Municipal Airport.

                        First Airfield Lighting System. Cleveland Municipal
                        Airport had the nation’s first airfield lighting system.
                        The 3-million-candle-power beacon was designed to
                        identify the airfield for aviators. Also there was a
                        1 ½ billion-candle-power flood light to illuminate the field.
                1951     Name changed from Cleveland Municipal Airport to
                         Cleveland Hopkins Airport and now is known as
                         Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

                1956    Concourse B. A new terminal opened incorporating
                        what was the most modern terminal. The first electric
                        flight-information board was unveiled and could track
                        up to 32 flights at the same time.

                1968     Cleveland Transit System. Cleveland Hopkins International
                         Airport became the first airport in the United States to have
                         direct rail transportation access from the terminal to downtown.

Times have changed, innovation gets better and more sophisticated and faster-we have e-tickets
now and you don’t have to stand in line at the counter to obtain your paper ticket and boarding
pass. 911 has added more security measures and travelers get discouraged but it still is the safest
means of transportation and the fastest. In three hours you can be going from the cold and snow
to sitting on a beach in the Keys of Florida. There are more deaths in the United States due to
motor vehicle accidents (12 a minute) and disabling injuries every 14 seconds than there are
deaths incurred by an airplane. When a plane crashes it sounds so horrific because so many
deaths occur at one time.

(History information obtained from www.cleveandairport.com, permission to reprint)

Doggie Stations……………………..
                                         Check out the Doggie Stations located for pet owners
                                         for convenient removal of dog waste/cat waste as you
                                         walk your pets. One is located behind the homes on
                                         Grayton Road and Puritas Avenue and the the other is
                                         at the end of Puritas Park Drive near the picnic area.

                                         Please take advantage of these and if they seem useful
                                         we will look into additional stations in the future.

                                                        Happy Chanukah!

The Puritas Park Homeowners Survey:
It is finally here! Please take the time to fill out the Puritas Park
Homeowners Survey. The Board is made up of home owners who
volunteer their time to make sure we all conform to the require-
ments of our by-laws.

The Board cannot be every where 24/7 and we would love to be
able to sit down and talk one-on-one to each and every home
owner-but, lets be realistic-we cannot. The survey will give the
Board input on issues, concerns (good or bad) which need to be
addressed or explained.

This is your opportunity to make the Board and the Property
Manager aware of areas we need to work on. Please be honest
with your answers and do not be shy-this is your chance. Please
return the survey in the self-addressed stamped envelope (which
will be provided) and have back to Carlyle Management by the
15th of December. All the surveys returned by the due date will
be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to the 100th
Bomb Group Restaurant.

  We can help you and our community-take the time to help us.
According to the National Fire Protection Association dryers and washing machines were leading
causes of home structure fires. The leading cause of home clothes dryer and washer fires were
failure to clean, followed by unclassified mechanical failure or malfunction and electrical failure
or short circuits.

Do not operate the dryer without a lint filter, clean before and after each use and remove
accumulated lint from around the drum. Turn your dryer off when you are not home. Keep the
area around your dryer area clear of combustibles (boxes, clothing) Have gas-powered dryers
inspected by a professional to ensure the connections and gas line are intact.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission advises that fires occur when lint builds up in the
exhaust duct. Lint can block the flow of air, cause excessive heat build-up and result in a fire in
some dryers.

      *Clean the lint screen/filter before and after drying each load of clothes
      *Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct periodically (check the outside dryer vent
          while the dryer is operating to make sure exhaust air is escaping) If it is
          not venting you need to get the blockage removed-get someone to clean
      *Clean behind the dryer, where lint can build up
      *Replace plastic or foil, accordion-type ducting material with rigid or corrugated
          semi-rigid metal duct.
      *Take special care when drying clothes that have been soiled with volatile chemicals.
           (gasoline, cooking oils, cleaning agents, finishing oils, stains….wash more
           than once in you have to before drying) Prevent clothes from igniting after
           drying, do not leave dried clothes in the dryer or piled in a basket
Another year almost completed and I feel we have so much yet to do this year. Looking
back and looking forward we have accomplished some things, but feel there is so much
more to do. I first want to thank everyone who worked on the Board this year which
includes: Kevin Krese, Mike Clock, Kim Major, Nancy Dennler, Natalie Nicholas,
Patricia Miller and Brian Kaufman-Butler. Without their support we could not of made
the accomplishments we did have this year. Jim Herbolsheimer helped out on a
temporary basis this year on the Board and I want to thank him for his time as well.

Events and items completed in 2006:
  *Removal of dead trees and plants *August Garage Sale
  *Added part-time handyman          *Repairing street lamps
  *Doggie stations in the common area

Items still open in 2006:
   *Flushing of fire hydrants         *Removal of trees and plants
   *Cement work on drive ways & walks
   *Some new planting of shrubs & plants

I want to thank everyone in their cooperation as a home owner in following along with
the upkeep of their home. Our whole purpose as we all live together is to keep our home
updated in order to have the highest possible value for our investment. We as the Board
will always base our decision making on how we can keep the value of our homes at the

I encourage you and your neighbors to come to the annual meeting in January on _____.
It will be held again at the Hilton Garden at I-480 and Grayton Road. This year we will
have a representative from Kaman and Cusimano, Attorneys at Law who represent our
property. They will have some new insights on recent laws for Home Owner Association
properties along with a presentation on a new amendment to our by-laws that the
Association wishes to pass.

I wish you and your family the best of the Holiday Season and I will see you all at the
Annual meeting!!

Dean Fox, President of the Puritas Park Association
Annual Puritas Park Homeowners Association Meeting

                     Please attend the annual meeting!

                         Where: Hilton Garden Inn
                                4900 Emerald Court
                                Cleveland, Ohio 44135

                             January 30 , 2007

Something new is coming to the neighborhood….on the corner of Grayton Road and
Mastick Road….RIVER MARKET

We welcome Dennis Rzyczycki and his partner (and wife) Catherine owners of the
River Market. They bring with them the convenience of shopping next door, items
available being: Van-Roy coffee, cappuccino, fresh bakery items, a wide selection of
sandwiches/subs and salads from the deli, your every day condiments of milk,
bread, butter, large selection of novelty ice cream and a wide selection of wine and
beer. Tables will be available inside and weather permitting they will have tables

Dennis and Catherine are new to our neighborhood but conducted business for
12 years in Rocky River. The target date for their “Grand Opening” is January 1st!!
                                   Merry Christmas!

Notes of interest for Puritas Park……..

…………hydrants have been inspected and flushed on the property
…………quotes are being obtained for the landscaping
…………the natural landscaping at the end of Cyclone
…………replanting of flowers, trees, hedges
…………concrete and walkway repairs/leveling
…………landscaping around the signs (the main sign completed)
…………landscaping at the beginnings and ends of the streets
…………discussing some amendments (tba)

………………enhancing and making Puritas Park a great place to live.

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