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									ALLA Meeting
April 12, 2005
12 p.m.
Powell, Goldstein, Frazier & Murphy, LLP

      President Kreig Kitts opened the brown bag lunch meeting. He
announced that BRB Publishers had donated several books to be given away as
door prizes. Mr. Kitts drew names of those who attended the meeting. The
winners were Grace Crosby, Tammy Shirley, Eleanor Baughman, Maureen Everitt
and Dionne Lyne-Rowan.


        Pres. Kitts announced that the Nomination Committee will soon begin
soliciting volunteers for the new slate of officers.

        Pres.-elect Grace Crosby said that annual speaker from the national
association would be Merle Slyhoff. Ms. Slyhoff wants to visit some local law
libraries on the Monday or Tuesday, April 11 or 12. Please contact Grace if you’re
interested in giving a tour of your library.

       Grace then thanked Rachel Fisher and the library staff at Powel Goldstein
for hosting our meeting.

      Expert Witnesses: then began an open forum discussion of the librarians
present on expert witness research.

        Sybil Turner asked if any firms had built an in-house expert
witness/referrals database. Roberta Withrow of Fisher & Phillips said that her
firm had a national wide database. The library maintains the database by
following up on attorney’s e-mails, in which they ask fellow attorneys for
recommendations. They also culled websites for background information. Ms.
Withrow volunteered to submit a list of websites they use for this process. (The
list of websites follows later.)

      Rachel Fisher mentioned that Powell Goldstein had created an Expert
Witness Research Checklist. She then provided copies to those who attended,
but decided it would not be appropriate to publish on the association’s webpage.
       The pros and cons of various websites and databases were discussed.
These included:
       IDEX ( This database was not used often, because it
requires attorneys to contribute to the database. Attorneys generally did not like
to contribute this information.
       DRI ( must be a member of the organization to use
this database
       Expert Directory Witness ( a website directory
       Westlaw database: comments included that it was expensive and the
information found underwhelming
       Jury verdict databases were mentioned as a source for expert names.
Verdict search was mentioned, but members felt that the information provided
was not significantly better or different than the information in Westlaw or Lexis

       A question was asked about document delivery services, since research on
experts often requires procuring copies of their articles and research.
Suggestions included using:
       CISTI (
       BIS (
       Michigan Transfer Service
       Insta Information Service – which has offices across from the National
Library of Medicine in D.C.

From the Fisher & Phillips in-house database on expert witnesses:

All Law
American Medical Forensic Specialists
American Society of Questioned Document Examiners (Handwriting Experts)
Assignment Editor
Defense Research Institute - DRI
Directory of Expert Witness Directories (DEWD)
Expert Transcript Center
Expert Witness Directory
Expert Witness Network
Hieros Gamos: Law and Legal Research Center
JurisPro Expert Witness Directory - Legal Research Bookmarks
Law Forum
Law Info
Legal Expert Pages
Los Angeles County Bar Association
Martindale Hubbell Law Directory
MegaLaw - Lawyers' Window to the Web
Northern California Association of Law Libraries (NOCALL)
Rominger Legal
Round Table Group

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