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SESSION RATES for Trips & Dips Explorers
For children entering Kindergarten – 2nd grades
$525each for sessions #1, 3, and 4.
$475 for session #2
$265 for session #5. Tuition includes field trips, swim days,
materials and afternoon snacks. In case of rain, we will have
alternative on site activities planned. 
SESSION RATES for Trips & Dips Adventurers
For children entering 3rd-5th grades                                                      
                                                                                Trips and Dips
$580each for sessions #1, 3, and 4
$525 for session #2
$290 for session #5 - Tuition includes full-day and half-day field
trips, swim days, materials and afternoon snacks. In case of rain,
alternative on site activities will be offered. 
                                                                                     Summer 2008
SESSION RATES for Trips & Dips CIT Program                           at Stone Mill E.S., 14327 Stonebridge View Dr., N. Potomac 20878
For kids who have completed     7th-9th   grades                                                
$380 for each session of the summer. Must apply to be                                            
considered for this program. Only two spaces available per               For children entering Kindergarten – 5th grade
session. 
                                                                          Your child’s passport to a hu-latta summer fun!
                                                                  
                                                                                               
                                                                              Academy Child Development Center
                                                                                         (301) 424-6282
                                                                                Email: tripsanddips@gmail.com
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                         Trips & Dips
           By Academy Child Development Center
                                                                              Financial Information
                                                                         APPLICATION FEE
                       Summer 2008                                       Non-refundable application fee is $50 per family.
                                                                         A confirmation letter will be sent home which will include your
          Your child’s passport to a hu-latta summer fun!                payment schedule (if applicable).
                                                                        
Dear Parents:                                                            DISCOUNT RATE
                                                                        If you enroll one child for all five sessions of Trips & Dips and pay
Welcome to Trips & Dips Summer 2008!Our staff has been busy            in full by January 30, 2008, you will receive a 5% All Sessions
planning new and exciting programs for your children. Summer             Discount. (If you have a sibling enrolled at Academy full-time,
2008 will be the BEST yet!                                            you will also receive the 10% sibling discount).
Here are some exciting highlights for 2008                             
     One Location – Our Trips & Dips Summer 2008program will           Please be aware that discounts do not apply to Shuttle
          be held at Stone Mill ES in North Potomac.                  Service.
     Hours - Trips & Dipswill operate 9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
          Monday through Friday.Extended Care Hours will be            TUITION
          available to families for an additional fee.                  Please see the back of this brochure for per session tuition
     Shuttle Service –Academy will offer pick up and drop off           fees. You have the option of paying the whole summer rate
          at Cold Spring ES. This service is available to families for   or paying for the sessions you want to reserve. Spaces are
          an additional fee.                                           reserved first come, first served. The tuition listed below is the
     Explorers (for children entering K-2nd grades) – Fun               total amount due for all five sessions of Trips & Dips. Please
          themes may include: Shake, Rattle & Roll; Sun, Sand &          note the amounts listed do not include Extended Care tuition
          Surf; Oh So Messy; Young Einsteins; Water, Water               or any discounts.
          Everywhere. Each two week session includes field trips
                                                                         Explorers Sessions 1-5 – $2,315              All Session Discount
          and swim days.                                                                                             Available through
                                                                         Adventurers Sessions 1-5 - $2,555
     Adventurers (for children entering 3rd-5th grades) -                                                                1/30/08
    These kids will be constantly on the go this summer!           *Please complete the enclosed application, tuition worksheet
          The Adventurers will go on full-day and half-day field         and submit with payment. Contact our office at
          trips and swim days each two week session.                    (301) 424-6282 to request an alternative payment plan. 

