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									                           FACT SHEET

MEDIA CONTACT:    Laura McDowell        Sonya Cosentini        Customer Contact
                  Media Relations       Media Relations        1.800.2TJMaxx
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                  770 Cochituate Road
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                  (508) 390-1000

PARENT COMPANY:   The TJX Companies, Inc. (

THE T.J. MAXX     T.J. Maxx, the nation's largest off-price retailer, sells brand name and
CONCEPT:          designer fashions for the entire family and home at up to 60 percent less
                  than department and specialty store prices, every day.

T.J. MAXX               Brand name and designer apparel for women, men and children.
MERCHANDISE:            Accessories including handbags and luggage, Giftware, domestics,
                         women's shoes, fine jewelry (14-kt. gold and sterling silver), and
                         children’s educational toys and books.
                        Over 95% first quality merchandise. Less than 5% of T.J. Maxx’s
                         merchandise is slightly irregular with flaws usually unnoticeable to
                         the customer. Irregulars provide a tremendous opportunity for the
                         customer to receive additional savings and value. All irregular
                         merchandise is clearly identified on the price tag.
                        Over 85% current season merchandise. Less than 15% are
                         classic staple items bought at the end of the season and packed
                         away for next season. (ie: basic jeans, white turtlenecks)
                        Over 10,000 new pieces of merchandise delivered to
                         each store every week.

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COMPANY GROWTH:          T.J. Maxx was founded in March 1976 and expanded into a national chain
                         under the leadership of CEO and Chairman, Ben Cammarata. The
                         company’s current CEO is Carol Meyrowitz.

                         T.J. Maxx currently operates more than 850 stores in 48 states. The
                         company employs approximately 30,000 associates.

                         T.J. Maxx's expansion plan includes opening approximately 30 stores
                         over the next several years.

GROWTH OF THE            Off-price retailing grew in the recession of the mid-'70s when consumers
OFF-PRICE INDUSTRY:      had limited discretionary income. Consumers wanted to save money
                         without sacrificing quality and fashion. Shopping "off-price" provided
                         the perfect solution.

                         Through the years, the off-price industry has continued to grow. The
                         recession of the early '90s reinforced consumers' value-oriented
                         mentality and heightened the demand for quality fashions at reasonable

HOW T.J. MAXX            T.J. Maxx conducts all aspects of its business with an off-price mentality.
DELIVERS VALUE:          Specifically, T.J. Maxx aims to deliver top fashion, brand, quality and
                         price with every piece of merchandise in the store. We can achieve those
                         things because of the following factors:

                         1.) Tremendous Buying Power and Experienced Buyers: T.J. Maxx
                         buyers purchase merchandise for the largest off-price chain in the nation
                         giving them significant buying power in the retail marketplace.
                         Manufacturers know that T.J. Maxx buyers purchase in very large
                         quantities, make on-the-spot buying decisions and make prompt payments.
                         Additionally, T.J. Maxx buyers never return unsold merchandise to
                         vendors. Once T.J. Maxx owns the merchandise, it either sells it or
                         donates it to charity.

                         T.J. Maxx buyers have years of off-price buying experience and solid
                         relationships with more than 10,000 vendors around the world which
                         assures access to merchandise that meets the company’s strict
                         specifications for fashion, quality, price and consumer appeal.

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                         2.) Low Store Overhead: From real estate decisions to every day
                         operating expenses, T.J. Maxx keeps overhead costs low. For instance,
                         T.J. Maxx stores are typically located in suburban strip centers where
                         overhead costs are lower than higher-priced mall locations. Inside the
                         store, T.J. Maxx includes neat fashion displays and individual fitting
                         rooms, but forgoes expensive mannequins and fancy fixtures.
                         Additionally, all store operating costs are keenly negotiated -- from the
                         wax on the floor to the signs on the door. All of these savings are
                         passed on to the customer through lower merchandise costs.

                         3.) Company-Owned Distribution Facilities: Manufacturers ship
                         merchandise directly to T.J. Maxx’s five distribution centers (Evansville,
                         IN; Worcester, MA; Las Vegas, NV, Pittston, PA and Charlotte, NC),
                         where ticketing, sorting and distribution occurs. Strict control of the
                         distribution process allows T.J. Maxx to keep costs low and ensure its
                         stores are always stocked with fresh brand name and designer

OFF-PRICE VS.            T.J. Maxx and department stores offer the same brand name and
DEPARTMENT STORES:       designer merchandise. Department stores, however, conduct sales on
                         select items at certain times of the year. Merchandise is marked down
                         for a limited time and then returned to its original price once the sale is
                         over. T.J. Maxx offers great values on all of its merchandise every day.

OFF-PRICE VS.            Off-price stores sell brand name and designer merchandise, while
DISCOUNT STORES:         discount stores primarily sell private label merchandise. The difference
                         between the two is in the relative value of the merchandise. For
                         example, a private label blouse selling at a discount store for $19.99 was
                         manufactured to sell at that price. At T.J. Maxx, a brand name or
                         designer blouse selling for $19.99 was manufactured to sell at
                         approximately $40.

STORE DESIGN:            Distinct signs, in-store displays and a well-designed store layout work
                         together to create an "easy-to-shop" environment in each store. T.J.
                         Maxx places great emphasis on having neat and attractive stores and
                         maintains well-organized departments and merchandise displays.

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CUSTOMER SERVICES:             Liberal return policy
                               Acceptance of major credit cards and personal checks
                               Toll-free customer service (1-800-926-6299)
                               Gift Cards
                               Fashion shows arranged with interested groups (contact local stores)

COMMUNITY                T.J. Maxx supports many non-profit organizations across the
INVOLVEMENT:             country including the Save the Children and Autism Speaks.         The
                         T.J. Maxx partnership with the domestic branch of Save the Children
                         currently provides assistance to more than 850 underprivileged children
                         and their families.

                         For more information visit us on the web at (parent company), or


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