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					Chateau-Animaux Launches Affiliate Program

        Doolittle’s Chateau-Animaux has introduced a new Affiliate Program on its up-
scale pet-supply website, The Capitol Hill retailer developed
the program specifically with the goal of assisting non-profit, animal-related groups, such
as animal shelters, breed and rescue groups, to raise much needed funds.

        In business for more than ten years in the heart of Washington, DC, Chateau-
Animaux prides itself on superior service, products, and a commitment to all companion
animals. The store regularly holds cat adoptions and sponsors several local pet-related
fund-raisers. “The Affiliate Program helps us reach out further to companion animal
groups throughout the country via our web site,” states company President, Dennis
Bourgault. “We recognize so many of our animal friends are mistreated and do not have
permanent homes. If they’re lucky, they may find temporary housing in public or private
shelters and through rescue groups, which typically do not have adequate funding.
Because of this, many great, adoptable animals are simply destroyed. That is why we
developed our Affiliate Program.”

         While anyone with a qualified web site can join the Chateau-Animaux Affiliate
Program, the company has allocated the highest level of Affiliate commissions to non-
profit, animal-related groups. “Rather than start a private foundation, we felt we could
help more groups in need through this Program,” states Bourgault. Specifically, non-
profit companion animal organizations can receive up to fifteen percent (15%)
commissions on any sale on Chateau-Animaux’s website made through special links
created on their Affiliate’s website. According to the company, this is one of the most
generous affiliate programs available in the industry.

        The commission is guaranteed whether the visitor places an order immediately
after coming to from the Affiliate's site, or whether the purchase
is made up to thirty (30) days after coming from the Affiliate's site to Chateau-, even if the person returns directly to The
commission is credited to the last referring Affiliate when the item ships, and is paid out

        Groups interested in joining the Affiliate Program can fill out an on-line
application. Chateau-Animaux reviews the application and website. Once
approved, the Affiliate uses a special link builder tool, and posts the links and
related images on its web site. The special links can be created to Chateau-
Animaux’s home page, or to specific products or product categories. The
Affiliate can then begin tracking its commissions through detailed, on-line
reports. There is no fee associated with the application or participation in the

       Bourgault describes the program as a “win-win” way to develop business
and help animal groups that typically need additional funding. Since launching
the program last week, the company reports it already has several new Affiliates
signed up from across the country.