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									                                        POCKLINGTON TOWN COUNCIL

         Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council held in the Meeting Room Old Courthouse George
                   Street Pocklington on Thursday 8th February 2007 commencing at

       Present:         The Town Mayor, Councillor Malcolm (Chairman)
                        Councillors Blake-James, Bryon, Cox, Dexter, Green, Petrie, Shepherd, Sykes, West
                        & Wilkinson.

       In attendance: Richard Wood, clerk, a member of the press and a member of the public.
       Graham Perry Colin Goodman & Peter Green were present before the meeting started. Mr
       Perry gave a presentation on the PCT proposals and submitted a paper for the council to
       consider. He urged the council to arrange for an action group to be formed with Market
       Weighton so representation of this area could be given. (Before the presentation Cllr’s Blake-
       James & Cox declared a personal interest on the above and took no part in the discussion).
       Mr Perry was thanked for his presentation.

       Rev. Alan Spademan had given his apologies so Peter Green, a lay preacher, led the council
       in prayers.
           1. Apologies: Apologies were received from Cllr Jennings (unwell).

   Agenda Item    Discussion and Outcomes                                                Action
   2. To confirm Cllr Green proposed the minutes be accepted as a true record. 2 nd Cllr

   the minutes of West and agreed.
   the         Town
   meeting      held
   on 11th January
   3. To report         There were no matters arising.
   matters arising
   from        those
   4. To receive        Cllr Blake-James and Cllr Cox declared a personal interest in any
   any                  subject connected with the ERYC. Cllr Petrie declared both a personal
   declarations of      and prejudicial interest with regard to Cemetery Lodge. Cllr’s Shepherd
   interest in          and Wilkinson declared a personal interest in matters relating to the
   relation to any      Croft playpark.
   agenda item.
   5. To consider the Cllr Petrie spoke about training for councillors. He had been asked to
   training of        make a submission to ERNLLCA about training and posed the questions
   councillors        ‘Should training of councillors be compulsory?’ ‘What form should it
                      take?’ ‘Could a membership card for councillors be devised to record
                      attendance at seminars training sessions etc’? After a discussion it was
                      agreed the training should not be compulsory but every effort should
                      be made to encourage councillors to attend training. It was universally
                      felt complicated procedures inhibited potential councillors.
   6. To consider the A paper had been submitted by the clerk on our present insurance. An P&R
   councils insuranceadvisor from Zurich Municipal (the council insurer) had been due to
                      attend the office today but had cancelled due to poor weather. It
                      was agreed to refer this to the next Policy & Resources meeting.

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     7. to receive the Cllr Wilkinson proposed the financial statement of the council be
     financial         accepted and the below payments agreed. 2nd Cllr Bryon and agreed
     statement of (a) Payments for Approval
     P.T.C. and agree Pocklington Town Council meeting
     (b) consider the on 8th February 2007
     bank statements Cheque Salaries
     from PAC and      1946 R Wood
     agree payments    1947 J Farmer
     to receive the    1935 S Knill
     quarterly figures 1936 E Moore
                       1948 Inland Revenue (10)                                                        1569.45
                                  total                                                              £4,631.13
                                  paid by direct debit/already paid

                         Cheque                               Invoice                                amount      V.A.T.
                          D/D     P.W.L.B.                  Mortgage repayment                       24801.17
                          1937    R Westmoreland             Hedging plants                            118.68       17.68
                          1938    Pocklington Boilers        Service heating courthouse                430.90       64.18
                          1939    J.R. Turnbull Ltd          Cemetery maintenance                      549.56       81.85
                          1940    A & L Stewart Ltd         Electrical work Cemetery Lodge            1053.66      156.93
                          1941    Zurich Municipal          Added insurance premium                   1570.73
                          1942    E.R.Y.C.                 Burnby Hall booking                          35.00
                          1943    Henley's Nurseries        Tree                                        39.96        5.96
                          1944    Yorkshire in Bloom        Entry fee                                   45.00
                          1945    Petty cash               Petty cash                                   47.08        1.90
                          1949    Woldgate College          Carols with the Mayor                       50.00
                          1950    Norman Computers          Business Support Service                   120.00       17.88
                                                                                             total   33492.87      346.38
                      Cllr Cox proposed accepting the bank statements from Pocklington Arts
                      Centre and agree payment of £2243.20 to PDS. 2nd Cllr Green and agreed. Note to
                      The councillors were pleased with the quarterly figures and congratulated PAC
                      the staff on their achievement.

