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easynet broadband


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									                              Why Easynet?
                        Combining the global experience and pedigree of managed networks from Easynet and
                        converged solutions from Westcon Convergence, in partnership we can provide a truly
                        unique channel focused end-to-end solution.

                        Who is Easynet?                                   Key solutions
                        Established in 1994, Easynet has quickly become   Easynet offer a range of unique and compelling
                        recognised as one of the leading providers of     business solutions such as:
                        managed network solutions in the UK. Owning
                        extensive national and international network      Business Broadband
                        infrastructure, Easynet differentiates itself     A wide range of business class broadband
                        through customer service excellence. Acquired     connections are available, offering high bandwidth
                        by BSkyB in 2005, Easynet continues to grow       access in the most cost effective way. Easynet has
                        and develop through innovation, customer          an unrivalled portfolio of broadband solutions
                        loyalty and strong partnerships.                  including	ADSL	and	SDSL.	With	a	5:1	contention	
                                                                          ratio, fully managed services with support and
                         •	   Pioneers	of	Local	Loop	Unbundling	(LLU)     back up options, Easynet broadband solutions are
                         •	   One	of	the	largest	networks	in	the	UK       truly unique.
                         •	   True	global	reach
                         •	   Over	1,100	staff                            SureStream™
                         •	   Acquisition	by	BSkyB	in	2005                SureStream is an innovative leased line solution
                         •	   Market	capitalisation	of	£9	billion         which provides guaranteed performance at a
                         •	   Industry	leading	Service	Level	Agreements   fraction of the cost of legacy leased line services.
                         •	   Superbly	managed	solutions                  By	utilising	Easynet’s	own	LLU	footprint,	a	range	of	
                                                                          different connection speeds are available, scalable
                                                                          up	to	4Mbps.	A	1:1	contention	ratio	is	available	on	
                                                                          all speeds, guaranteeing bandwidth and network
                                                                          connectivity at all times.

                                                                          EtherStream is a truly unique solution providing
                                                                          a	cost	effective,	scalable,	Layer	2	Ethernet	service	
                                                                          delivered	using	Easynet’s	national	Local	Loop	
                                                                          infrastructure.	Provided	over	copper,	EtherStream	
                                                                          is	a	pioneering	Ethernet	in	the	First	Mile	(EFM)	
                                                                          technology.		With	connections	from	2Mbps	to	
                                                                          20Mbps	and	coverage	across	the	UK,	EtherStream	
                                                                          provides a highly reliable and secure method of
                                                                          transmitting critical high volume data.

                                                                          Bespoke MPLS IP VPNs and
                                                                          Easynet	can	deliver	true	end	to	end	MPLS	
                                                                          solutions with any to any connectivity as standard.
                                                                          Easynet’s	superbly	managed	MPLS	solutions	
                                                                          provide organisations with maximum flexibility and
                                                                          performance to match their exact business needs.
                                                                          From fully projecting managing the installation of
        Westcon                                                           the core network and access circuits, to providing
    Convergence                                                           comprehensive support and co-location options,
                                                                          organisations can focus on utilising their resources
    1 Clayton Manor
                                                                          elsewhere rather than having to manage the
    Victoria Gardens
                                                                          underlying network.
         Burgess Hill
           RH15 9NB
     T 01444 872565
     F 01444 243889
W www.westcon.co.uk
                            Why Westcon?
                        Combining the global experience and pedigree of managed networks from Easynet
                        and converged solutions from Westcon Convergence, in partnership we can provide a
                        truly unique channel focused end to end solution.

                        Westcon and Easynet Working With You...
                        Working in partnership with Easynet, Westcon offer a truly unique channel focused proposition which
                        provides real value to Resellers

                        Account Management                                    New Recurring Revenue Stream
                        Dedicated account management from experienced         The	opportunity	to	drive	new	recurring	revenue	
                        and qualified professionals who will work             streams is significantly improved by engaging with
                        in partnership with you, providing complete           Westcon and Easynet.
                        commercial ownership.
                                                                              Opportunity To Target New
                        Simplified Order Management and                       Customers
                        Billing Process                                       Easynet solutions provide an opportunity to target
                        Westcon understands the importance of providing       new customers and drive increased revenues. For
                        a clear and simple order management and billing       example, multi-site national and international
                        process.	This	means	that	you	will	have	one	point	     organisations can be targeted with Easynet’s
                        of contact for all order management and billing       unique solutions.
                                                                              Improved Customer Retention
                        Project Management                                    Engaging with Westcon to sell Easynet solutions
                        From business understanding to solution design,       greatly improves customer lock-in and retention,
                        project delivery and service management Westcon       which increases upsell opportunities over the
                        and Easynet will collaborate and tailor a truly       duration of the customer contract agreement.
                        personal converged solution to meet your goals.

                        Training                                                       “At Redwood we like to work with
                        As part of our commitment to training we deliver                  the best of breed suppliers such
                        a range of educational workshops and courses
                                                                                            as Avaya, we feel that Easynet
                        which focus on converged voice, data and network
                        solutions.	This	will	help	you	better	understand	                  has one of the highest quality IP
                        converged solutions and drive better margin                   networks in the UK and Europe and
                        opportunities for you.                                        therefore provides a complementary
                                                                                             service within our portfolio of
                        Marketing                                                         convergence solutions. We have
                        A dynamic marketing team ensures you have the
                                                                                            a well established relationship
                        latest information about Westcon and Easynet
                        solutions. You will receive targeted e-marketing                 with Westcon through our Avaya
                        communications and can join our regular                          business and we look forward to
                        seminars, roadshows and forums. We can provide                                     extending this.”
                        customised sales collateral for use with your end
                        user customers and innovative demand generation               Charles Whelpton -
                        campaigns, promotions and incentives.
                                                                                      Director, Redwood

    1 Clayton Manor            To	find	out	more	about	Westcon	and	
    Victoria Gardens        Easynet converged solutions, please contact:
         Burgess Hill
           RH15 9NB                    T 01753 797870
     T 01444 872565             E easynetsales@westcon.co.uk
     F 01444 243889
W www.westcon.co.uk

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