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									                                                                                                     2008 Real Estate
                                                                                                                                    Effective 4/1/08

                                                                            Credit Terms
   Reader Profile                                                           Cash payment for new advertisers is required for all businesses placing
                                                                            advertising in their first six months of business operation.
   l   79% of daily Register readers are homeowners. That’s 36%
                                                                            Temporary courtesy credit limit of $1,500 may be made available
       higher than the homeownership rate of adults in the L.A. DMA.
                                                                            to businesses, at the sole determination of Orange County Register
   l   16% of all weekday Register readers own 2nd or vacation homes.       Communications, upon the following criteria: a) the business has been
       Our readers are 36% more likely to own multiple homes than the       in operation under the same ownership for a minimum of six months; b)
       average adult in the L.A. DMA.                                       a current federal tax identification number or business license number
   l   Register readers are 20% more likely to use a real estate agent      has been provided to OCRC; c) a full completed credit application is
       for buying and selling homes than adults in the L.A. DMA.            submitted for review and consideration within 30 days. If a completed
                                                                            credit application is not received within 30 days, or should OCRC
   l   The median market value of Register readers’ homes is $99,000        decline to establish a credit account to any applicant, the temporary
       higher than those in the L.A. DMA.                                   courtesy credit will be revoked and the account will become prepay. All
   l   Orange County Register readers are 32% more likely to have a         outstanding balances are due and payable within 15 days.
       home mortgage than the average adult in the L.A. DMA.                Any advertiser requesting the extension of credit by OCRC for charges
   Source: Scarborough Research 2007, r2                                    incurred for the publication of advertising must complete and submit
                                                                            a credit application in the form supplied by OCRC. To be considered by
   Real Estate Products:                                                    OCRC, the completed application must include bank information, media
   l                                            and trade references and Dun & Bradstreet number, if available. The
         ◆ Search Engine Marketing                                          application must be signed by the owner, principal or authorized officer
         ◆ Banner Display Ads                                               of the advertiser, and must indicate the legal form in which business is
         ◆ Featured Homes                                                   conducted. Credit applications are normally processed and a response
   l   New Homes                                                            provided within two business days of receipt of application. OCRC’s
                                                                            general terms and conditions for credit accounts are binding upon
   l   OC Homes                                                             advertising using the credit afforded by OCRC.
   l   OC Homes North, South, Coast, Irvine                                 If credit is approved, the advertiser will be assigned a specific credit
   l   Rental Living                                                        limit. If the limit is exceeded, or if the advertiser fails to comply with
                                                                            OCRC’s normal payment terms, OCRC may, at its sole discretion, require
                                                                            the payment of the outstanding account balance within 15 days, refuse
                                                                            to extend further credit, or revoke credit privileges.

                                                                            Payment Terms
Policies                                                                    If Orange County Register Communications approves the request for
                                                                            credit, advertiser agrees to pay the account balance in full within 15
Contracts                                                                   days of OCRC’s invoice date. Should OCRC not receive payment within
Advertiser will be charged for all advertising at the open rate set forth   30 days of the invoice date, no further advertising will be accepted
on this schedule, unless a contract is signed and returned within thirty    from advertiser without payment in full of the outstanding balance.
(30) days of receipt. Advertisers entering into a written agreement with    Customer-initiated credit card payments must be received with our
Orange County Register Communications will be billed at the identified      standard terms. Payment discounts are not permitted.
applicable rate based on annual commitment.
Contracts may be canceled at any time if the request is delivered
                                                                            Returned Checks
                                                                            If any check provided by an advertiser is returned for any reason,
to OCRC in writing. All agreements will be evaluated at the time
                                                                            advertiser agrees to pay Orange County Register Communications a
of cancellation or at expiration. Failure to meet the agreed upon
                                                                            service fee of $20.00 in addition to the amount of the returned check.
commitment will result in a charge equal to the difference between
the original contract rate billed and the rate earned based on actual
advertising activity.
                                                                            Requests for Adjustments
                                                                            Requests for adjustments should be made immediately and must be
Contract Fulfillment                                                        made within 30 days of receipt of invoice. For credit information and
                                                                            inquiries, please call the phone number that appears on your billing
All advertising expenditures in Orange County Register Communications
                                                                            invoice or fax your inquiry to 714·796·6035.
products apply towards dollar-volume contract fulfillment, except
commercial printing. Transient not included.                                Agency/Advertiser Liability
                                                                            Notwithstanding the provisions of any advertising agency insertion
                                                                            order to the contrary, advertising agencies placing advertising share full
                                                                            liability for payment and credit establishment with a client, unless an
                                                                            agency authorization form, signed by a principal of client’s business, is
                                                                            on file with Orange County Register Communications.

