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					          Invest Financial Corporation
   A National 3rd Party Marketing Firm for Bank Broker Dealers- A Technology Perspective
Broker’s Ally Software Installation and Case Study
                                                           BackOffice and Front Office Software
                                                           Invest Financial utilizes the back office accounting
                                                           system of National Financial, and engaged the team
                                                           at Scherrer Resources to support data migration
                                                           where necessary to foster the client relationship
                                                           management process and to migrate their legacy
                                                           database of accounting and client investment
                                                           holdings information into Broker’s Ally.
Invest Financial Overview:
                                                           Broker’s Ally was selected to provide management
       Since 1982, INVEST has been providing              of client relationships among the advisors and
        clients with convenient access to a full-array     support staff. The Invest Financial CRM System
        of investment products and services through        gives brokers, advisors and their support personnel
        local financial institutions across the USA.       the skills and tools they need to effectively sell their
                                                           investment products. This system helps them find
       INVEST stresses a financial planning               new clients, identify their needs, and sell them the
        approach to help meet financial goals.             benefits of a broad range of investments.

                                                           Partners in Success
       INVEST offers retirement plan solutions to
                                                           Within Invest Financial, an advisor is not left all
        meet the needs of corporations, partnerships
                                                           alone; they are supported by Broker’s Ally, their
        and sole proprietors.
                                                           partner for success in the communication of
                                                           investment ideas and products. Utilizing their 3rd
Since 1982, over one-half of a million people have         party sales force and streamlining with Broker’s
turned to INVEST for help in reaching their                Ally, Invest Financial is able to consistently meet its
financial goals. Invest Financial has used the             goals of expanding its client base and franchise. For
reliable Broker’s Ally customer relationship               more information on Invest Financial, visit their
management (CRM) and portfolio reporting                   web site at
software tool for over 10 years. They researched
dozens of vendors and selected Broker’s Ally               Training Service and Software Maintenance
because it best fit their requirements for a flexible      Broker’s Ally comes with complete up-to-date user
tool that could be used in their bank brokerage            manuals and training documentation. Advisors and
environments. Invest Financial provides banking            their support personnel receive the most recent
and investment services to their national clients who      versions of Broker’s Ally through software site
are banks as a 3rd party marketing organization            licensing and software maintenance assurance.
under long term contract.                                                                          SalesGroup/CaseStudies/BAInvest.doc

                                                           Scherrer Resources, Inc.
Invest Financial, the 3rd party retail broker/dealer for
                                                           Broker’s Ally Software and Systems
dozens of regional and local banks, operates an
                                                           275 Commerce Drive
investment services group to facilitate purchase of
                                                           Fort Washington, PA 19034
investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual
                                                           215-542-5720 and Visit: www.Broker’
funds for their clients.
Software for CRM                                       User Quotes: Recognized Excellence
Broker’s Ally is a scalable, enterprise application    In every software category there is always one
used on desktops, notebooks, Internet, local and       product that stands apart... a product that establishes
wide area networks and supports full usage of          the benchmark against which all others are judged.
monitors, printers and communication ports. Client     In this profession, that product is Broker’s Ally!
and prospect data can be displayed on screen,          According to a survey in Registered Representative
printed out in reports or on mailing labels, or sent   Magazine, Broker’s Ally is the Number 1 most
via e-mail to other sales offices. The database        popular application used by brokers.
allows multiple users to track the same accounts,
and depicts the relationship between contacts to       “I’ve used Broker’s Ally since 1985. It’s an integral
facilitate account management. The database            part of my brokerage business. The new Windows
structure is built on the open database compatible     version is a must for people who have Microsoft
(ODBC) standard, allowing for alternative database     Windows.”
than that which is installed automatically (dBase).    … Charles Lee, III, Brown Brothers Harriman
Popular alternative database versions include those
of MS-SQL server, Oracle and Sybase.                   “Broker’s Ally provides portfolio reporting to a
                                                       program that has increased my production over 50%
Scherrer Resources, Inc.                               last year, qualifying me for the President’s Club of
Scherrer specializes in the creation of sales force    Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Broker’s Ally is my
automation (SFA) systems with over 50,000              partner for success in the future!”
licensees and users in over 36 countries worldwide.    …Ken Eisenberg VP MorganStanleyDeanWitter
These systems include portfolio management,
customer relationship management (CRM) tools,          “Several people in our office, including myself, use
contact management, sales pipeline control,            Broker's Ally and attribute a great measure of our
database management, word processing, campaign         success to the system. It’s fast and reliable."
tools, order entry, appointment reminders, note        …Roch Tranel, Money Concepts Capital
taking and features to attract and retain customers.
                                                       “Broker’s Ally has been instrumental in taking me
The Ally Product Line                                  to the million dollar mark in seven years!”
The Ally products are a trade name of Scherrer         …Harry Pappas, Jr., SVP, Smith Barney Shearson
Resources, Inc. and their products include a full
range of software tools for sales-intensive            “Broker’s Ally has made me a much better broker
businesses. Broker’s Ally, was developed for           and gives me the power to prove it to my clients
applications where a broad range of sales support      through Broker’s Ally new expanded reporting
features are needed. Broker’s Ally is the leading      features.”
product for investment brokers and financial           …Robert Hunter, A.G. Edwards and Sons, Inc.

advisors. Web Ally is their browser- based
technologies, while Ally software modules are
specialized tools for their respective niche. Ally
software is a trademark of Scherrer Resources, Inc.
and Ally web sites are designed for customer
contact management support.
                                                       275 Commerce Drive, Fort Washington, PA 19034
 Ally      …your partner for success!

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