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FIELD             BUSINESS

Review of Public Sector Compliance Management unit standards 19514-19516

Subfield                        Domain                                           Id
Public Sector Services          Public Sector Compliance Management              19514–19516

The Public Sector Training Organisation has completed the review of the unit standards
listed above that were registered in June 2002.

Date new versions published                                       January 2006

New comments by date                                              June 2009

Expiry date of new versions of the unit standards                 December 2010

Summary of review and consultation process

In 2003-2004, legislative changes were made to the Animal Products Act 1999. As a
result, the New Zealand Food Safety Authority has reviewed its approach to requirements
for risk-based programmes for food safety and suitability. This has enabled a more
meaningful approach to risk-based applications that aligns with New Zealand’s domestic
food review currently under way, and with international trends in food safety and suitability.

The review of these unit standards was influenced by the legislative changes. The review
began in 2004 and involved consultation with PSTO registered workplace assessors, the
moderator, and the NZFSA coordinator.

Main changes resulting from the review

The review process has resulted in the following changes to the unit standards:

   For unit standards 19514 and 19515, there have been extensive changes made to
    special notes, including definitions, and changes and additions to elements and
    performance criteria.
   For unit standards 19515 and 19516, titles have been changed.
   In addition, special notes have been updated in unit standard 19516.

Impact on existing provider accreditations


Impact on existing qualifications


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Summary of main changes to standards’ ID’s, class, titles, levels, and credits

The following summary shows the changes made to the standards as a result of the
review. All changes are in bold.

Key to review category
A Dates changed, but no other changes are made - the replacement standard carries the same Id and a new version
B Changes made, but the overall outcome remains the same - the replacement standard carries the same Id and a
    new version number
C Major changes that necessitate the registration of a replacement standard with a new Id
D Standard will expire and not be replaced

Subfield     Public Sector Services
Domain       Public Sector Compliance Management
Id       Title                                                                 Level Credit         Review
19514         Explain the application of HACCP principles                      5         15         B
19515         Explain development and implementation of risk                   6         15         B
              management programmes under the Animal
              Products Act
              Explain risk management programmes under
              the Animal Products Act 1999
19516         Explain evaluation and evaluate a risk                           6         15         B
              management programme under the Animal
              Products Act
              Explain evaluation and evaluate a risk
              management programme under the Animal
              Products Act 1999


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