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Product or service category                      3
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                                                               When the Adventurers are on site, they will have the
PROGRAM HOURS                                                              opportunity to sign up for fun and exciting electives.
9:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. (See Extended Care Hours if necessary)                Each day the electives will change to offer a new and
Please note any camper that is dropped off early or                        exhilarating activity! 
picked up late and is not registered for Extended Care                  Counselor in Training(CIT program for students who have
Hours for that session will be charged the $100 Extended                    completed 7th-9th grades)
Care fee.                                                                 Students must submit a Counselor In Training application and
                                                                           have two written references sent to be considered for this
TRANSPORTATION                                                              program. Please see Program Description for more details.
Trips & Dipsby Academy is pleased to offer shuttle service                 Interviews will be scheduled for potential candidates.
to and from Cold Spring ES. The shuttle service fee
covers an A.M. pick up and P.M. drop off. Parents must                    TRIPS & DIPSis an outstanding summer School-Age
accompany student at the shuttle stop.
                                                                          program. Spaces are limited and we will fill up early, so
                                                                          register today!Only completed applications will be
The cost is $75 per child per session ($37.50 for #5). No
                                                                          considered on a first come basis and must include
prorated amount for partial use or missed pick ups.
                                                                          application, tuition worksheet & payment. Incomplete
Shuttle schedule will be distributed at a later date.
                                                                          applications will not be accepted. Take a peek at our special
                                                                          offer listed below for Trips & Dips, your child’s passport to a hu-latta
EXTENDED CARE                                                             summer fun!
We offer extended hours for parent’s convenience. The                     
cost is $100 per child per session ($50 for #5). The cost is              The kids that have attended Trips & Dips have thoroughly
the same whether you use all or part of the maximum                       enjoyed themselves and parents have praised the safe,
time. Enrollment covers each morning & afternoon of all                   nurturing, fun environment enhanced by experienced,
sessions. Parents are responsible for morning drop off                    professional staff. 
and evening pick up at Extended Care Locations.               
                                                                                              **SPECIAL OFFER**
EXTENDED CARE HOURS                                 If you pay for one child for all five sessions by January 30, 2008,
Cold Spring ES and Stone Mill ES                                         you will receive a 5% All Sessions Discount. 
7:30-9:00 a.m.and 3:30-6:30 p.m.                                     Sorry, no discounts apply to the CIT program. 
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                    Trips & Dips                                     Program Descriptions
                  General Information                    TRIPS & DIPS EXPLORERS
                                                           For children entering Kindergarten-2nd grades
  CAMP INFORMATION                                         Trips & Dips Explorers will be diving into a summer filled with FUN!
  Azra Ali-West                                            Each session is centered on a different theme which is
  Trips & Dips Summer Director/ Coordinator                incorporated into the daily scheduled activities. Themes may
                                                           include “Water, Water Everywhere” where the kids will bring their
  Phone: (301) 989-0245                                    swimsuits and get ready to dive into some summer fun like water
  Fax: (301) 424-9477                                     limbo and water relay races, or “Shake, Rattle & Roll” as the
  E-mail:tripsanddips@gmail.com                          summer heats up, they’ll be dancing to the music at Club Trips &
                                                           Dips! The Explorers will be spending their days having fun with arts
                                                           & crafts, exciting games and sports, as well as thrilling field trips
  Submit and mailyour completedTrips & Dips              and lazy days at the local pool. 
  application & tuition worksheet with check or            

  money order made payable to:                          TRIPS & DIPS ADVENTURERS
  Academy Child Development Center                         For children entering 3rd-5th grades
                                                           Trips & Dips Adventurers will be on the run each session. They will
  Attn: Trips & Dips                                      visit local sights in the metropolitan area such as Medieval Times,
  10109 Darnestown Road                                   Baltimore Zoo, Horseback Riding, Sugarloaf Mountain and the
  Rockville, MD20850                                     C&O Canal as well as spend lazy afternoons playing at the pool.
  *Please do not remit payment to your child’s             When the Adventurers are on site, they will have their choice of
  center. All applications must be postmarked by           exciting activities including sports, games, cooking or arts & crafts
                                                           projects. 
  January 30, 2008 to be eligible to receive the           
  special discount. Note Trips & Dips and your             COUNSELOR IN TRAINING  PROGRAM
  child’s name on the memo line.                          For kids who have completed 7th-9th grades
  DATES                                                    The program has been developed to provide an opportunity for
                                                           MCPS students to obtain Community Service Hours while learning.
  Session 1    June 16-June 27, 2008
                                                           This program builds leadership skills and provides opportunities for
  Session 2    June 30-July 11, 2008 (closed 7/4)        emergent leaders to be positive role models for elementary school
  Session 3    July 14-July 25, 2008                     children. Each CIT applicant must complete a Trips & Dips
  Session 4    July 28-August 8, 2008                    Summer 2008 Counselor In Training Application and obtain two
  Session 5    August 11-August 15, 2008 (1 week only)   written references from teachers who can speak to your
                                                           leadership skills, dependability, academic work and/or work with
  SCHEDULED CLOSINGS                                       children. Please send an email to tripsanddips@gmail.com to
  *INDEPENDENCE DAY:July 4th                           request a Trips & Dips Counselor In Training Program Application
                                                           and Reference Packet. Limit of two CITs per session.
  *August 18-22, 2008

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