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					Tecnomatix Technologies
Realizing Manufacturing Visions

By Alex Shapira                              production. This approach later came         for     modeling     and      managing
Executive Vice President                     to be known as Manufacturing Process         manufacturing processes at all levels of
Global Product Operations                    Management (MPM) and formed one of           detail.Tecnomatix solutions allow them
Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd.                 the cornerstones of the modern               to easily set down conceptual building
                                             Product Life-cycle Management (PLM)          blocks, implement throughput analysis
George Bernard Shaw once observed            concept.                                     by discrete event simulation, even
that all progress depends on the                                                          process simulative validations for a
unreasonable man. His argument was           Until recent years, some in Tecnomatix’      single operation performed by robots,
that the reasonable person adapts            competitive        circle    considered      humans or devices.
himself to the world, while the              Tecnomatix “unreasonable” as we time
unreasonable person persists in trying       and again challenged the industry by
to adapt the world to him. Therefore         presenting our vision of Manufacturing
for any change of consequence, we            Process Management or MPM. We
must look to the “unreasonable” man          described MPM as an enterprise-wide
& woman.                                     computerized        solution     enabling
                                             manufacturers to plan, simulate and
Tecnomatix’ propensity for innovation        optimize a complete factory, including
is not just a means to an end, in fact it    its production lines and processes, at all
characterizes our approach to the day-       levels of detail. In our vision, the new
by-day work of implementing new              generation of solutions had to enable        These achievements place Tecnomatix
development methodologies, tools and         all users in the extended enterprise to      MPM solutions at the cutting-edge of
technologies. Tecnomatix was noted           collectively     plan     manufacturing      the manufacturing-planning domain.
early on as an adopter of the Object         processes and to communicate this            Manufacturing organizations today are
Oriented paradigm and was in the             information to their manufacturing           taking advantage of the Tecnomatix
vanguard of open API (Application            partners.                                    offering – a variety of MPM products
Programming Interface) providers, still                                                   working on a single coherent IT
in the days of closed systems and                                                         platform. These tools enable them to
applications.                                                                             quickly realize their optimum
                                                                                          manufacturing         strategies    while
Over the years, from the Company’s                                                        addressing the various needs of
innovative spirit the concept of the                                                      process design, from feasibility and
Digital Factory was born – overall                                                        utilization, to quality and optimization.
manufacturing planning via digitalization;
in the late 1990’s Tecnomatix                                                             Tecnomatix MPM – Supporting
introduced       groundwork            for                                                Enterprise IT Architecture
applications that would transform            MPM – Manufacturing Process
product designs into high quality            Management                                   The innovativeness of the Tecnomatix
manufacturing      lines   for      mass                                                  MPM suite does not stop at the
                                             Today, Tecnomatix MPM is the most            solution level – the entire technological
                                             comprehensive concept of manuf-              implementation is pioneering for our
                                             acturing planning and management             domain.
                                             covering data creation and verification.
                                             Major advantages offered by the              Using advanced software technologies
                                             Tecnomatix MPM solution are the              for enterprise solutions, Tecnomatix
                                             complete integration and consolidation       formed its MPM Architecture to utilize
                                             of process planning, management and          distributed, multi-tier architecture, with
                                             validation via simulation.                   solid, industrial strength persistency
                                                                                          (RDBMS). The MPM platform offers a
                                             Many manufacturing organizations use         dedicated application server with
                                             Tecnomatix’ unique MPM capabilities          encapsulated unique business logic that
Innovation Path

supports     various   MPM    client
                                                                                           Manufacturing - from Concept to Execution
applications. With high degree of
flexibility  in    deployment    the
                                                                                           The Tecnomatix vision of Manufacturing
Tecnomatix MPM platform enables a
                                                                                           Process Management (MPM) extends
good match for various customer
                                                                                           beyond just the Planning phase – it
needs and IT environments.
                                                                                           encompasses Execution and Production
                                                                                           Quality as well. For some years already,
The MPM Web publishing and
                                                                                           Tecnomatix has provided Process Quality
collaboration environment allows
                                                                                           solutions in its Tolerance and Stack-Up
scalable deployment in and across large
                                                                                           analysis applications, as well as mission-
manufacturing enterprises. As a whole,       production execution. eMPower                 critical testing tools for mechanical domains
the Tecnomatix MPM solution                  enables our customers to successfully         (Automotive, Aerospace) and Electronics
constitutes a single “ecosystem”             establish collaborative, open platforms       PCB manufacturing and Box building.
enabling the control, correlation and        and applications for defining, simulating,
interrelation of all process information     managing, and executing manufacturing         Tecnomatix recent acquisition of USDATA,
for the manufacturing project.               processes across the extended                 a leading developer of supervisory-level
                                             enterprise.                                   control (SCADA) and manufacturing
Now that all the pieces are in place,
                                                                                           execution systems (MES), contributes to
MPM is definitely on the way to              Tecnomatix’ offices are active in 21          the realization of the Tecnomatix vision of a
achieving even greater importance.           countries around the world, with              complete MPM solution spanning the entire
While manufacturing has taken great          strong presence in Europe, The                manufacturing process lifecycle.
leaps forward during the previous            Americas, and the Pacific Rim. Many of
century, the revolution has only just        the     leading   manufacturers      in       Tecnomatix intends to integrate USDATA's
begun. As product-design life cycles         automotive, electronics, aerospace and        SCADA product FactoryLink® and its MES
continue to shrink and manufacturing         other discrete areas of manufacture,          product Xfactory® with the Tecnomatix
operations become more and more              such as BMW, Renault, Volkswagen-             eMPower™ offering to create an
complex, flexibility, speed and efficiency   Audi, GM, Mazda, Comau, Faurecia,             environment for collaborative planning,
are the gateway to success and MPM is        Kuka, Sanmina-SCI, Solectron, Nortel,         engineering and execution of manufacturing
the key to enter. Tecnomatix has             Philips, Boeing, Airbus, GE Aircraft          processes. This will significantly aid
managed to turn successful innovation        Engines, Lockheed Martin, and many            manufacturers to accelerate new product
to a hinge on which “unreasonable”           others, have been turning to                  introductions and provide a critical
turns out to be very reasonable in the       Tecnomatix MPM solutions.                     feedback loop from the factory floor to
final analysis.
                                                                                           engineering.      Using       Tecnomatix
                                             For more information about what               comprehensive solutions, companies can
More About Tecnomatix                        motivated their move to Tecnomatix,           compare shop-floor performance against
Technologies Ltd.                            please visit oue web site       at:           original design and process plans, and
                                                              implement manufacturing improvements on
Tecnomatix      Technologies,     Ltd.
                                                                                           an ongoing basis.
(NASDAQ:TCNO) is the driving force
in Manufacturing Process Management
                                                                                           The strategic acquisition of USDATA
(MPM). Today's         leading  global
                                                                                           synergizes with the innovative Tecnomatix
manufacturers are adopting MPM
                                                                                           approach of fusing manufacturing planning
solutions to expand revenue potential
                                                                                           and execution. Tecnomatix’ new solutions
and reduce costs by enhancing
                                                                                           will enable manufacturing organizations to
manufacturing's ability to support the
                                                                                           achieve higher production quality and
business strategy of choice. These
                                                                                           improved operational performance, dealing
companies are using Tecnomatix
                                                                                           proactively with fluctuating market
eMPower™ MPM solutions to
                                                                                           demands and evolving manufacturing
accelerate product introductions,
shorten time to volume, and optimize

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