 Real Estate Effective 4//08
All advertising is subject to the approval of Orange County Register       Mechanical Specs
Communications, including position, subject matter, form, size, wording,   The Register cannot guarantee quality of reproduction for any pre-
illustrations and typography. OCRC reserves the right to reposition,       screened, inkjet or laser photos/graphics or art taken from web sites
classify, edit, reject or cancel any advertising at any time, before or    turned in to be used for pub-set jobs.
after placement. Advertisements simulating news can be set in body         Reverse lettering should be in areas that offer maximum contrast. We
type, but must carry the title word “Advertisement.”                       suggest that reverse type smaller than 10 points or fine serifs should
                                                                           not be used.
Canceled Ads
Space ordered and not canceled by deadline will be charged, even if no     Standard NAA inks are used. Special inks incur additional charges.
copy is provided and no advertising appears. No credit is given on space   Double trucks are billed as two separate color pages.
ordered and not published for whatever reason.
                                                                           Electronic Ad Delivery
Errors                                                                     The Orange County Register accepts a variety of digital ad delivery
Errors within advertisements should be reported immediately. Orange        methods. All new customers must submit test ads prior to sending live
County Register Communications’s liability shall at no time exceed         ad materials intended for publication.
the cost of any space involved. OCRC’s liability is limited to the first
                                                                           Electronic delivery deadlines are the same as camera-ready deadlines.
insertion and ceases completely if not reported within five days
of publication. Advertisers and their agents assume all liability for      Preferred graphics applications:
advertising published and agree to assume all responsibility for claims    • Indesign (with all supporting artwork and fonts)
occurring therefrom against OCRC.
                                                                           • Quark Xpress (with all supporting artwork and fonts)
Late Ads                                                                   • Adobe Acrobat (PDF files)
Advertising copy must be submitted prior to published deadlines.
                                                                           Other programs may be accepted. Please check with your
Orange County Register Communications retains the right to omit all
late copy not received by deadline.
                                                                           The Register’s Digital Ad Delivery system is Macintosh based. If you
Position                                                                   are using a PC, you may still send your ad if it is in Indesign or Quark
While every effort will be made to comply with advertiser requests         Xpress. If not, your ad will have to be converted into a PDF file through
for positioning, no positions can be guaranteed. Insertion orders that     Adobe’s Acrobat Distiller.
specify a position with the term “or omit” cannot be accepted.             For more information, go to
Proofs                                                                     Digital ad delivery checklist:
Proofs are for error correction only. Layout revisions or extensive        ❑ Include a laser proof that matches the most recent version of your
changes will incur recomposition charges. Approval of proof by the           layout if possible.
advertiser is final acceptance that the ad is correct in every way.        ❑ Include all files used on the ad (EPS, TIFF, etc.).
Advertiser-prepared advertisements and copy submitted too late to
provide a proof are the sole responsibility of the advertiser and          ❑ Include screen and printer fonts embedded in EPS files. No Truetype
Orange County Register Communications assumes no liability for               please.
any error when an advertiser has not signed approval or indicated          ❑ You may choose to send PDF files to avoid sending additional graphics
changes on a proof.                                                          and fonts.
Property                                                                   ❑ In addition to EPS files, include their original Quark Xpress file.
Advertisements prepared by Orange County Register Communications           ❑ All files for output must be clearly indicated or highlighted.
are the property of OCRC. OCRC assumes no responsibility for               ❑ Place all files in the same folder to avoid search.
photographs, drawings and other material provided by advertisers,
although every effort will be made to return them in good condition.       ❑ Clearly indicate files that need to be output other than 100%.
                                                                           ❑ Indicate line screen if other than 85.
Conflicting Conditions                                                     ❑ Provide contact names and phone numbers.
Any conditions, printed or otherwise, appearing on order blanks or copy
instructions will not be honored when such conditions conflict with any    ❑ Resolution for halftones and color separation should be two times
portion of the applicable rate book or any applicable contract between       the printed line screen.
Orange County Register Communications and the advertiser or agency.        ❑ Files must be marked as black & white or process color.
Advertising Rates                                                          ❑ If process, all Pantone and custom colors MUST be converted to
Orange County Register Communications reserves the right to revise           CMYK.
advertising rates, terms and specifications upon 30 days written notice    ❑ Set all black type to overprint unless otherwise indicated.
and all contracts are subject to this reservation. Receipt of an order     ❑ Colors used in EPS files should have the same name as the color name
by OCRC is construed as acceptance of all rates and conditions under         given in the page layout.
which advertising space is at the time sold by OCRC.
                                                                           Preferred transmission methods:
Copy Regulations                                                           • FTP    HOST:
Advertising simulating news can be set in body type but must carry the              USERNAME: ocrgues1
title word “Advertisement” centered above the advertisement once for                PASSWORD: 7785
every three columns of the advertisement in not less than 10-point type.            DIRECTORY: incoming
Publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement at any time.      • Web site:
                                                                           • Email:

 Real Estate Effective 4//08                                                      Orange County Register Communications, 65 N. Grand Ave., Santa Ana, CA 970
We also accept electronic files from:                                          Post-It Note Reservations and materials due 25 working days in
• Digiflex                                                                     advance of insertion date.
• Ad Direct (Fast Channel)                                                     Polybags (we print) Camera-ready art due 7 weeks prior to distribution
• AP AdSend
                                                                               Excélsior Regular deadlines apply to accent-color advertisements.
• Telefinder                                                                   Process color space reservations and pub-set copy due 14 working
• Ad Transit                                                                   days prior to publication. Process color camera-ready art (Spanish-
• Wamnet                                                                       language), 2 days prior to publication.
To receive a digital ad specification manual for questions regarding           Sunday color comics Reservations & materials due 5 Fridays prior to
digital ad delivery, contact your account representative, or call              publication.
                                                                               Other Information
                                                                               Camera-ready deadline also applies to art supplied on disk or
Closing Times                                                                  electronically transmitted.
                                                                               No cancellations accepted after space reservation deadline.
Black & White Advertising                                                      Holidays—Earlier deadlines apply to New Year’s Day, Memorial Day,
                               Space          Pub-set         Camera-ready/    July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Contact your
                             Reservations      Copy            Proof Return
   OC Homes
   Rental Living
                          Tues., 5 PM
                          Tues., 12 noon
                                             Tues., 5 PM
                                             Tues., 12 noon
                                                              Wed., 5 PM
                                                              Wed., 12 noon    E-Tearsheets
   Classified (in-column) Thurs., 12 noon                                      E-Tearsheets gives you the ability to view or print your ad anytime
                                                                               and confirm its specific position within the Register, including section,
                                                                               page number and full editorial and ad content. It’s instant proof
   Real Estate            Wed., 5 PM         Wed., 5 PM       Thurs., 5 PM     of publication, position, color and size. E-Tearsheets is a powerful
   Rental Living          Wed., 12 noon      Wed., 12 noon    Wed., 12 noon    competitive analysis tool for tracking competitors’ ads. You will receive
   Classified (in-column) Fri., 12 noon                                        email notification (including ad agency clients) when your ad appears.
                                                                               Logging in
   Classified display     Thurs., 3 PM       Thurs., 5 PM     Fri., 5 PM       1. Go to:
   Classified (in-column) Fri., 12 noon
                                                                               2. Pull down the Logon Type menu. Click Advertiser or Agency, as
TUESDAY                                                                        appropriate.
   Classified display     Fri., 3 PM         Thurs., 5 PM     Fri., 5 PM
   Classified (in-column) Mon., 12 noon
                                                                               3. Enter your ID (your Account Number).
WEDNESDAY                                                                      4. Type in your password.
   Classified display     Fri., 3 PM         Fri., 5 PM       Mon., 5 PM       If you are uncertain of your account number or password, please call
   Classified (in-column) Tues., 12 noon                                       your sales representative.
THURSDAY                                                                       Visit our interactive media kit at
   Classified display        Mon., 3 PM      Mon., 5 PM       Tues., 5 PM
   Classified (in-column)
   Coastal Living,
                             Wed., 12 noon
                             Thurs., 3 PM    Thurs., 3 PM     Mon., 12 noon
                                                                               Contact Information
   Irvine World News,                                                          For more information, contact
   North County Living,
   South County Living                                                                                     Phone                        Email

   Laguna Woods Globe        Fri., 3 PM      Fri., 3 PM       Mon., 12 noon    Dan Hellbusch           714-796-5060 
   Classified display     Tues., 3 PM        Tues., 5 PM      Wed., 5 PM
   Classified (in-column) Wed., 12 noon
   Rental                 Tues., 12 noon     Tues., 12 noon   Tues., 12 noon

Color Advertising
All color requests are subject to availability.
Accent Color Regular space reservation and camera-ready art deadlines
apply. Pub-set copy is due 24 hours earlier.
R.O.P. Register process color Space reservation and pub-set deadlines
are 10 days prior to publication. Regular camera-ready deadlines apply
if final file is supplied. Otherwise, camera-ready deadline is 7 days prior
to publication if a color proof is requested, 3 days prior to publication if
no color proof is necessary.
Community publications, accent & process color Space reservations
are due 5 PM on the Thursday prior to publication. Regular pub-set
copy and camera-ready deadlines apply.

 Real Estate Effective 4//08
                                                                                               625 N. Grand Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92701

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