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 Animal Intelligence Software
 Animal Care Specialists Rely on Software Solution
 Packaged with Advantage Database Server
 Like most professionals, veterinarians            A client/server solution
 often rely on basic business management           The key, says Perry, is the integration of
 software to help run their clinics and            Animal Intelligence and Advantage
 hospitals. That’s fine for general veterinary     Database Server software from Extended
 practitioners who use their PCs primarily         Systems, which provides the backbone for
 for billing and general account administration,   the company’s medical records program.
 often managing all of a pet owner’s animals       While competitive products operate in
 in a single database record.                      local database environments, Dr. Philbrick
                                                   chose the client/server functionality of                 COMPANY: Animal Intelligence Software, Inc.,
 Veterinary specialists, however — including       Advantage Database Server to store,                      Silverdale, WA
 off-hours critical care hospitals and             manage, and update patient information
 referral-only practices — need solutions          for veterinarians who deploy Animal                      INDUSTRY: Veterinary practice
 that are more patient-specific, with              Intelligence software.                                   management
 lightning-fast access to medical records to
 ensure proper care with an accurate               “It’s the gatekeeper,” Perry says, referring             COMPANY PROFILE: Founded in 1990
 historical perspective.                           specifically to the data and index                       and employing nine people, Animal
                                                   management features inherent in                          Intelligence allows veterinarians to
 For more than 200 specialty veterinarians         Advantage Database Server. “Advantage                    create, customize, and manage patient
 worldwide, that solution is provided by           controls all access to the data instead of               records with stable, robust client/server
 Animal Intelligence Software. Founded by          most so-called ‘local database’ solutions,               database access.
 Dr. Michael Philbrick, himself a
 veterinarian, the company develops                                                                         SITUATION: Specialty veterinarians and
 software specifically for the data                “[Advantage Database Server is] easy to                  critical care/emergency animal hospitals
 management needs of specialists and               use, customizable, and allows fast access                require fast, complete and accurate
 emergency-care hospitals in either single                                                                  access to patient records in multi-user
 or multi-user environments. “Like the             to a patient’s complete medical records,
                                                                                                            scenarios without taxing network
 human medical profession, there are               no matter how far back in time.”                         performance.
 veterinary specialists who take patients
 only by referral,” explains Karl Perry,                      Karl Perry, director of technology services   SOLUTION: Extended Systems’ Advantage
 director of technology services for Animal                                                                 Database Server provided a cost-efficient,
 Intelligence. “The data they need has to be       which rely on cooperation by each                        reliable, and fast solution when packaged
 focused on a single patient to properly           workstation when vying for that data.”                   and integrated with Animal Intelligence in
 track that animal's medical care history.”        With the client/server technology of                     a client/server, Windows-based/Delphi
                                                   Advantage Database Server, he says,                      environment. The client/server solution
 Of course, other industry-specific and            “There’s only one access point to the data,              enables Animal Intelligence users to
 general business management software              which provides a robust and reliable                     create custom records, a variety of
 solutions have attempted to infiltrate the        solution.”                                               reports, and collect related medical data.
 same market niche, but Animal
 Intelligence remains ahead of the pack            Since deploying Advantage Database
 because of its patient-centric logic,             Server with its new Windows-based
 customization capabilities and ability to         version in 1999 to more than 100 sites
 manage medical records quickly, reliably          globally, Animal Intelligence has tracked
 and the way their clients want, rather than       no instances of data or index corruption.
 the one-size-fits-all approach of their           “It’s the most reliable and stable solution
 competition.                                      we’ve ever used,” Perry says. Prior to that,
                                                   up to 40 percent of the company’s

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 Animal Intelligence Software
 technical support time was spent on           complete medical record, no matter
 data corruption or hardware and               how far back in time.”
 network problems.
                                               Advantage Database Server also works
 Robust, reliable … and fast. On a recent      seamlessly with the custom report
 test prior to releasing the company’s         writer Animal Intelligence designed,
 latest version, Perry ran the client/server   allowing users to pull data from all
 software against a 750,000-record table.      tables in their database including memo
 In 40 milliseconds, the Advantage             fields. In addition, the expanded field
 Database Server delivered 550 records         types available with Advantage make it
 spanning a five-year period matching          easy for Animal Intelligence to pull data
 his search. “I don’t know of any other        from diagnostic machines such as blood
 database that can do that,” he says.          analyzers.

