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									                                  INTERNET LINKS
                                                                          Business Start-up
Oregon Small Business Development Network
Bureau of Labor & Industries      
Business Plans                    
Entrepreneur Magazine             
Idea Café                         
Inc. Magazine                     
Industry Link                     
Internal Revenue Service          
Lawyers/Attorneys/Legal Advise    
Microsoft Small Business Center   
Oregon Business Guide             
Oregon Department of Revenue      
Oregon Employment Department      
Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum        
Oregon Restaurant Association     
Oregon OSHA                       
Small Business Administration     
Small Business E-Marketplace      
Thomas Register of American Manufacturing
Wash. Innovation Assessment Center
US West Foundation                
Oregon Revises Statues            
A resource on technology law      
Nolo Law Center                   
Federal Trade Commission          
OR State Bar Public Education Program
Legal Information Site            
SBA Business Law Page             
Business Startup Preparation Evaluation
OSU Austin Family Business        
Oregon Rural Development Council  
Oregon Advanced Technology Consortium    
Dream Builders TV                        
American Home Business Association       
How-To's Start & Operate a Business      
Great Marketing & Management Site        

Oregon Economic Development              
Small Business Administration            
Regional Economic Data                   
Small Business Innovation Grants         
Smart Money magazine                     
Financial information, including bank rates by state
Wall Street Journal                      
Venture Capital Resource Library         
International Factoring Association      
Create/manage personal checklists, expense reports, invoices and payroll

American Home Business Association       
How-To’s for Starting & Operating a Business
Great Marketing & Management Site        
SBA Resources                            
SBDC National Information                

CNN’s Business & Financial News          
INC Magazine                             
SBA Online Library                       

Idea Café                                
Research Your Market                     
Small Business Administration           
Direct Marketing News                   
Provides tips on selling on the Web     
Marketing tips using the Web            
Internet News Bureau                    
A-Z of press releases                   
Suggestions when press releases are sent out
Press releases                          
Media Finder comprehensive database     
Mailing list resource                   
Trade shows information Mecca. Select an industry.
Other Related Links:

                                                                  Women/Minorities in Business
American Business Women’s Assoc.        
Women In Business                       
Hispanic Business Magazine              
Minority Business Development Agency    
National Federation For Women Business Owners
National Minority Business Council      
Oregon Association of Minorities        
Oregon Native Americans                 
SBA Office of Women’s Business Ownership
SBA Online Women’s Business Center      
Small Business Learning                 
Worldwide Minority Business Network     
Oregon Women Business Owners         
Oregon related sites                 
American Woman's Econ. Devel. Corp.  
Asian Women in Business              
Websites for Women                   
Business Owner's Toolkit             
African-American Women Biz Owners Assoc
SBA Online Women's Business Center   
Women Inc, the Business Resource for Women!
Center for Women's Business Research 
National Association of Women Business Owners
National Women Biz Owners Corp
National Women's Business Council    
Small Biz Resources for Women Business Owners
National Foundation of Women Business Owners
Small Business Resources for Women   
Home-Based Working Mom's             

                                                                Running A Family Business
Austin Family Business Program       

                                                                             Federal Agencies
Better Business Bureau               
Census Bureau Information            
Electronic Commerce Resource Center  
Federal Consumer Information         
Federal Trade Commission              or
Government Contractor Resource Center
Government Contract Assistance       
Internal Revenue Service             
National Fraud Information Center    
Small Business Administration        
                                                                       Oregon Agencies
Business In Oregon             
Government Contract Assistance 
Oregon Bureau of Labor         
Oregon Business Information Guide
Oregon Business Magazine       
Oregon Chamber of Commerce’s   
Oregon Department of Revenue   
Oregon Economic Development    
Oregon Employment Department   
Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum     
Oregon Innovation Center       
Oregon Labor Market            
Oregon Market Place            
Oregon Restaurant Association  
Rural Development Initiative   
SBA’s Oregon State Profile Oregon OSHA

Copyright Clearance Center     
Idea Research                  
Inventions & Innovation        
Patents & Trademarks Office    
Patent Classifications         
Small Business Administration  
US Copyright Act               
                                                                             Home Office
Women In Business              
H-P Small Business Web Resource Ctr.
My Virtual Reference Desk      
                                                                             Trade Shows
Have a question? Can’t find the answer?    
                                                                               Business Tax Forms
Schedule C Profit and Loss From Business   
Schedule C Instructions for Form           
Schedule C-EZ Net Profit From Business    
Schedule E Supplemental Income and Loss    
Schedule E Instructions for Form           
Schedule F Profit or Loss From Farming     
Schedule F Instructions for Form           
Schedule SE Self-Employment Tax           
Schedule SE Instructions for Form          
Form 4562Depreciation and Amortization     
Form 4562Instructions for Form             
Form 8829 Business Use of Home             
Form 8829Instructions for Form             
Form SS-4 App Employer ID
Other State business forms:

                                                                          Assumed Business Name
New Registration
SIC Codes   
Articles of Incorp.
Cert. Limited Part.

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