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									Meeting Minutes for September 24th, 2003


Food Allergy Tips booklet (American Academy of Allergy & Immunology)

1. Announcements:

a. Dates for future meetings: Nov. 19, Jan. 28, Mar. 24, May 26

b. Our room at the junior high costs $42 per meeting. If attending members continue to
donate a few dollars at the meeting, we can continue to meet. The library was a nice free
location, but cannot be reserved more than a month in advance and is often unavailable.

c. Halloween party is Oct. 25, 10am-12pm. It will be in one of the gyms in Maple Grove
Junior High. Please RSVP.

d. Business cards for "Safety Stickers" are available. The phone number is on our
website. Great for young kids to wear at large gatherings to help prevent others from
giving him/her foods.

e. Barking Dog Food Service: places orders with Blooming Prairie Foods. If enough
people are willing to order, she will deliver to our meetings. Most items come in bulk, but
you can share them. Flyers on the resource table.

f. Business cards for our support group are available for you to refer people.

2. Meeting:

Follow-up discussion on communicating with schools: Kathe M. and Deb S. shared their
experiences. Kathe and John brought a sample letter from their son's preschool that was sent to
all the parents. Deb showed her emergency kit she created after July's meeting.

Recipes/Cookbooks: Amy emailed the collected recipes to all members. A few copies were also
available at the meeting. Cookbooks mentioned: "What's to Eat? the Milk-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-
Free Food Allergy Cookbook", "Food Allergy News Cookbook", "Feed Me I'm Yours", and "The
Complete Food Allergy Cookbook".

General Discussion: Topics included skin testing, food challenges, trick-or- treating ideas, non-
allergic family members eating nuts away from home, candy without common allergens, medical
alert bracelets, sharing medical decisions with ex-spouses, eczema remedies, allergists, when to
test your child, strategies for preventing allergies in siblings (pregnancy), preventing complacency
and staying vigilant.

Future Topic Ideas: Dr. Helm will be at the Nov. meeting with a presentation on the latest
research in anti-IgE therapy. January's meeting might be a dermatologist speaking about eczema
and treatments. We hope to have a meeting on Epi-pens. Any other ideas, please email Wendy
or Amy.

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