 Customized to the customer                    Expanding its reach
 Of course, not all veterinary specialists     One thing all veterinary specialists and
 are alike in their practices. Some, like      hospitals have in common, however, is
 oncologists and dermatologists, may           a desire to focus on patient care instead
 care for an animal over an extended           of paperwork and system management
 period of time; others, like surgeons or      tasks. Packaged with the Animal             “I’ve never dealt with
 off-hours, emergency and critical-care        Intelligence solution, Advantage
 hospitals, may see a particular patient       Database Server installs in about 15         a company that has the
 just once.                                    minutes and requires no ongoing
                                               administration, lowering overhead costs
 With that, veterinarians often build          and boosting satisfaction.
                                                                                            integrity and can-do
 medical records and create reports
 differently, depending on their               So much so, in fact, that Perry credits      attitude of Extended
 preferences and often what they learned       the combined strength of his software
 in veterinary school. Animal                  and Advantage Database Server for            Systems. No one does a
 Intelligence accommodates these               helping Animal Intelligence grow its
 differences by allowing end-users to          business in the three years since            better job of supporting
 customize medical record data to suit         launching its Windows version. “We’ve
 their needs and account for different         been able to expand our market from          developers and end-users.”
 patient scenarios.                            smaller practices with two or three
                                               users to larger practices with hundreds
 It’s a feature veterinarians appreciate       of users without sacrificing                                    Karl Perry
 about the software, made easier with          performance,” he says. Animal
 Advantage Database Server. “It had the        Intelligence founder Michael Philbrick
 tools and connectivity that simplified        also has been able to leverage his
 integration with our development              technology into related veterinary
 environment [Delphi] and operating            businesses and customers (see sidebar,
 system requirements [Windows],” says          page 3). “It has allowed our company to
 Perry. “It’s easy to use, customizable,       improve its bottom line.”
 and allows fast access to a patient’s

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 Animal Intelligence Software
                                                                                                            Extended Systems – US
                                                                                                            5777 North Meeker Avenue
                                                                                                            Boise, Idaho 83713
 Integraprise: Leveraging the Technology                                                                    800-235-7576 ext. 5030
 Consulting Business Spin-off Taps New Markets with Advantage Database                                      208-322-7800 ext. 5030
                                                                                                            208-327-5004 – Fax
  Since Animal Intelligence founder Michael          Intelligence customers. "It also supports    
  Philbrick transitioned out of the day-to-day       access by PDAs [personal digital assistants,
  control of his company in 2001, he has             among other mobile handheld devices], which            Extended Systems – Germany
  leveraged the technology he developed into a       is something my client wants to accommodate            Schwarzwaldstr. 99
                                                                                                            71083 Herrenberg
  variety of products for other segments of the      in the future."
                                                                                                            Tel: +49 (0) 7032 / 798 - 0
  veterinary industry.
                                                     Philbrick also has found a niche for his
  For example, Philbrick used a variation of his     technology and Advantage Database Server in            Extended Systems Bristol – UK
  software and Advantage Database Server from        academia. For the veterinary teaching hospital         7-8 Portland Square
  Extended Systems to successfully link data         of a major university in the Midwest, Philbrick        Bristol BS2 8SN
  from laboratory analysis equipment to a            linked the medical records piece of his practice       United Kingdom
  desktop PC and report-writing applications,        management software with the hospital's                Tel: +44 (0)117 901 5000
  allowing a veterinary equipment supplier in        existing information system and database     
  Colorado, to offer that value-added solution to    software. "They asked me to switch to their
                                                                                                            For information and a list of
  its clients.                                       database solution [Microsoft SQL Server], but
                                                                                                            distributors visit our Web site:
                                                     I told them that the instant access I have to
  For a start-up company in Arkansas that offers     the Advantage technical staff and the ease and
  a variety of veterinary information services       reliability of the product was too good to give up."
  online, Philbrick used Advantage Database
  Server as the backbone to the company's            Philbrick credits Advantage Database Server
  growing database. He also intends to use the       with his ability to leverage his initial technology
  software's stored procedures functionality to      into related markets. "It has allowed us to
  further facilitate and manage remote access to     meet every challenge and come back to our
  information found on his client's Web site.        clients with a 'yes' answer," he says.
  "Advantage Database Server supports thin-          "Advantage has never been a limiting factor in
  client and remote Internet access," says           our development process. Whatever I can
  Philbrick, which allowed him to offer the same     dream up, I can do."
  database benefits enjoyed by Animal

                                                                                                            Extended Systems is a global leader in providing mobile
  For additional product information about Advantage Database Server,                                       infrastructure software that extends enterprise
                                                                                                            applications to mobile and wireless environments. The
  visit our Web site at, or call: 800-235-7576                                    company's mobile information management products
                                                                                                            include data synchronization and management software,
  or 208-322-7575, ext. 5030.                                                                               mobile application development software, short-range
                                                                                                            wireless connectivity products (Bluetooth and IrDA-
  For additional information about the Animal Intelligence solution for the specialty veterinary            compliant), and client/server database management
  profession, visit the company’s Web site at, or call: 800-764-1070.            systems with remote access capabilities.

  For additional information about custom veterinary informatics solutions from Integraprise, visit the                 All trademarks and registered trademarks
  company's Web site at, or call: 360-981-3904.                                                    are the properties of their respective
                                                                                                                        companies. Information subject to change
                                                                                                                        without notice. ADV–0750–0702

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