8. To agree the       Cllr Dexter proposed accepting the burial of Simon Robert Staveley.
list of burials and   Seconded by Cllr Bryon and agreed.
9.                           FEBRUARY MEETING
correspondence–          1            ERYC                        Children's Newsletter
as per list              2            Vixen87fm                   Introduction to local radio station
                         3            EYTA                        Visit East Yorkshire guide
                         4            YEDL                        Electricity return for Christmas lights
                         5            Humberside Police           Neighbourhood watch bulletin
                         6            Introducing local           Event Rendezvous Hotel Skipton 19.02.07
                         7            PCT                         Meeting Leisure World 07.02.07 7pm-9pm
                         8            ACAS                        Training Brochure
                         9            PWLB                        Repayments
                        10            Bradford Council            Civic Heads seminar 02.04.07
                        11            ERYC                        Sport recognition awards
                        12            The Playing Field           newsletter
                        13            Humbrella                   newsletter
                        14            NALC                        Data Protection consultation

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                    15            NALC                    Consultation protection of Common Land
                    16            NALC                    Amendments to Code of Conduct
                    17            Coast Lines             Tourist information
                    18            Harold Sleightholme     Permision to erect a shed on allotments
                    19            ERYC                    Small business rate relief application
                    20            ERYC                    Proposed no waiting St Helens Road
                    21            ERYC                    Parish Paths initiative
                    22            YEDL                    Relocation of electric meter
                    23            Shore Construction      Complaint
                    24            Pocklington Playgroup   Submission of funding application
                    25            Cllr Wilkinson          Cemetery Lodge
                    26            Heritage seminar        Hull 22.02.07
                    27            Wickstead               Brochure
                    28            EYTA                    Meeting 07.02.07
                    29            Standards Board         Survey
                    30            PAC                     Bond film night
                    6. Refer to Chamber of Trade
                    12. Forward to Cllr Wilkinson
                    16. Refer to P&R
                    18. Permission given
                    19. Noted that council no longer entitled to relief
                    21. Form to be completed – request a further scheme be devised
                    22. Cllr Cox proposed we go ahead with the relocation of the electric
                    23, 24 & 25 to closed part of meeting
                    26 Copy to Cllr Malcolm
                    27 Forward to Cllr’s Shepherd & Wilkinson
                    29 Survey to be completed by Cllr Cox
                    30 closed part of the meeting.
10. To consider   The report was accepted. It was agreed to organise an information Publicity for
the Town Clerks   morning for potential councillors at the Old Courthouse on Saturday 24th event.
 report           February from 10am. Cllr Malcolm to produce flow-charts on council
                  organisation. Cllr Wilkinson to deal with refreshments. Copies of the Good
                  Councillors Guide to be obtained. A discussion took place about the
                  article on Pocklington from the Yorkshire Post. Cllr Dexter said he was
                  disappointed with the article which did not highlight the good points of
                  the town. It was agreed to encourage people to vote for the town in the
                  market towns competition and to produce a rival article for circulation.
11. To consider   The report was accepted. The Council were particularly pleased with the
the PAC           success the Centre was having which was reflected in the quarterly
managers          figures.
12. To receive    Cllr Wilkinson proposed accepting the minutes of the Planning meeting
and agree         01.02.07 2nd Cllr West & agreed.
committee         Cllr Green proposed accepting the minutes of the Policy & Resources
minutes           meeting 25.01.07 2nd Cllr Bryon and agreed. It was decided to invite the
                  P.C.T. to give a presentation on the proposed changes and to link up with
                  Market Weighton Town Council to see if there was interest in forming a
                  group to represent the area.
                  Cllr Sykes proposed accepting the Road Safety minutes of 01.02.07 2nd Cllr
                  Shepherd and agreed.
                  Joint meeting with PAC notes were received. The ‘In Bloom’ minutes were not

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13. To receive      Cllr Wilkinson, Cllr Green and Cllr Sykes reported attending the CPP
representative      meeting when Supt Stafford had addressed them on local policing. Cllr
reports             Sykes had attended the Civic Society meeting. Cllr Wilkinson reported on
                    an initiative by PCSOs to patrol The Croft, ie: the drinking problem. A
                    person had been apprehended buying drink for under 18s. The CCTV had
                    been useful in providing evidence. Cllr Dexter had attended the
                    Chamber of Trade meeting who questioned why PCSOs were patrolling in
                    twos. Cllr Bryon had attended the Chairman and Clerks meeting where
                    the main topic was the PCT changes. Cllr Malcolm had attended and
                    enjoyed the pantomime at Malton.

14. Consider the Cllr Malcolm proposed that in view of the confidential nature of the
closing of the   business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest that
meeting to the   the press and public be temporarily excluded and they are instructed to
public           withdraw. Seconded by Cllr Shepherd and agreed
15. Consider the Cllr Green proposed authorising the payment of salaries. Seconded Cllr
payment of       Bryon and agreed.
16. Consider the (23) The letter from Shore Construction was read. It was decided to get
letters 23, 24 & the draft agreement from the solicitors. All events to be logged by PAC
30               staff.
                    (24) It was agreed to submit a WREN application in relation to the Croft
                    (30) After a discussion it was agreed to host a drinks reception for Friends
                    of PAC before the film on 24 February 2007. Staff to also be invited.

17. Review the      (25) The report from Cllr Bryon and Cllr Wilkinson was received. It was Clerk to
condition of   agreed to tile the bathroom and carry out anti-damp painting.                obtain
Cemetery Lodge                                                                              quotes

18. Celebration     Cllr Cox asked that consideration be given to having Christmas cards
of Christmas        printed for the Council. This was agreed. The matter was referred to
                    Development and Marketing for detailed consideration with a design
                    competition, perhaps, for local schools.

           There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.35 pm.

                                     Signed as a true record of the meeting

                                     …………………………………….. Town Mayor

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