A brief introduction into mist fogging systems by cooloff


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									                        A brief introduction into mist fogging systems

During the summer season, people would be constantly trying methods to beat the scorching
heat. There are numerous choices like installing a misting system for bringing down the
atmospheric temperature to desirable rates. Also you can create a fog system by forcing water
through a high pressure pump which would be connected to very fine nozzles. Through this
nozzles micro fine water particles would be spurted out. This mist would evaporate instantly
leaving a cooler area. The nozzle also filters the incoming water as even small particles would
result in clogging the tiny nozzle heads. By using the outdoor mist cooling systems, the
temperature can be brought down even to 35 degrees.

The misting systems had been in the charts for many years and have been used as an efficient
and cost effective method for environmental control. The misting systems have many
applications like outdoor cooling, dust and odor control and even special effects. It can also be
used for farm animals cooling and humidification. As we look into the past, it can be noted that
the fogging systems were initially used in the livestock industry. Later restaurants took up the
application and were spread to the homeowners. From then, it has become a huge favorite among
the masses.

For basic misting systems to be used in home settings the minimum requirement would be
pressure of at least 70 bar (1000 psi) in order to provide the micron sized water droplets which
would give the desired fogging effect. Generally the misting method is used to cool the patios in
restaurants and homes. Here, the initial set up would include placing a high pressure misting
pump near a water source and attaching a fog line around the perimeter of the area to be cooled.
As the water is sprayed from the nozzle, fog is formed in the area. The mist evaporated thereby
dropping the temperature at the surrounding area. The misting lines should be placed at a suitable
height to facilitate complete evaporation. If the misting systems are properly installed, the effect
would be really soothing.

Sometimes it would be surprising to find out that the outside temperature near the mist line
systems would drop so much and it would resemble like air conditioning. If you need additional
air cooling, you can use misting fans. This would accelerate the cooling process. As the fogging
systems make use of flash evaporation, it is an excellent option to drive off heat and add
humidification in domestic, commercial as well as industrial applications.

When the temperature rises between 29 degrees to 46 degrees, it is the ideal condition for the
mist line systems to produce maximum results provided with low humidity levels. The humidity
between 40 to 90 percent would be good for attaining desired results but if the humidity is below
40%, then the outcome would be excellent. If the fogging systems are installed properly, then
there would not be any wetting of floors or external surfaces. For use in factories and huge
mansions, adequate ventilation is necessary for maintain humidity levels else the desired
evaporation will not occur.

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