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					         Tulsa Area Small Business Guide
Business For Yourself?
 There are numerous details to be considered when venturing into business for the first time.
  The objective of this guide is to provide some assistance for the prospective business owner.

               Steps to Follow
               Registering Brand Names and Trademarks
               Forms of Organization
               Business Insurance
               Other Sources of Information

Steps To Follow
  1. Some businesses may require permits or licenses. The first step should be:

                        City License Center
                      111 S. Greenwood
                      Tulsa OK 74120
                      (918) 596-7640



                        Oklahoma Department of Commerce
                      Business Development Division
                      900 N Stiles
                      Oklahoma City OK 73104-3234
                      (800) 879-6552


  Zoning information can be obtained from:

                      Indian Nations Council of Governments
                    201 W. 5th St. Suite 600
                    Tulsa Oklahoma 74103
                    ( 918) 584-7526


   INCOG has zoning authority for the city of Tulsa plus a five-mile perimeter from the city
  limits. Location of a business outside this area should be coordinated through the city or
  county involved.
2. The second step should be the Oklahoma Tax Commission. The Tulsa office provides
information on all business taxes. State Income Tax must be deducted from employee
wages and Sales Tax added to customer billing. This money is then forwarded to the Tax
Commission. The office issues various business tax licenses and permits, and registers
employers for income tax withholding purposes

                     Oklahoma Tax Commission
                    440 South Houston
                    Tulsa Oklahoma 74127
                    ( 918) 581-2399 or 1-800-522-8165

Oklahoma tax rules and forms may be downloaded from:


The OTC holds a monthly tax workshop. For details go to:


3. The next step should be the Internal Revenue Service for information about federal taxes. A
   business must withhold Income, Social Security and Medicare taxes from employees, make
   periodic deposits of these taxes plus the matching share of Social Security and Medicare and
   Unemployment tax. Publication 334 is a tax guide for Proprietorships, 541 is for Partnerships
   and 542 for Corporations. You may wish to attend the free IRS small business workshop and
   obtain their “Businessman’s Kit” of tax information. Contact the:

                     Internal Revenue Service
                     1645 S 101st E Ave
                     Tulsa Oklahoma

                     Forms and Information (800) 829-1040

                     Forms only 1-800-829-3676

   IRS forms and publications may be downloaded from:


   The Tulsa Society of Certified Public Accountants holds small business Federal Tax
   Workshops call 918-583-2600

 4. An employer is also required to pay unemployment insurance taxes. For       information talk

                      Field Auditor
                     Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
                     6128 E 38th St Suite 405
                     Tulsa Oklahoma 74135
                      (918) 384-2300

 5. The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970(OSHA) affects all businesses. For
information on compliance with the Act’s standards contact:

                       Oklahoma LaborDepartment
                     440 S. Houston Suite 300
                     Tulsa Oklahoma 74127
                     (918) 581-2400 or (888) 269-5353


 6. Worker’s Compensation Insurance is required by law for most types of employment. This
insurance covers employees in the event of injury or death while on the job. For information,

                      Worker’s Compensation Court
                     440 S. Houston
                     Tulsa Oklahoma 74127
                     (918) 581-2714 or (800) 522-8210


7. US Immigration and Naturalization Service Employment Eligibility Law requires every
person you employee to complete a one page Form I-9. This form may be requested from:

                       US Naturalization Service
                     4400 SW 44th St Suite A Highline Blvd
                     Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73119-2800
                     (405) 942-8670) or (405) 219-3199


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Registering Brand Names & Trademarks
Brand names and trademarks may be registered in the Patent and Trademark Office of the US
Department of Commerce. Application for registration of a trademark is relatively simple and
may be handled by the applicant on the Internet. Trademark records, phone books, etc. should be
searched for similar names before filing. Much of this can be done on the Internet. However,
you may choose to pay an additional fee and have an attorney do it for you.

