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									                                        Heart to Hearts, Inc.
                                                                                                                July - Sept 2006
                      A Women’s Wellness Organization committed to Empowering Women                             Newsletter
                                            Through Education

ONGOING CLASSES                                                 Programs Offered Exclusively by Heart to Hearts

♥ Wellness Day Volunteer Meetings                    Wellness Profile
Meetings to plan for the September 23rd              Heart to Hearts, Inc. offers a unique wellness program with its
Wellness Day event will be held at Terry             comprehensive personal wellness evaluation. The evaluation covers
Tucker’s house every other Wednesday starting        personal and family medical history, eating habits, body type and
July 12 from 6:30 – 8pm. If you are interested in    metabolism. Meet with an experienced medical professional to review your
volunteering, contact Terry at 609-771-9048.         individual data and assess your risk for certain diseases, such as cancer,
                                                     diabetes and heart disease. Receive nutritional guidelines and fitness
♥ Therapeutic Laughter                               recommendations.
Join us August 7th and September 11th at 6 p.m.      Call Terry Tucker, R.N. at 609-771-9048 to schedule.
for some fun, laughter and exercise to prevent
“hardening of the attitudes”. Sessions conducted     Health Portfolio
by Marie Bethke, RN, CLL                             Learn how to create and manage your personal medical portfolio. Taught
                                                     by Terry Tucker, R.N. this class is open to both women and men. Part 1
♥ Nutrition Support                                  will be held August 2nd from 7p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at the Wellness Center.
Nutrition support group will meet July 10, July      Call to register (609) 689-3131.
24, August 7, August 21, September 11 and
September 25 from 7 – 8 p.m. at the Center.          Weight Management
Practical discussion of healthy eating habits,       Obesity is one of the most critical health issues facing Americans today.
food shopping and meal preparation in a small        This program focuses on the steps necessary to lose weight, keep it off and
group setting.                                       maintain a healthy lifestyle. It addresses behavioral modification, nutritional
Call to register (609) 689-3131.                     guidelines, and emotional support. Call to register (609) 689-3131.

♥ Massage Therapy
Massage therapy sessions offered by                  Upcoming Events or Programs
appointment. Guaranteed 1 1/2 to 2 hour full
body customized massage by excellent                 Wellness Day September 23rd Registration form included in this
practitioner who is also certified in the massage    newsletter. The event will be held at Educational Testing Service in
of cancer and hospice patients. Cost of session is   Princeton from 8 am – 4 pm. In addition to the health screenings
$75. For more information or to book an              sponsored by Princeton HealthCare Systems, this year’s event will also
appointment, please contact Arlene Hancock,          feature many physician / health care providers who will lecture on a variety
LPTA, CMT at (609) 695-3557.                         of issues vital to women’s health – space is limited so send in your
                                                     registration early. Special Prize drawing will be held for registrations
♥   Adventures of The Red Hat                        received by August 30th.
       “ Chuckeliers”
                                                     Arthritis Seminar will be held on Saturday October 21st at Project Freedom
Monday September 18th dinner at 6:30 pm at the       in Lawrenceville from 10 am to 1 pm. Lunch will be served. Additional
Christ Presbyterian Church. Bernice Muha will        details will be provided in the October newsletter.
be with us to enjoy dinner and teach us the art of
card making. The cost is $10 to cover the cost of    Harvest Tea and Fashion Show will be held on Saturday, November 4th at
dinner and materials. Please contact Marie           the Christ Presbyterian Church in Hamilton (next to the Wellness Center).
Bethke at 609-585-3972 if you plan to attend.        Tea, sandwiches, desserts, and fruits will be served. Doors will open at
                                                     12:30 pm. Cost is $15.

                                             Visit us on the Web!
                     You are invited to attend the Third Annual
                Women’s Wellness Day presented by Heart to Hearts, Inc.
When:           Saturday, September 23, 2006     8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Where:          Conant Hall, Education Testing Service, Princeton, NJ 08541

Fees:           $45 non-members        $35 members/seniors (60+)        walk-ins $60

Keynote:        Dr. Banu Mahalingam, MD, RCS, FACC, cardiologist with the Princeton Cardiology Group, and on the
                staff of University Medical Center at Princeton will speak on “Healthy Hearts…Healthy Women”
Physician Lectures will be held on the following topics:
   Food Allergies    Acupuncture       Sleep Disorders    Menopause
   Breast Cancer    Syndrome X        Vitamins/Herbs     Weight Management
   Yoga/Meditation      GYN Issues      Osteoporosis     Depression

Also Available:
   • Chair massages
   • Information on cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes presented by Princeton HealthCare System
   • Health screenings provided by Princeton HealthCare System:
                Cholesterol          Glucose                  Blood Pressure
                Bone Density         Body Fat Analysis        Foot and Balance
                Glaucoma             Oral Screenings
   • Silent Auction       Raffle  Door Prizes

Exhibitors:     Twenty exhibitors on hand to demonstrate a variety of health and wellness products and services and
                information of interest to women.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch included.

                                          Women’s Wellness Day Registration

Print these pages, complete both forms (please print) and send with check payable to Heart to Hearts, Inc. to:

                               Terry Tucker, 78 Ditmars Avenue, Lawrenceville, N.J. 08648



City __________________State ___________Zip Code ___________

Phone _______________Email ______________________________

# of Attendees:_____@ $45 (non-members) _____@$35 (members/seniors)

Total Enclosed $_______

**** Return your registration by August 30, 2006 and be eligible for a special prize drawing ****

1.    “Healthy Eating to Ease the Transition into Menopause” - Kate Thomsen, MD, MPH

2.    “What is Syndrome X?” Learn About Metabolic Disorders - Nasir Shaikh, MD

3.    “Preventative Developments in Breast Cancer” - Noorjehan Essa, MD

4.    “GYN Update … What’s the Latest in GYN Issues?” - Omnia Latif, MD

5.    “What You Need to Know About Sleep Disorders” – Mahmood Siddique, DO,FACP,FCCP

6.    “What You Need to Know About Food Allergies” - Helen Skolnick, MD

7.    “New Directions in Weight Management” - Marsha Abramson

8.    “Supplementing Your Mind & Body: The Facts About Vitamins & Herbs” - Connie Pfiefer, Pharm D

9.    “Building Better Bones: Osteoporosis and Exercise” - Kathy Yard, MSPT

10.   “Yoga and Meditation” - Bobbie Ellis

11.   “The Non-Diet Approach to Lifelong Weight Management” – Carole Nussbaum, MS, RD, CDE

12.   “Pins and Needles - How Acupuncture Can Help You” – Edward C. Zullo, C.A.

13.   “Early and Effective Treatment of Depression” - speaker TBA

Please indicate by session number on the form below up to four sessions that you would like to attend
during the day. We will try to accommodate your choices based on available space.

Session Choices:

Please indicate up to four sessions, BY NUMBER ONLY, from the list above.





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