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									FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE GETTINGHIRED®.COM LAUNCHES FIRST FULLY-ACCESSIBLE CAREERS & COMMUNITY PORTAL FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES First Employer Subscription-based Model Combined with RightMatch™ Technology Guarantees Qualified Matching Between Candidates with Disabilities and Employers
BEDMINSTER, N.J. (November 12, 2008) – GettingHired®.com announced today its launch as the first employer subscription-based online career center and social networking community for people with disabilities. Incorporating advanced, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and 508 compliant technology, GettingHired.com is the first job portal and social network that enables the nation’s 22.3 million working age people with disabilities to connect – without limitation – to peers, mentors, employers, advocacy groups and a network of national service providers catering to the career advancement of those living with disabilities. “Our mission is to create significant employment opportunities for Americans with disabilities and enable them to socialize and network in an environment that was previously unavailable to them,” said Tom Muscalino, chief operating officer, GettingHired.com. “At a time when our talent pool is shrinking due to boomer retirement and attrition, we are excited to launch this important resource into the marketplace and help raise awareness of this deep well of untapped talent ranging from college students to war veterans.” Distinguishing Factors Four key factors distinguish GettingHired.com in the marketplace and among competitors: 1) It is the only job portal for those with disabilities that requires an employer to subscribe in order to post available positions within their organization. This is very important, because it encourages employers to post all of their open positions and ensures that every job listing is purposefully targeted toward job seekers with disabilities. This model is unlike other job sites that simply aggregate listings from corporate sites and repost the information. 2) The GettingHired.com social networking platform represents a significant evolution in the advancement of the Internet and social media. Beyond ADA and 508 compliance, GettingHired.com seeks to bring the freedom and fulfillment of interactive connections to peers with disabilities, potential employers, - more -

Page 2 of 3 mentors and advocates in an environment that is similar to top social networking sites, like LinkedIn and Facebook. 3) The Getting Hired Advisory Council, which was established over a year ago, is comprised of experienced leaders from numerous organizations around the country, including C-level diversity officers and representatives from Charter Member subscribing employers. All subscribers gain access to the Advisory Council, which provides companies with valuable insight, guidelines, and advice in regards to employing individuals with disabilities. And 4) All subscribing employers and job seekers with disabilities are given access to a comprehensive network of local service providers that provide workplace accommodation support and solutions. GettingHired.com for the Job Seeker The GettingHired.com advanced technology infrastructure enables first-time social networking access to millions of users who are visually, hearing or cognitively impaired. They are fully able to connect with potential peers and mentors, employers, advocates and service providers who offer niche resources for career advancement and social development. In addition to RightMatch™, where employers and job seekers are paired based on job role requirements and job seeker’s experience and skills, the GettingHired.com portal provides candidates with disabilities unique career-building opportunities. Internships, tools and services prepare job seekers for the workplace and enable them to effectively present their individual skills and talents to potential employers. Free tools include a cover letter and resume builder, video interview training, peer mentoring, career compatibility assessment and reporting. “The integration of 508 compliant technologies within a social networking platform is truly a significant evolution in the advancement of the Internet and social media. In the near future, we plan to implement additional social media tools, such as wikis and podcasts on hot topics and trends relevant to people with disabilities,” added Muscalino. Through the GettingHired.com social networking platform, people living with disabilities are able to participate in the social media landscape via the GettingHired.com web forum, blog and articles. Here, job seekers can connect with peer mentors who also have disabilities to discuss an array of relevant topics, including employment and career concerns. In addition, the - more -

Page 3 of 3 GettingHired.com unique product and service provider network is the only national registry of its kind, which provides people with disabilities access to a local list of providers to help candidates with a wide range of needs. GettingHired.com for the Employer GettingHired.com provides employers, government agencies and non-profit associations with access to a searchable resume database of job seekers living with disabilities who are qualified and seeking employment. Charter member employers, including CIGNA, CSX Transportation, Pep Boys, ITT, PSEG, Celgene, and Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield have already signed on with GettingHired.com to gain access to America’s most underutilized, qualified labor pool, while expanding diversity within their organization. The GettingHired.com portal is particularly advantageous to corporations who are engaged under government contracts requiring OFCCP compliance. In addition the GettingHired.com national network of services providers supplies significant value to employers who are in need of assistance in providing workplace accommodations for employees with disabilities. RightMatch™ technology searches the entire GettingHired.com database and sends resumes of only those candidates who match the employer’s job requirements. Employers also receive a daily RightMatch™ notification email and have access to optional candidate video marketing profiles. The RightMatch™ comparison tool provides employers with a cost-effective talent recruitment solution that minimizes the amount of time and money spent on weeding through endless resumes and conducting unnecessary interviews. This feature ensures increased satisfaction for both employer and job seeker. GettingHired.com has partnered with numerous advocacy groups to help people with disabilities increase their visibility to employers. To view our partnering advocacy organizations, visit http://www.gettinghired.com/js_advocacy.html or call 908-470-3648. About GettingHired.com The GettingHired Mission: To create sustainable employment growth and opportunity for people with disabilities. The GettingHired internet based portal accomplishes its mission by serving and connecting:

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Job seekers with Disabilities Committed Employers Advocacy Organizations Service Providers

Our portal has incorporated several unique free services designed to help people prepare for the work place and build their careers. Our social networking medium offers individuals a platform to connect with each other and career mentors. Job seekers will find opportunities posted by employers who expressly use our portal through paid annual subscriptions to hire them. Our portal identifies and highlights individual skills, talents and backgrounds. No person will be asked to disclose a disability anywhere on the GettingHired portal. Our Right Match technology matches individual qualifications to specific job requirements facilitating employment success. For more information call (866) 352-7481 or visit www.gettinghired.com. Press Contacts: Thomas L. Muscalino Chief Operating Officer GettingHired, LLC 908-212-3628 Thomas.muscalino@GettingHired.com Lisa Kaslyn Media Relations PFS Marketwyse 845.225.7571 lkaslyn@pfsmarketwyse.com

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