Brochures St. Barbe Museum Art Gallery by anq12891


									Brochures / St. Barbe Museum & Art Gallery                                                     imp

                                             St. Barbe Museum and Art Gallery
                                             – writing, design, production
                                             St Barbe required a team who could put together a
                                             development plan in a format that would be accessible and
                                             informative. Here we have combined succinct, intelligent
                                             writing with a clean, modern, practical layout. The completed
                                             brochure has been presented to board members, trustees,
                                             partners and funders and forms key part of St. Barbe’s fund
                                             raising tool kit.
Contract publishing / LawNet – Business First                                                        imp

                                         Business First magazine – writing, design, production

                                         LawNet represents more than 60 independent law firms in the UK and
                                         Ireland with members pooling resources to provide a cost-effective high
                                         quality legal service. Business First magazine is one of the professional
                                         services offered by LawNet members to its clients and is produced for
                                         LawNet by Impact Publishing.

                                         All aspects of production are handled in-house including sourcing,
                                         interviewing and writing of articles, design and printing of 50 personalised
                                         versions of the magazine. Success is due to providing a team of experienced
                                         professionals for each stage of the job, organisation and the streamlining of
                                         production by utilising the latest technology.
Newsletters / personalised version publishing                                                          imp

                                          RightFocus Newsletter
                                          Right Focus is the newsletter for LawNet and is published quarterly. It
                                          covers issues arising from changes in law and legislation.

                                          Right Focus is one of the professional services offered by LawNet
                                          members to its clients and is produced for LawNet by Impact
Writing and design / SWRDA                                                imp

                             SWRDA – marketing communication
                             The South West Regional Development Agency faces
                             a tough challenge in explaining its work to
                             stakeholders and the public. We have helped
                             articulate key messages, written summary reports on
                             economic strategy, environment books, annual
                             highlight brochures and language guidelines.
Book publishing / Green Essentials (partnership with Soil Association and the HDRA)                    imp

                                                              Green Essentials - organic guides
                                                              – research, writing, printing
                                                              This series of practical home and garden guides
                                                              epitomises the depth of skill and resources offered by
                                                              Impact Publishing and confirm to our ‘green supply chain’
                                                              principles. Here we have researched, collated and written
                                                              all the material, condensing a wealth of information into 12
                                                              practical, attractive books. Production and print
                                                              processes were undertaken utilizing pdf, ftp file transfer
                                                              and direct to plate to minimise courier, proofing and print
                                                              process costs. Print was undertaken to ISO14001
                                                              environmental awareness standards and materials were
                                                              sourced to be elemental chlorine free and from timber
                                                              produced on a fully sustainable basis.
Information solutions / British Waterways & Environment Agency                                imp

                                                    Boaters Code
                                                    – CD-ROM, booklet, web PDFs
                                                    The ‘boaters code for inland waters was
                                                    conceived in response to a growing need for
                                                    the provision of clear and essential information
                                                    to users of Britain’s inland waterways.

                                                    The CD-ROM was commissioned jointly by
                                                    British Waterways and the Environment
                                                    Agency. It covers all aspects of safety and
                                                    practice on the water as well as environmental
                                                    issues associated with boating. These
                                                    subjects are presented in the form of two half
                                                    hour videos that were compressed to fit on the
                                                    CD-ROM and which can be viewed within the
                                                    interface or in full screen mode. Other related
                                                    collateral was also provided in ‘pdf’ format a
                                                    printed booklet and web-lined PDFs.
The complete solution / MEP – Marketing and information                                                            imp

MEP Export Activities Guide                                    MEP Exporters’ Handbook
The Export Activities Guide provides a Calendar and            This handy A5 format guide provides companies with essential
overview of Exhibitions, Trade Fairs and other promotional     information on issues relating to international trade. It covers
activities where funding is available for British exporters.   everything from marketing, pricing, contracts, transport to
                                                               getting paid. It also has a list of helpful contacts.
The complete solution / MEP Directory and database driven website                                                                 imp
    Data publishing

MEP Directory                       Structure                              Classified Index                      Company information
The comprehensive database          The directory is laid out in a clear   The Classified Index is divided       This section gives more detailed
featured on the MEP website is      and easy to use format allowing        into thirteen sections dealing with   information about each company
also published in book form         the reader to search either by         the whole range of trades included    included in the directory, including
providing detailed company and      company name or by product,            in the marine sector.                 contact information.
product information in an easy to   through the colour coded
use format.                         Classified Index.

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