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					Turning ERP Into ROI
                                                      Program Track:            Peak Performance
                                                      Program duration:         49 Minutes
                                                      Program Categories: Architecture and
                                                      Infrastructure, Business Applications, IT
                                                      Management, Business Management, eBusiness,
Stephen Meli
Job Title                                             Released:                 May 2002
Managing Partner                                      Program Code:             20020506

Program Description
Management consultant Stephen Meli, founder and president of Beacon Technology Partners in Boston,
tells how to focus on generating return on investment (ROI) opportunities for enterprise resource planning
(ERP) initiatives. Meli discusses the total cost of owning an ERP system, and the scale and scope of an ERP
investment. He identifies the areas of the business that generate ROI, and explains how to prioritize these
areas. Meli also examines the organizational implications of ERP and ROI, and discusses how to overcome
the barriers to successful ERP initiatives. In addition, he offers advice on maintaining a strategic vision
that holds up through evolving market conditions, and considers best practice benchmarks. Meli also
explains how to make decisions based on business processes rather than software capabilities. In an
interview, Jamie Bedard, President of GEN3 Partners, talks about his experiences helping organizations
implement and manage successful ERP projects.

Viewers of the CD and online versions will have easy access to Web links including: 'Enterprise Resource
Planning,' from Darwin Magazine; 'Change Management 101: A Primer'; 'ERP's Real Benefits,' from
Computerworld; 'Increasing the ROI of ERP Systems With Web Reporting,' from Serverworld Magazine;
'Making ERP Add Up,' from Information Week; 'Show Me the Data!' and 'The ERP Path to Integration:
Surviving vs. Thriving,' from eAI Journal; and 'The Changing Workplace: How Flexible Is Your Company?'
from NJSCPA. White papers include: 'Accelerate Business Value Through an Expanded Return on
Investment (ROI) Methodology'; 'The Six Deadly ERP Sins' and 'ERP Software and Enterprise Project

Program Topics
INTRODUCTION                           Planning for ERP ROI: Begin in the Directing ERP ROI
AGENDA                                 Early Stages of the ERP Life Cycle Key Activities Used to Direct ERP
EXPERT FEATURED IN THIS                Planning for ERP ROI: Understand ROI
PROGRAM                                Your Company's Capacity for        Directing ERP ROI: The ERP
OVERVIEW OF THE SCALE AND              Change                             Value Matrix
SCOPE OF ERP                           Planning for ERP ROI: Identify     ERP Value Matrix: Integration
Financial and Other Costs of ERP       Scope and Opportunity              Fundamentals
Implementation                         Planning for ERP ROI: Develop a    ERP Value Matrix: New Business
Four Key Reasons Why Companies         Business Case                      Models
Implement an ERP System                Planning for ERP ROI: Benefits of ERP Value Matrix: Breakthrough
TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP OF             Developing a Business Case         Strategies
AN ERP SYSTEM                          Developing an ERP Business Case - ERP Value Matrix: Operational
James Bedard: ERP Costs That Are       Step 1: Understand How ERP Will Excellence
Often Underestimated                   Enable Company Strategy            James Bedard: ERP Clients Seek
THE BENEFITS OF ERP                    Developing an ERP Business Case - Benefits in Four Categories
Real-World Benefits Generated by ERP   Step 2: Determine Baseline         James Bedard: Goals of ERP

Intangible Benefits of ERP            Performance                         Clients
Many Benefits of an ERP               Developing an ERP Business Case - James Bedard: Actual Areas of
Implementation Are Not Being          Step 3: Detail and Prioritize ERP   Improvement Resulting From an
Realized                              Solution Areas                      ERP Implementation
James Bedard: Quantifying Benefits of Developing an ERP Business Case - CASE STUDY OF AN ERP
an ERP Implementation                 Step 4: Estimate Cost & Benefits of INITIATIVE
BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY               Enabling Business Strategy          Company Background
BARRIERS TO ACHIEVING ROI FOR Developing an ERP Business Case - ERP Case Study: Formation of a
AN ERP SYSTEM                         Step 5: Document and                Team to Develop a Business Case
Barriers to ERP ROI: Change           Communicate the Business Case       ERP Case Study: Reviewing the
Management                            James Bedard: Pitfalls of Not       Results of Initial Analysis
Barriers to ERP ROI: Internal Staff   Developing a Business Case for an ERP Case Study: Analysis of
Capability                            ERP Implementation                  Current Demand and Supply
Barriers to ERP ROI: Technology       Organizing for ERP ROI              Chain Processes
Barriers to ERP ROI: Late             Best Practices to Overcome          ERP Case Study: Prioritizing the
Enhancements and Upgrades             Barriers to ROI                     Application Portfolio to Improve
James Bedard: Barriers to ERP ROI - Organizing for ERP ROI: Expect        Performance
Organizational Resistance to an ERP   Shifting Roles                      ERP Case Study: Estimating Total
Implementation                        Organizing for ERP ROI: Training Cost of Ownership of the ERP
James Bedard: Barriers to ERP ROI - Must Become an Ongoing Process Solution
The Performance Dip                   Organizing for ERP ROI: Implement ERP Case Study: Quantification of
James Bedard: Barriers to ERP ROI - a Change Management Program           Benefits From the ERP
No One Takes Responsibility for       Organizing for ERP ROI: Use         Implementation
Generating Benefits                   Superior Project Management         ERP Case Study: Investment
TECHNIQUES FOR TURNING ERP            Techniques                          Benefits as a Result of ERP
INTO ROI                              Organizing for ERP ROI: Develop a Implementation
                                      Project Communications Process
                                      Organizing for ERP ROI: Develop a
                                      Risk Management Plan
                                      Organizing for ERP ROI: Develop
                                      Procurement Management
                                      James Bedard: The Post-Go-Live
                                      Performance Dip

Stephen Meli is founder and president of Beacon Technology Partners. Prior to founding Beacon, he was
managing director at Benchmarking Partners, a technology consulting firm, where he supported SAP, IBM,
JD Edwards, Cisco and Oracle in a variety of product strategies. Mr. Meli started his career at BBN, a
technology firm - now known as Genuity - based in Cambridge, Mass. He has also held senior
management consulting positions in the Big Five and at IBM Global Services. During his management
consulting career, Mr. Meli worked with a variety of clients, including General Motors, Compaq, GE, British
Petroleum, and Staples. He has also assisted early stage companies such as Plum River, Ariba, eXcelon,
Alventive, Notara and a family of technology companies at ICG. Mr. Meli has also served as chief operating
officer of a privately held pharmaceutical company.

Jamie Bedard
James Bedard, president of GEN3 Partners, is a seasoned veteran in supply chain B-to-B processes. Prior
to joining GEN3, he was a partner and chief client officer at Benchmarking Partners, an e-business
consultancy that focused on IT-enabled supply chain best practices. While there, Mr. Bedard developed a
$30 million, 140-person consulting practice, and spearheaded the development of supply chain
collaboration. This resulted in the first industry-wide, Internet-based B-to-B standard for collaboration
planning and forecasting replenishment in the retail space. An expert on emerging Internet marketplace

business models, Bedard writes and speaks internationally on the topic. A few of his notable speaking
engagements have included the Efficient Consumer Response Conference, the Market Technics
Conference, and the Healthcare Industry Manufacturers Association. His professional affiliations include
memberships on the Efficient Healthcare Consumer Response Steering Committee and the Efficient
Consumer Response Committee. Mr. Bedard received his B.A. in Economics from Bates College and an
M.B.A. from Central Michigan University.


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