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mintel report


                                                 Quick Reference Guide

The Mintel database contains full-text market research reports covering US and Global consumer markets, with an emphasis on
European and US markets. Each report analyzes market share, segmentation, and trends along with providing comprehensive
demographic profiles and consumer patterns.

   Most current research reports on broad subject categories mainly covering European and US markets
   Current news updates digested from over 150 trade and marketing international press titles
   “Other databases” file containing factual and statistical items including demographic data and “top” lists for US and UK

Available at the Jackson Library Web site. If not on the GSB premises, GSB users can access this database via WebApps.

Loggin In
Upon the first login to Mintel, you will be required to register with your email address and select your own password. Once you
have registered, Mintel creates a user profile where you can save and later retrieve your searches. Your user profile is located on
the opening page and can be accessed any time by clicking on my info tab.

On each subsequent use of the database, you will need to click on the I Agree button located below the terms of academic use
and sign in with your email address and password. NOTE: User ID and a password are case sensitive.

   Click on Help from the right top corner on any page
   For search assistance, ask a librarian at the Information Desk or email to
   For technical problems, email to

   Includes listing of reports that are scheduled for publication within the next 12 months
   Provides options for downloading and printing the sections or entire reports
   Provides option to export tabular information within reports directly to Excel spreadsheets

Searching Mintel for Market Reports
You have several options to search Mintel for reports:
    Quick search - search by entering keywords in the search reports box on every page
    Full search - search by combining keywords and selecting criteria from menu choices under the search tab
    Reports search - browse through the list of subject categories of available reports under the reports tab

Quick Search

Enter keyword(s) in a search reports text box                                    located in the right corner on every page. You can
use Boolean connectors AND/OR/NOT to combine your search terms and quotation marks for phrases. Click the go button to
start your search. A list of results is limited to 1,000 titles for each search.

  Full Search
  Click on the search tab to open the page where you can specify your selections. Use any combination of the following options:
       Full text search - enter keywords in the text box. You can also combine search terms with the Boolean connectors
       AND/OR/NO and use quotation marks for phrases.
       Document type selection - specify the source of data you want to search: Reports, News, or Other Databases. To view
       other available databases click on the databases tab on the top toolbar menu.
       Country selection - limit your search by selecting a country or multiple countries from a scroll-down menu. For multiple
       selections, hold down a Ctrl key.
       Refined report search - search for reports that contain your search terms in the report title. You can use the same format
       as you did for the Full text search.
       Refined news search - search for news by selecting a news category or multiple categories from the scroll-down menu.
       For multiple selections hold down a Ctrl key.
       Search options - specify your preferences for the following:
             o    Maximum results - you can select any number of displayed results but may not exceed 1,000
             o    Word proximity - for your keywords select either Anywhere in document or Near each other
             o    Include word variants - you can select Yes or No
             o    Show results - specify if you want results sorted by relevance, by the most recent, or by the oldest

  After you specified all your selections, click the Submit button anywhere on the page to run search.

  Reports Search
  Click on the reports tab from the top toolbar menu to open the reports page. On this page, you can browse reports by subject
  categories drilling to the actual reports listing.

                                                                                                          Use these links to search
                                                                                                          for reports grouped by the
                                                                                                          listed categories
Click through categories to
sub-categories to reports

  By clicking on the sub-menu links on the top yellow bar, you can find reports grouped together by the following criteria:
       new reports - find the latest released reports
       by subscription - find reports by issuing service, e.g. Consumer Intelligence: US, Market Intelligence: UK, European Travel
       and Tourism etc.
       by country - click on the name of the country to open a list of available subject categories for the selected country

  Searching Tips:
      Search terms are not case-sensitive.
      For a WORD search, use the Boolean connectors: and, or, not; for PHRASES use quotation marks
      When your search term is an abbreviation, add the full spelling of the abbreviation as an alternative term, e.g. enter: PDA or
      personal digital assistants.
      For word searches do not include word variants-the system automatically searches for all word variations
      Use the links on the results page to search your topic in two other files, e.g. in news and other databases if you have
      performed your search in the reports portion of the database
       Within the text of the report, use the link below the table             to export data directly to an Excel spreadsheet

  For additional help, click on HELP from the right top corner on any page.

Other Browse Searches
You can also search Mintel for other related materials included in the Library’s subscription by clicking on the following tabs:
    News - this file contains selected news updates. Additional links listed on the top yellow sub-menu bar, let you browse news
    updates sub-divided into the following groups: UK news, US news, and other news. Within each group, the information is
    sorted by date.
    Databases - this file contains information from the following database sources:
    UK Demographic & Economic Statistics
         o    UK Management Appointments
         o    UK Product Launches
         o    UK Useful Lists
         o    US Demographic & Economic Statistics
         o    US Useful Lists

To view available data, click on a database title.

Displaying Results List
Your search results are displayed as a list of available reports that correspond to your search request, as shown below.
Additional links on the results page allow you to run the same search in news and other databases files, and also to save the
search in your personal profile for future reference.

                                                                                                      Click on these links to
                                                                                                      perform the same search in
 Click here to save search                                                                            other available databases
 in personal profile

Displaying and Downloading Results
Once you have clicked on a title of a particular report, a new page similar to the one shown below will display two columns: the
sections of the report and related news items. The titles of the sections in bold indicate that these sections contain your search

Click on these links to display
or download the selected items

Click on this link to save
selected items in the Export

You have several options for downloading and displaying search results:
    To display a section of a report or news item click on the section or news update title
    To display or download all or selected sections of a report or news, tick the check boxes next to the titles you are interested
    in and then click on the download rtf link on the left side of the page
    To download all or selected sections of a report or news in .zip format, tick the check boxes next to the titles you are
    interested in and then click on the download zip link on the left side of the page
    To save all or selected sections of a report or news updates for future review, tick the check boxes next to the titles you are
    interested in and click on the export link on the left side of the page

Exporting Results
The export function automatically places the selected items in the export basket. You can export as many items as you need
during your search sessions.

To retrieve items from the export basket, click on the link or the icon                   permanently displayed in the top right
corner on every page. Once you have opened the export basket, you will see a list of all saved items. You can display individual
items by clicking on the title or tick the check box next to the title and use the download rtf and download zip links to display or
download the selected items. Additional links are provided for deleting all or selected items from the export basket.

               Click on these links to
               display or download
               the selected items

When a document is displayed on a screen, you can click on the Print link located on the left side of the page or select File >
Print from the browser menu.


Updated: 10/1/2007
This guide is available online at:

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