The best procedure is to have an experienced patent and trademark attorney search the records to
determine, if the name you propose to use is available and file your application. Should you
proceed without a search, you may infringe on a name already in use and could be held legally
liable for damages. In such a case you also will have lost your registration fee, the money
invested in labels, literature and advertising.
The Patent Office currently receives thousands of applications each year and processing is rather
slow. It may take six months or more from the date of your application to the time the Patent
Office makes a decision on it. For additional information and forms write:

                     Patent and Trademark Office
                     US Department of Commerce
                     Washington DC 20231


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Forms of Organization
The decision on whether to establish the business as a Proprietorship, Partnership, C
corporation, S Corporation or Limited Liability Company is very significant. Record
keeping, accounting complexity, business taxes, personal taxes and personal liability are
all affected. Consulting with an attorney and an accountant experienced with small
business practices should be a prerequisite to this decision.

Information about corporate and partnership registration can be obtained from:

                       Secretary of State
                     State Capital Building Room 101
                     2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.
                     Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73105-4897
                     (405) 521-3912


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Business Insurance
New businessmen assume that they cannot afford insurance. This can lead to severe problems.
There are legal requirements for certain types of insurance, such as Workers Compensation.
Motor vehicles, product liability, property, etc. must be properly covered.

An insurance agent should be chosen carefully. The agent should be experienced in insurance for
small businesses, must understand the exact nature of the new business and be asked for a
recommendation on the needed insurance coverage. This should be done in advance of opening
the business.

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Other Sources of Information
Small Business Administration (SBA)

 Provides management counseling, financial aid and help in procuring government contracts to
owners of small businesses.

                    Small Business Administration District Office
                    301 N. 6th Suite 101
                   Oklahoma City Oklahoma
                   (405) 609-8000


SCORE: Counselors to America’s Small Business
Sponsored by the Small Business Administration, SCORE provides free consulting services to
small businesses and those contemplating going into business.

                   SCORE Chapter 194
                   907 S Detroit Suite 1012
                   Tulsa Oklahoma 74120
                   (918) 581-7462


Better Business Bureau
Provides information concerning potential customers and suppliers and receives complaints about

                    1722 S Carson Ave Suite 3200
                    Tulsa Oklahoma 74119
                    (918) 492-1266


Oklahoma State Employment Service
Provides a placement service for employers. Publishes statistical data concerning the labor force
in Oklahoma:

                   6128 E 38th Street
                   Tulsa Oklahoma 74135
                   (918) 384-2300


University of Oklahoma
The Center for Economic and Management Research provides statistics on the State of Oklahoma
such as population, health, education, climate, income, prices, banking & public utilities.

                    307 West Brooks Room 4
                    Norman Oklahoma 73069
                    (405) 325-2931


Oklahoma Department of Commerce Research Division
Provides statistical information on the state.

                     900 N Stiles
                    Oklahoma City OK 73104-3234
                    (918) 815-6552   (800) 879-6552


City-County Library System
Provides business information including government documents.

                    Business and Technology Departmen
                    400 Civic Center – 4th Floor
                    Tulsa Oklahoma 74103
                    (918) 596-7977


Census Information Center of Eastern Oklahoma
Census information and reports


OSU Extension Center
Provides home based business information.

                     4116 E 15th Street
                    Tulsa OK 74112
                    (918) 746-3721


Tulsa Metro Chamber
 Small Business Center provides services to businesses: economic studies, statistical data,
networking and business directories.

                   2 W 2nd Street Suite 150
                   Tulsa Oklahoma 74103
                   (918) 585-1201

   or Small Business Hotline

                   (918) 583-5463


Oklahoma Small Business Development Center
Provides counseling, economic development assistance and training to small businesses

                   3100 E N Orleans
                  Broken Arrow OK 74016
                  (918) 449-6280


RSVP VOICES of Experience
Management assistance provided to Non-Profit and Public Agencies

                    5756 E 31st Street
                    Tulsa OK 74135
                    (918) 280-8656


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