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Internet Banking
The purpose of this document is to advise Tasmanian Government schools of the processes to be
used when establishing Internet Banking.

Internet banking allows schools access to their banking details through a web site which will allow
viewing and printing of bank statements, view transactions and check account balances.
To find more about internet banking check each banks web site:

NOTE: Features that allow the transfer of funds between accounts and transactions outside the
SACS accounting system including BPay are currently not available to schools.
Access to these features will be restricted by the banks and their banking software.

To Make Application
In the first instance schools must contact the Government Client Services Manager at their bank.

Westpac Schools
Schools who are Westpac customers must contact, Darren Backhouse, Government Client
Manager in Hobart, telephone (03) 6230 4164. Further contact information is available from their
web site,
A username and password is required to enter this site as follows:
Username: tasgov
Password: westpac5
Follow the link to the Westpac contact details – Client Manager Tasmania.

Commonwealth Bank Schools
Schools who are Commonwealth Bank customers must contact, Chris Webb - CBA Account
Manager Working Capital Services, in Hobart, telephone (03) 6238-0532.
The Commonwealth Bank’s Netbank product is the recommended Internet Banking product for
schools. Security permissions will allow viewing, printing and downloading of statements only.
Features that allow transferring between accounts will be switched off and are not available to

Contact the Service Centre 1800 816 057 for further information

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