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					The Industry That Makes
 The Supply Chain Work

MHIA Membership
  The Industry That Makes
   The Supply Chain Work
             A Valuable
Asset For Your Company

                                   About Material Handling
                                                & Logistics

MATERIAL HANDLING AND LOGISTICS is the movement, protection,
storage and control of materials and products throughout the process of
their manufacture and distribution, consumption and disposal.
According to the U.S. Department of Commerce and Bureau of Labor
Statistics, material handling and logistics is one of America's largest and
fastest growing industries. The consumption of material handling &
logistics equipment and systems in America exceeds $156 billion per
year, and producers employ in excess of 700,000 workers. Material
handling and logistics is a complete process and includes a wide range
of equipment, technologies and services essential to productive
manufacturing, warehousing and distribution operations.
About Material Handling
             & Logistics
                                                          About MHIA

leading non-profit trade association of material handling and logistics
providers. Members include equipment and systems manufacturers;
systems facilitators/integrators; consultants/simulators; third-party
logistics providers, software developers and publishers of material
handling & logistics goods and services for sale in the U.S.
Solutions that make the supply chain work.
MHIA members are pioneers and leading manufacturers in the field of
material handling and logistics. MHIA member solutions increase the
quality, safety, productivity and profitability of manufacturing,
warehousing, distribution and logistics operations.
Since its inception in 1945, MHIA has been industry's resource for
productivity solutions through the effective use of material handling and
logistics equipment, systems and technologies.
Membership Benefits

 •   Trade Show Participation
 •   Industry Group Membership
 •   Membership Meetings & Executive
 •   Industry publications and resources
 •   Market Research & Quarterly
     Material Handling Equipment
     Manufacturing Economic Forecast
 •   International Opportunities
 •   Educational and Training Resources
 •   MicroSite on
 •   Marketing and Publicity Programs
     and Resources
 •   MHIA ShowPro Trade Show
                    Membership Benefits

Trade Exhibitions

                       Each year, MHIA sponsors a
                       showcase of the best products and
                       services our industry has to offer.
                       The ProMat and NA (The Material
                       Handling and Logistics Show and
                       Conference) trade events represent
                       the largest and most comprehensive
                       showcases of material handling and
                       logistics equipment, systems and
                       services held under one roof in
                       North America.

                       Exhibition at these world-class
                       events is an exclusive benefit of
                       MHIA membership.
                                     Membership Benefits

Industry Groups
An advantage of membership within Material Handling Industry of
America is the opportunity to join the ranks as specialized product-
specific sections, affiliated trade associations and council groups.
These Industry Groups bring their members together as
the leading experts in an individual field to promote a specific industry
and create specifications and safety guidelines for that industry's circle
of equipment or systems.
                       Membership Benefits

MHIA Industry Groups

                         Hoist Manufacturers Institute
                         Membership Benefits

Membership Meetings and Executive Conferences

                          In addition to participating in
                          world-class trade exhibitions, Members
                          can further extend the benefits of
                          membership by joining peers in product-
                          specific groups, and participating in
                          exhibitor and educational councils,
                          further enhancing the value of their
                          industry involvement.
                          MHIA members and these groups attend
                          regular meetings and executive
                          During meetings, members and other
                          industry leaders focus on commercial
                          and business issues facing specific
                          product groups and the industry as a
                                  Membership Benefits

Education, Standards and Training
MHIA members also gain easy access to training opportunities. MHIA
maintains the Material Handling Resource Center, a comprehensive
facility for material handling and logistics research, training and
development with an extensive collection of material handling and
                           logistics periodicals, textbooks, trade journals,
                           conference proceedings, reports, and multi-
                           MHIA also publishes an extensive collection of
                           technical literature and standards. MHIA’s
                           educational and training programs include
                           Educational Conferences that accompany trade
                           shows, stand-alone seminars, programs, e-
                           learning opportunities and the MHIA ShowPro
                           Trade Show Workshop.
Membership Benefits
   Membership MicroSites
   MHIA's on-line membership
   MicroSites include member
   company contact information,
   logo, photos, Web site
   links and product/service
   descriptions and information.

   MHIA provides the directory for
   tens of thousands of buyers
   researching information about
   material handling & logistics
   solution providers. Your listing
   will help generate leads all
   year-long and differentiate your
   company as an industry leader.
Membership Benefits

   Industry Publications
   As a member of MHIA, you
   receive a complimentary
   subscription to the
   Industry's quarterly publication,
   On The Mhove. In addition,
   e-Mhove, the industry's monthly
   e-newsletter, provides updates
   on Industry news, trends and

   The Exhibitor newsletter,
   distributed regularly to Show
   exhibitors, provides valuable
   information on how to get the
   most out of your exhibition.
Membership Benefits

   Industry Research &
   MHIA represents a rich resource
   for members who want to
   research the industry and stay on
   track with trends. Our programs
   identify components of the
   industry to help you refine and
   target your marketing efforts.

   All MHIA members receive the
   quarterly Material Handling
   Equipment Manufacturers
   (MHEM) History and Economic
   Forecast at no cost.
                                     Membership Benefits

International Opportunities
MHIA undertakes a number of cooperative initiatives to build worldwide
awareness and recognition of the importance of the specific work of the
Material Handling Industry of America. MHIA has
direct participation in a number of
international trade fairs throughout
the year. Member companies have
the opportunity to participate in these
activities from time-to-time.
In addition, all MHIA trade events
feature an International Visitors
Center and a Matchmaker Program
that brings together international
buyers and sellers.
Membership Benefits and My MHIA provides members
   and end-users access to
   information on MHIA,
   its association and product
   section activities, MHIA member
   company products and services,
   trade shows, educational
   resources, industry news and
   research and much more.

   My MHIA offers Members Only
   resources to MHIA Members.
Membership Benefits
 On, users can:
  –   Access the latest Industry
      trends, news and information
  –   Research and purchase
      MHIA technical literature
  –   Download free literature
      and case studies
  –   Connect to the NA 2008 and
      ProMat 2009 virtual trade events
  –   Search MHIA member companies
       and news releases to find specific
      material handling & logistics solution
  –   Access valuable industry
      statistics and research
  –   Contact MHIA staff
  –   Request answers to specific questions
Membership Benefits

 In addition, MHIA members
 can log on to a secure
 My MHIA Members Only
 site to obtain valuable
 information and resources
 exclusively as a benefit
 of their membership.
 Members also have the
 opportunity to post their news
 releases on the Web
Membership Benefits

 Marketing and Publicity
 MHIA members gain access to a
 variety of marketing and
 promotional tools via marketing
 and public relations kits
 and tools plus exclusive access
 to the MHIA material handling &
 logistics press database.

 MHIA exhibitors also have
 exclusive access to MHIA trade
 show educational seminar
 opportunities and direct
 marketing lists.
                                         MHIA Membership:
                                  A Valuable Asset for your company

Apply For MHIA
Membership Today
MHIA member companies enjoy the
support and prestige that membership
in an industry-leading organization
exemplifies. Membership also creates
innumerable opportunities to take
advantage of valuable programming
and resources, as well as provides the
platform to network and create
strategic partnerships with other
Industry leaders.

To Learn More About MHIA and the Benefits of Membership
Contact: Ray Niemeyer, Director-Membership
          via phone at 704-676-1190/800-345-1815
          via e-mail at
Or visit

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