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                                                                   micro-cogen B.V.

Contact: Jim Clyde

                                                         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

            Kennewick, WA, June 20th, 2005 -- A milestone cooperation agreement,
expected to lead to world wide marketing of micro combined heat and power
generation systems, was announced today by the three international companies
            INFINIA Corporation (formerly Stirling Technology Company), ENATEC
micro-cogen B.V. of the Netherlands, and the Japanese multinational RINNAI
Corporation said in a joint statement that the goal of the agreement is to reach mass
production of residential sized micro combined heat and power (CHP) systems. The
systems will use Stirling cycle engines that have been jointly developed by the three
parties on the basis of INFINIA and ENATEC technology. The Stirling engines will be
mass produced by RINNAI in Japan.
            The production CHP products using the Stirling cycle engines will be
distributed by RINNAI in Asian markets and production Stirling engines will be
distributed by ENATEC in Europe to boiler manufacturers and by INFINIA for markets
and applications outside Europe and Asia. The starting point, said the companies, is
to achieve a highly efficient and clean thermal and electrical energy product with
industry leading reliability and performance.
            INFINIA and ENATEC have been involved for many years in the
development, integration and field testing of free piston Stirling engines. In 2003 and
2004, ENATEC conducted extensive field trials of a Stirling based micro combined
heat and power generation system for residential use.
            “These CHP products will provide value to homeowners and small
businesses through lower energy costs, improved reliability and significantly reduced
CO2 emissions,” said J.D. Sitton, President and CEO of INFINIA. “We are pleased
that the years of hard work, patience and investment have resulted in this attractive
commercial opportunity,” Sitton said.


           INFINIA’s 1000 watt engine, developed for the ENATEC program, has
been a key component in ENATEC’s cogeneration system development. Coupled
with Rinnai’s manufacturing excellence and global market leadership in gas fired
appliances, these MicroCHP systems offer the potential to significantly improve
residential energy consumption with reduced emissions.
           INFINIA Corporation, based in Kennewick, WA, is a leading developer
of Stirling-cycle based technologies that exceed life and reliability requirements
for critical applications. The Stirling cycle is a thermodynamic engine cycle where
the continuous heating and cooling of a gas drives a piston inside a closed
cylinder. INFINIA’S engines convert the piston motion into electricity using a
proprietary linear alternator. INFINIA free piston systems operate with no
lubrication, no contact or wear between stationary and moving parts, require no
maintenance, and are capable of operating in virtually any environment for many
years. From renewable fueled village power, harnessing the sun’s energy,
heating and electricity for residential applications, power systems for space
exploration, and cryogenic cooling of superconductors, INFINIA continues to grow
its leadership in the design of environmentally clean, quiet, and reliable power and
cooling technologies.
           RINNAI Corporation was established in 1920, and is Japan’s number
one manufacturer of residential and commercial gas appliances for the efficient
heating of water, air and food. RINNAI product lines include continuous flow
tankless water heaters, gas cooking appliances and highly sophisticated ductless
direct vent heaters. Headquartered in Nagoya, Japan and with worldwide
recognition as an industry leader, RINNAI has an extensive Asian network of
sales offices and production facilities, and maintains a broad international
presence on all continents. The innovative company has a track record of
applying new and safe technologies in environmentally-friendly products.
           Shares in ENATEC micro-cogen B.V. are held by the Dutch utility N.V.
ENECO, and the leading Energy Research Center of the Netherlands, ECN.
ENATEC, formed in the early nineties, is a leading expert in the field of micro
CHP based on free piston Stirling engines, system integration, and connection to
the electrical grid. With multiple patents assigned for Stirling engine interfaces,
grid connection electronics, and free piston engine related systems, ENATEC has
made substantial contributions to the commercialization of this important energy


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