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									                                             MARTIN WATTS
                             26 Bodorgan Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH2 6NL
                            Tel. 01202 887696 E-mail


An experienced technical contractor used to working in a high pressure developing environment.
My skill set has developed to keep up with technologies from a science background using c, c++
and assembly for modelling electromagnetic fields, to client server web services.


Skill             competency            Duration commercial use
                                        ( years )
JAVA              Good                  6
JSP               Good                  3
Struts            Good                  3
J2ME              Good                  ½
SQL               Good                  12
LINUX /           Average               5
 Relativity       Good                  5
J2EE              Average               3


Fortran, c, c++ , MFC, assembly .


MFC Contract Vocab tester

For the last ½ year I have been redeveloping a JAVA vocabulary tester for mobile phones. This buids
on my extensive Applet programming. The resulting mobile application is a component in a product
suite which allows the generation of text book specific vocab lists which can be generated to test
between any 2 languages using text, audio and visual displays.

A major part of this program has been the development of a database interface which allows SQL
records accessed by the PC based version of the program to be stored in a phone based text file which
can be accessed by the same SQL commands via a set of java.sql like interfaces. This allows the
application to be run either as PC based, applet based or mobile phone based.

A major constraint in the development of this application has been the range of mobile phones which
have been tageted as potential users for the application , which has require terse coding, restricted API
sets and good data compression.

IT Manager ( contract )                                                July 2002 to January 2008
Turnkey Music, London

   Turnkey music London is the largest single site music retail outlet in England employing 100 people
    on a single site. The primary specification was to produce an audit of the IT systems both hardware
    and software, assess the requirements going forwards, evaluate the plans put into place by the IT
    team and to complete java development on a music samples playback system. The company at
    this point was using a COBOL point of sales package with limited reporting facilities and
    development potential.

    The IT department was restructured and built up into a 4 man team comprising management and
    development, desktop management, server and network, web design ( DTP and front end) . I
    became the overall IT manager and lead developer / architect for all in house developments over
    the last 4 years. During this five years I have had a 2 month rolling contract.

   All software development has been on a J2EE business object model with subclasses to instantiate
    and synchronise to and from COBOL or MYSQL data structures.
   Set up of MYSQL MIS reporting system with overnight data synchronisation ( JAVA / Relativity ).

   Stock management application for stock item developments particularly driven by internet
    requirements ( JAVA ). With a remote warehouse and dispatch system , serialised items and a
    holding stock of hundreds of thousands of pounds, stock management, purchasing and
    reconciliation is crucial in the running of a large retail business.

   Struts driven internet site ( JAVA / Struts ). 5 years ago the internet site for this company
    ( ) was a few static pages. Now the internet site accounts for 10% turnover on a
    daily basis and impacts 20% on commercial sales if it is not running. I provided the back end layer
    for this web site which was built on the stock management system I had already written. We worked
    with the DTP department for the front end.

   Data synchronisation script interpreter for maintaining internet, live and COBOL datasets.

   Working closely with the managing director of the company to fulfil ad hoc requirements and
    business analysis. During the last year the company has been sold to a large musical chain. As part
    of this sales process there were many instances of ad hoc projects which needed to be produced to
    answer questions from the purchasers. We have just completed migration of the point of sales
    information to a group wide system to be managed by the existing group IT department based in

Programmer / Business Analyst ( contract )                                    April 1999 to July 2002
Primus Telecommunications, London

 Primus Telecommunications is a call platform telecommunications company providing both fixed line
  billing and calling card services. The initial requirement was for a Visual Basic based system to
  interface with the billing systems to allow the marketing department to define and integrate ad hoc
  promotions into the billing system.

 Visual basic, SQL Server

 During the course of this contract as my understanding of the telecomm platforms evolved my role
  changed from that of programmer to working more closely with the business defining new products
  and taking charge of projects. I was overall project manager for the telecomm platform migrations
  which had to be complete before the year 2000 to account for potential issues arising from the Y2K

Developer ( payroll )                                                                 1996 to 1999
Dorset Software Services

   Dorset Software Services is a development house. It employs approximately 50 people both at a
    central development centre in Poole and provides flexible on site resources in the form of either
    personnel or outsourcing.
   Visual basic, SQL Server, Access, C
   Over time I became responsible for providing in house training courses on evolving internet
Programmer ( payroll )                                                               1994 to 1996
Denne developments Ltd

   Software development for modelling electromagnetic actuators in the motion base ( flight simulator )
   Modelling of motion base response and performance to fixed loads.
   C, C++, Assembly, Mathcad.
   Visit client sites abroad to perform on the spot diagnostics and repairs of software and hardware.
   Interface motion bases with Silicon graphics engine for exhibitions.

B.Sc. (Hons first class) Physics with Opto/electronics                 September 1988 to June 1993
University of Surrey, UK

4 year sandwich course. 1 year in Stuttgart Germany at a physics research centre working with semi
conductor variable wavelength lasers.

A-Level: Maths ( A ) , Physics ( A ), and Music ( C )


Languages      German ( conversational ) , Spanish ( conversational ), Chinese Mandarin
( conversational )

Sport          Kung Fu: Approximately every 2 months I teach a seminar around Europe on the
system of kung fu which I train in. This year I have taught in London, Madrid, Southampton , Sheffield
and Hamburg. The seminars are either by invitation from an association, or ventures which I set up
which involves hiring the location, advertising and pricing. I run a small kung fu club.

               Skiing: I have worked in a piste service team in St Anton in Austria which involved
handing explosives, escorting troublemakers from the pistes and removing injured skiers

Other           Music / Piano:

IT            I maintain an interest in IT outside of the professional arena. My major projects is a
J2EE based client server architecture model which I use for my web sites. I have serveral web sites
which provide customisable third party content. The main engine for this is a contact networking
web site which has evolved into and object driven search engine.


Sex                     Male

Date of Birth           1969

Nationality             British / Austrian

References are available on request

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