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B&J’s quarterly trend imag for the food industry
Welcome to B&J’s first Edition of Vitality. We hope that our little
mag can provide inspiration and knowledge of what’s hot in the
world of food and personal care.

        Top Food Trends for
                 2009                                                 Edible Flowers; The latest
1.     Fairtrade                                                      restaurant trend to take
                                                                      off…already big in Spain,
2.     Organic & Natural
                                                                      dishes are now being
3.     Safe                                                           served with anything from
4.     Beauty Foods                                                   elder and ginger flowers to
5.     Saiety Focus                                                   chrysanthemum petals.
6.     Dining In
7.     Mood enhancing                                    Fight Obesity with Flavours
8.     Extreme Specificity                               The Smell and Taste Treatment
9.     Alternative Sweeteners                            Foundation in Chicago has found
10.    Products focused on                               that patients who lost their sense
       need states & lifestyle                           of smell and taste ate more and
                                                         gained weight. “Patients overate
                                                         in an attempt to regain some of
                                                         the pleasure from eating that had
       Other consumer                                    been lost along with their sense
       appealing trends                                  of smell,” reported neurobiologist
       include products                                  and psychiatrist Alan Hirsch, who
       transitioning from the                            directed the research.
       gym to mainstream
       and money saving                                  Hirsch says the aroma of food is
       foods.                                            essential to the sense of satiety.
Going Green: Ethical and green                           “The satiety centre uses the
flavours for the future? So far the                      odour molecules to operate the
trend for ethical food has not greatly                   signals that indicate that the
affected food flavour itself, but is                     diner is satisfied,” he says. Tests
likely to in the near future. Food                       included sprinkling foods with
miles, Fairtrade, and child labour                       salty/sweet combinations such as
could affect the acceptance of                           cheddar cheese/cocoa,
flavours derived and manufactured                        horseradish/banana and
from natural ingredients in developing                   taco/raspberry to enhance the
countries. There may be more                             aroma of foods.
scrutiny around the use and source of
exotic flavours in the industrialized
economies.                                                            Edition 1 – Summer 2009
                                                                   Edition 1 – Summer 2009

                                      Dessert influences don’t
                                      just stop with carton ice
                                      cream. This summer
Health in a bottle: Daily dose        Roba!Dolce launched
beverages have enjoyed great          frozen s’mores made with
popularity in Europe where the
                                      gelato, chocolate chunks
consumer is offered functionality     and graham cracker
such as digestive health and          wafers. Another classic
cholesterol reduction. Now South      dessert, the cupcake, has
East Asia is catching on to these     been repurposed with the      Hot Flavour Trends
                                      introduction of Philly
one shot products where product                                          for 2009
                                      Swirl’s Ice Cream
development is at an all time high.   Cupcakes. These nostalgic        Spices
Fruit , vegetable and fibre shots     treats are half cake, half
are the main areas of focus looking   ice cream and are topped
                                      with swirled icing and           Cardamom
at functionality such as appetite
                                      chocolate sprinkles. Even        Chimichurri
                                      the American classic,            Curry
                                      cheesecake, has been             Garam Masala
   Scent Trends for 2009:             redesigned to fit with           Lemongrass
                                      consumers’ need for
                                      convenience and portion          Masala
   1.    Spicy & Woody                                                 Peri Peri
                                      control. This spring Sara
                                      Lee rolled out Bites in a        Saffron
   2.    Savoury                      Strawberry Cheesecake            Saigon cinnamon
                                      flavour. These frozen,
   3.    Flavours as Scents                                            Shiso
                                      ready-to-eat nuggets are
                                      designed to satisfy
                                                                       Star anise
   Sweet Jasmine                      cheesecake cravings
                                      without the hassle or

     Jasmine is transcending          mess.                            Fruits
     both personal care and
        food with increasing                                           Blood oranges
     popularity in fragrances           Bourbon Flavoured              Camu Camu
   and tea based beverages.             Chips hit Aussie               Cactus
      Its fragrant aroma and            Shelves: Jim Beam              Coconut
  flavour is providing the basis        branded chips have             Cupuacu
     for some exciting blends           caused controversy in          Guanabana
      across both categories.           SA where they have             Guava
                                        been stocked in a              Jackfruit
                                        local Foodland store.          Kalamansi
                                        Even though the                Kumquats
                                        chips contain no               Lulo
                                        alcohol content,               Passionfruit
                                        parents along with             Persimmon
                                        drug and alcohol               Pomelo
                                        agencies have called           Prickly pear
                                        for its removal from           Sudachi
                                        all shelves including          Tangelos
                                        licensed premises.             Tangerines
                                                                 Edition 1 – Summer 2009
What’s hot……

              Genesis Superfruit Juices -US
              Beauty Boost
              This product combines pear,
              acai, blackcurrant and grape
              juices combined with green
              tea to push the ever growing
                                                     Glowelle Beauty Drink-US
              range of beauty “enhancing”
              product.                               Cosmetics meets
                                                     beverage with Nestle
                                                     launching this Q10, ACE,
                                                     tea phytonutrients and
                                                     other anti-ageing goodies.
                         Muscle Milk – US
                         Making the transition
                         from the gym to the
                         supermarket, Muscle
                         Milk, this product                      Mini Thin Rush Energy Gum –
                         contains whey proteins                  US
                         which assist in keeping
                                                                 Need that quick energy hit?
                         hunger at bay by slowing
                                                                 Spearmint flavoured Thin Rush
                         digestion of amino acids.
                                                                 is infused with caffiene, L-
                                                                 Taurine, Vitamins B6, B12 and

                                                                  Dippin’ Stix
                Bright Foam Hand Soap: US
                                                                  Another addition to the
                P&G have launched this
                                                                  healthy snack trend
                brightly coloured product to
                                                                  category with apple slices
                help the little ones get clean
                                                                  together with a caramel
                by allowing them to see
                                                                  dipping sauce. The see
                exactly where they have
                                                                  through packaging allows
                covered their hands. It comes
                                                                  the consumer to see exactly
                in Magic Melon Scent.
                                                                  what they are getting.

Quarterly Quote                                                 Product of the month
"The kitchen is the most important room in                            Soy Free Alpha
the house; not only is it the stomach, but
the heart and the spirit as well." –
                                                                Our Tocosol 1.5% alpha
Julia Child
                                                                tocopherol is perfect for
Sources:                                                        boosting the anti-ox
Datamonitor                                          properties of your water
Food                                             based food and beverage
Web MD        Convenience                             systems. It contains active
Kenzies Kitchen GNPD                                            tocopherol in an emulsion    Dairy                                   form

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