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					Information Services Board Meeting                                          January 10, 2008

Roadmap Enterprise Data Definition/Chart of Accounts (EDD/COA)
Office of Financial Management (OFM)
Executive Sponsor:      Sadie Rodriquez-Hawkins                    DIS Staff: Connie Michener
Project Manager:        Ann Bruner                                             (360) 902-3468
Project Director:       Allen Schmidt                          

Severity/Risk Rating:   High (high severity, high risk)              Oversight: Level 3 - ISB

Status of Project as Originally Approved:

            Scope              Schedule               Budget        Success Factors
            Green               Green                 Green               Green

Project Status
At the September 13, 2007 Information Services Board (ISB) meeting the investment plan for
the EDD/COA was approved with a budget of $1,944,950. The investment plan combined two
positioning activities under the Roadmap; establish a Roadmap Enterprise Program Office and
complete the chart of accounts review and common data definition analysis, referred to as the
Enterprise Data Definitions/Chart of Accounts Project.

The project manager is recruiting primary business users and state agency system owners and
experts to provide business and technical expertise as project team members.

Sterling Associates was announced as the apparent successful vendor (ASV) for
external quality assurance (QA) consulting on October 22, 2007. The start date was
November 1, 2007.

The project manager will be using the Department of Personnel’s SAP contract to procure Chart
of Accounts and SAP expertise. The Statement of Work is in process of being finalized with

The project manager will research best practices and benchmarks of Enterprise data definition
implementation and chart of accounts from other entities.

Variances to Current Project Status
 Scope: None.

   Schedule: None.

   Budget: None.

   Success Factors: Based upon the project start date of January 2, 2008 the success
    factors are reported as green.

Previous Agency Appearances Before the Board
September 13, 2007: The Board approved the investment plan for the Roadmap Enterprise
Data Definition Chart of Accounts and authorized the project budget of $1,944,950. The project

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Information Services Board Meeting                                               January 10, 2008

is a business initiative versus a systems development project and therefore does not have an
implementation phase. The project will be guided by the Roadmap Program Director. The
project will build upon the Roadmap Core Financial Systems Feasibility Study analysis to
determine if there is a compelling business case to move forward with a new financial solution
for the state. If the business case exists the project will further evaluate two options: leveraging
the state’s current AFRS suite of systems; or leveraging the current investment in SAP.

May 10, 2007: An overview of the Roadmap for Washington State Financial and Administrative
Policies, Processes, and Systems was presented.

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